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Faith Over Fear: Techniques to Transform Your Business and Life  
Aug. 2, 2014
Author:  Jonathan Bender
Category:  Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
Description:  Think for a moment if you will about how many modern-day conveniences and luxury items we would be forced to do without if some of the most famous inventors, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers in history had a fear of the unknown and were not able to conquer it. Do you know what Steve Jobs, The Apostle Paul, Mary Kay, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell all had in common? The one thread of commonality that strings these widely known people together is that they all had faith in their ability to pursue the passion that was in their heart despite failures, naysayers, and even being flogged in public. Former #5 NBA draft pick for the Indiana Pacers and later played for the New York Knicks turned-inventor Jonathan Bender also exercised the power of faith. It has sustained and propelled his life forward when the world doubted his abilities and labeled him a washout. It is with great pleasure that I submit to you a proposal for The Courtside CEO, Jonathan Bender's debut motivational business self-help book Faith over Fear: Techniques to Transform Your Business and Life for your consideration.

In 2010, Jonathan Bender retired after completing the most unlikely of all comebacks from the game of basketball and left millions of dollars on the table to pursue entrepreneurship. Like so many inventors before him, he put his faith above the fear of what he was losing out in order to pursue his dreams beyond the basketball court. Interestingly, according to the NBA Players Association, an estimated 60 percent of retired NBA players go broke within the first five years after their hefty NBA paychecks stop arriving. Determined not to become another statistic, Bender found a way to turn a career-ending injury into an inspirational entrepreneurial triumph. In order to rehabilitate his chronic pro-sports injury, Bender invented an award-winning and clinically proven product which has enabled him to help others. For Bender this giant "leap of faith" has transformed him into a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is constantly being nationally recognized by media outlets like Fox News, Bloomberg, and Jim Cramer's His company the JB Intensive Trainer has had staggering growth with a 700% increase in distribution and now has over 500 sales people on board.

In his book Faith over Fear, Bender shares his wisdom in how to overcome one of the biggest stumbling blocks that prevent so many people to follow their passions and dreams—pure unadulterated fear. Bender explores each person's true desires to succeed in life, while revealing the quandaries that can occur; how we can learn to tap into our own faith to overcome our fears, and ultimately how we can integrate this understanding into our individual present day life experiences so that we can create our ultimate successes in life according to how we define them.

Faith over Fear invites readers to acknowledge and address their feelings of confusion and find the courage they seek through the offering of tools and resources that will empower them to succeed. With easy-to-understand real life examples, Jonathan Bender delves deeper into a greater knowledge of what it takes to overcome those gripping moments of fear and press on with your life pursuits with courage and faith. By revealing such methodologies as visualization techniques, financial fundamentals, and the value of having mentors, Faith over Fear shows readers how to turn their fears into fuel that can propel them and create momentum so they can succeed. The end result is the foundation for a winning formula that can transform the fears of even the most intimidated people that still burn with the desire to pursue their dreams. This produces an extraordinary opportunity for young and old alike that ultimately leads to a chance to live their dreams, not only in business but also in all areas of their lives.

Rights available:  World Rights
Contact:  Leticia Gomez
Savvy Literary Services
phone: 281-465-0119
3 Griffin Hill Ct., The Woodlands, TX 77382
Item number:  9561
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