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Life Is Hard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way
by Kieran Setiya
(Christian Science Monitor)
Screaming on the Inside
by Jessica Grose
(LA Times)
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*Coordinator, Account Marketing & Sales Promotions [Full Time]
Offered by: Hachette Book Group (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Marketing Manager, Hachette Books [Full Time]
Offered by: Hachette Book Group (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Sales Assistant [Full Time]
Offered by: Firebrand Technologies (Remote)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Director of Subsidiary Rights [Full Time]
Offered by: New Leaf Literary & Media (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Dec. 7
*Subrights Manager [Full Time]
Offered by: New Leaf Literary & Media (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Dec. 7
*Associate Manager, National Accounts [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Dec. 7
*Publishing Sales Representative, Fort Worth & West Texas [Full Time]
Offered by: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (Fort Worth/West Texas, TX)  |  Posted: Dec. 7
*Senior Publicity Manager, Atria Books [Full Time]
Offered by: Simon & Schuster (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Dec. 7
*Senior Marketing Manager, Algonquin Books [Full Time]
Offered by: Hachette Book Group (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Dec. 7
*Production editor, part-time [Part Time]
Offered by: Verso Books (Brooklyn, NY)  |  Posted: Dec. 6
*The Flame-Sky Night  by Andrew McCarrick
Offered by: Andrew McCarrick  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Meeting Aggie  by Marmelibee
Offered by: Shaniqua A Newton (Self)  |  Posted: Yesterday
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Today’s Deal
NYT and USA Today bestselling author Karen M. McManus's ONE OF US IS BACK, the final book in the One of Us Is Lying series, almost two years after the Bayview Four had to clear their name, the hot weather turns up the heat in more ways than one when a new game is introduced, a crew member is kidnapped, and a familiar face returns to town; secrets abound in Bayview, and the time has come for them to be revealed, to Krista Marino at Delacorte, for publication in July 2023, by Rosemary Stimola and Allison Remcheck at Stimola Literary Studio (NA).
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