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The Art of Breakthrough Thinking  
Aug. 2, 2014
Author:  Gene Jones
Category:  Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships
Description:  I'm sure you will agree that the daily rigors and challenges of modern life call for innovative solutions now more than ever. With technology accelerating the pace of life and business, the speed in which we need to process and generate ideas is faster than it has ever been in recorded human history…and that is just to keep up!

How do we do that? How do we generate ideas almost "on demand."? The answer is: mastering the art of breakthrough thinking. The Art of Breakthrough Thinking: A Unique Method to Expand Your Mind and Improve Your Life has been written in response to this pervasive societal need. In providing a systematic yet personalized approach to breakthrough thinking, Gene Jones who has been studying breakthroughs since his days as Associate Editor of The Guinness Book of World Records, funnels the lessons of his remarkable career as a game show host, radio personality, TV sportscaster, business executive, producer, director, and arts administrator into a seminal book on how everyone can achieve breakthroughs. Combining behavioral observations, experimentation, creativity theory, psychodrama techniques and fascinating true stories with his unique process of transformational play honed over a 25+ year career as a game show creator and host, the author weaves a journey into the human mind and emerges with a crystal clear formula full of universal applications for every walk of life.

In an entertaining and personalized manner geared to have mass appeal, The Art of Breakthrough Thinking includes valuable insights into business success as well as interpersonal relationships and individual personal growth. Seamlessly integrating complex concepts into simple jargon, Gene Jones eases readers into the art of the breakthrough, which he compares to that of adaptation in evolution. The Art of Breakthrough Thinking is a self-help book for everyone. In presenting an array of exercises and lessons learned, this book has mass-market appeal in its multiple gems of wisdom for dealing with any life situation.

To be more specific, The Art of Breakthrough Thinking contains specialized business advice for every level of business, large and small alike. It includes methods for individuals to ‘autobrainstorm', the author's secret method that allowed his own small business to successfully compete with much larger companies. In pointing out that every person is the CEO of their own life, Gene Jones brilliantly draws analogies between business protocols and personal lifestyles to arrive at universal applications for each stated principle. By stimulating the mind this book helps to:

•Inspire innovation and facilitate creative ideation

•Expedite problem solving

•Promote team building and corporate culture development

*Enhance the development of leadership skills

•Increase productivity performance and growth

•Reinforce knowledge and clarify concepts

•Foster conversation and communication

•Develop more effective interpersonal skills

Nationally acclaimed game show host Gene Jones has also established himself as one of America's leading authorities on unlocking innovation through a method known as transformational play, in which he converts a modified trivia game show format into an exercise in mindfulness training. His extensive bio may be accessed at, which outlines his career, from his early beginnings as a Radio and Television Show Host and Sports Color Commentator to later serving as Associate Editor, Official Judge and Spokesperson for The Guinness Book of World Records (1983-1990), in addition to his fascinating 25-year journey as the creator & host of the GIMME A HINT! Trivia Game Show. Now he brings more than three decades of expertise to his new book, The Art of Breakthrough Thinking: A Unique Method to Expand Your Mind and Improve Your Life

Rights available:  World Rights
Contact:  Leticia Gomez
Savvy Literary Services
phone: 281-465-0119
3 Griffin Hill Ct., The Woodlands, TX 77382
Item number:  9568
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