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God's Blueprint for Marriage  
Aug. 2, 2014
Author:  Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario
Category:  Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships
Description:  Till Death Do Us Part" are endearing words of admiration and devotion that are no longer as heartfelt or even impregnated with the same belief that only death will cause us to part. With minuscule differences and avoidable misunderstandings taking toxic root in marriages, divorces hover around a rate of 50 percent. As a result, many people are asking the questions: "how will I know if I can find in a person a lifelong mate," or "how will I know that I am perfectly suited to undertake matrimony and all of its intricacies in a successful manner?" These are the questions of old.

Many are wondering how to make marriage work, especially as the paradigm of marriage evolves in the world today. This is where the book God's Blueprint for Marriage comes in to uncover the paths that lead to a good marriage. God's Blueprint for Marriage will answer the age old questions and bring the reader back to the genesis, of the blueprint that God created for us to construct a happy and healthy marriage that can go the distance.

Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, America's Marriage Coach™, is nationally recognized and a strong advocate who has worked with the White House, Florida Governor and Senators, received multimillions in Federal funding, and even received the keys to multiple cities for her award winning work rebuilding the idea of the American family. Dr. Del Rosario believes your marriage has a 100 percent chance of succeeding when you decode and follow God's plan. Since the dawn of time, beginning with the first marriage ceremony HE ever officiated, God has provided humans with a flawless blueprint for marriage that truly works. It has been her lifelong devotion as a life and marriage coach, educator, and advocate to share with others this indispensable wisdom to what makes a marriage last. In her timely new book, God's Blueprint for Marriage, Dr. Jacqueline provides the elements of God's model that are clearly not being implemented in marriages today.

Most importantly this book provides pragmatic instruction on how couples can apply the Blueprint that God created for marriage to their own relationships. So many of us are in pursuit of a happy marriage but we simply don't know the path that leads the way. The goal of God's Blueprint for Marriage is to light the way by increasing awareness of the proper building blocks of a strong and healthy marriage. And in so doing, decrease the divorce rates in church and the world, ultimately improving the overall state of the church.

Dr. Jacqueline is best known for her reformative leadership in the world of marriage education, family healing and strengthening. She is the Visionary of Best Marriage Keys, an online educational service for singles, dating couples, newlyweds, and mature spouses looking to expand their knowledge of marriage and learn the skills that will enable them to maintain long-lasting relationships. This membership website was lauded by CNN, Fox News, USA Today, NBC, the Chicago Tribune, and the Huffington Post. As an added plus, those who buy God's Blueprint for Marriage will also receive an initial free month on the website,, which is currently in development to complement the book. Like, the site will offer interactive videos that help readers continue to get marital development throughout the course of their marriage.

Rights available:  World Rights
Contact:  Leticia Gomez
Savvy Literary Services
phone: 281-465-0119
3 Griffin Hill Ct., The Woodlands, TX 77382
Item number:  9567
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