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*Wayne State University President Expresses Support for the Press, Says Search for New Hires Is Underway (Detroit News)
*Author of Boys of Summer Roger Kahn Dies at 92 (NYT)
*HarperCollins Has Third Weak Quarter In A Row, With Sales Down 11% As EBITDA Falls Even More (Press Release)
*Scholastic Releases Cover Design for New, $38 Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Publishing In October (Press Release)
*Senior Editor – History [Full Time]
Offered by: Princeton University Press (Princeton, NJ)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*(Associate) Sales Manager, Specialty Retail Sales [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Director, Multicultural Marketing - Consumer Marketing
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Feb. 15
*Sales Associate, Specialty Retail Sales [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Feb. 15
*Associate Director of Operations - DK [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Feb. 15
*Support Associate, Publishing Operations [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Feb. 15
*Editor, Biology [Full Time]
Offered by: W.W. Norton (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Feb. 14
*Associate Editor, Delacorte [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Feb. 14
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Non-fiction: Memoir: Daniel Barban Levin's book about the years he spent under the spell of Lawrence Ray, an ex-con who drew his daughter's college roommates into a tightly controlled cult, as detailed in the New York magazine cover story "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence," to Tim Duggan and Will Wolfslau at Tim Duggan Books, at auction, by Chris Clemans at Janklow & Nesbit (world).
*Cr'isskal  by Francis Di Alesio
Offered by: Laura Susanne Rüdeberg  |  Posted: Feb. 13
*Shadow on the Mountain: A Yazidi Memoir of Terror, Resistance and Hope (Film/TV Rights)  by Shaker Jeffrey and Katharine Holstein
Offered by: SHARLENE MARTIN (Martin Literary & Media Management)  |  Posted: Feb. 12
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