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Saving the Heart  
Aug. 2, 2014
Author:  J. Alcaniz Hug
Category:  Fiction: Debut
Description:  If you own a vehicle, then chances are sometime in the past you've found some kind of recall notice waiting for you in your mailbox. Do you happen to recall how you reacted to it? Of course I can't speak for others but I personally am guilty of having paid minimal attention to these kinds of notices. But considering the record-breaking number of recalls that are being made these days we simply can't afford to continue to take these potentially life-saving notices for granted any more. Ever since General Motors began recalling millions of smaller cars that apparently got past their assembly line with a defective ignition switch which has now been linked directly to 13 deaths, there is now a heightened awareness to recalls for all kinds of products. Can you imagine what the repercussions would be if these kinds of defects were found in life-saving medical devices but are never reported or recalled? This is the premise of Saving the Heart, a compelling and suspenseful mainstream contemporary novel penned by debut fiction author J. Alcaniz Hug.

Ray Lamar is a medical engineer that deals with death on a daily basis. His job is to investigate medical device failures, always cautious not to incriminate Vida Care Corporation. But when he witnesses an actual death, not written in a report or examined through a microscope but a patient so close he could hear her dying gasp, the tidy routine of his orderly life is lost. He suspects Vida Care's Aegis coronary stent is at fault, which would make him an accomplice to her death.

If he discovers the cause of the mounting failures and convinces Vida Care to recall he would not only save hundreds of lives but also validate the purpose of a life that, despite the beachfront condo and premium car, suddenly seems trivial. But can he trust Vida Care or is he putting his career in jeopardy? He can't trust his lover, Katherine Cruz, a fellow engineer who seems overly protective of her progeny stent. He can't trust his mentor who's trying to blackmail him for company secrets. He can't even trust himself: The anxiety attacks keep getting worse. He's been acting like a criminal, breaking into the document vault, lying to the FDA. And then there's that paranoia that simply won't go away. Is it a hereditary onset of dementia like his father or is someone really following him?

The only person it seems he can trust is the one he shouldn't even be talking with: the dead patient's daughter. She's a free-spirited artist that's become his unlikely ally and an advocate for the voice of his heart: a rebel's voice he's always ignored that now keeps pushing him against the insurmountable will of the corporation, ever closer to the truth about Aegis and a deeper truth about himself. But truth comes with the cost of sacrificing everything he's worked for, all he's ever been and known, while living with a lie is something he knows will gradually dissipate into the daily routine.

At approximately 86,000 words, Saving the Heart explores how people compromise themselves, their dreams and their ethics, for a corporation, and how redemption can be found through the calling of the heart. Written with an insider's perspective into the medical device industry based on seventeen years of experience the author brings as an engineer and manager, it exposes an intriguing and previously unexplored facet of the medical field. It is sure to appeal to readers of Oxygen by Carol Casell.

Rights available:  World Rights
Contact:  Leticia Gomez
Savvy Literary Services
phone: 281-465-0119
3 Griffin Hill Ct., The Woodlands, TX 77382
Item number:  9566
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