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Feb. 20, 2014
Author:  Kevin James Breaux
Category:  Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Description:  When the fortress city of Birka is invaded, ASTRID daughter of King Kol, is ready to defend it, but as she prepares to engage the enemy, a beam of light envelopes her and she vanishes. Awaking in a snow-covered field, Astrid has no idea what happened to her home or how to get back to it, and she ends up in a farming town that seems quaint, but is also a target for a brigand army. Are they the same force that attacked her home? She hopes to find out. Astrid the White, a proud Viking warrior, is always ready for a fight, even if it's to protect the strange town she does not truly belong in. After suffering defeat, her throat cut, she assumes she will be rewarded by ascending to Valhalla—but she does not go to the golden halls. She heals.

Forced to accept that she is nowhere near her home and that something is wrong for her to be denied Valhalla or death, Astrid begins to believe herself in Helheim. Confused and angry, the situation is complicated all the more as she starts to fall in love with the man who has been taking care of her. How could Hel be so soft and comfortable, with such delights and pleasures, she wonders.

In THE LIFEBLOOD OF ILL-FATED WOMEN we follow Astrid, a young Viking warrior woman who has been displaced. The reader is kept guessing about what happened to Astrid: Was she abducted by aliens? Is this Hel? Is she insane? It is finally revealed that Astrid has worked for the gods as a Valkyrie for centuries. Returned to Midgard almost two hundred years after the invasion of her home, retired from service, she is suddenly called back to help Freyja when god-killing demons seek to overthrow Asgard; unfortunately, the thing the demons need to become stronger is the blood of a Valkyrie.

THE LIFEBLOOD OF ILL-FATED WOMEN is just over 104K words and is something I like to refer to as a Viking Age-Norse Myth, Dark Fantasy Horror Thriller or a fanta-horro-riller. My goal was to have the reader live the events along with a character who doubts herself and the very world around her. As Astrid's confusion mounts, her moods change, her desires grow, and a need for answers takes control of her life. While it can be sold as a standalone novel, LBIFW is set up to begin a long series. With elements of many genres, and a steamy romance building throughout, (with some spicy sex) I hope to reach a wide audience.

Rights available:  all
Other information:  I have been a professional, award-winning writer for almost seven years now and I have never stopped striving to better myself as an author as well as aid my fellow writers. In the last two years, I have seen some success, and I am now writing full time. It helps to have a growing fan base(including foreign markets in Russia and the UK), and the support of professionals like Jonathan Maberry, Peter Orullian and Dan Dos Santos. I'm also pleased to be able to inform you that for two consecutive years, my works have been on the Bram Stoker Award shortlist.

Since last Summer, with the aid of a professional editor, I have edited three novels, two of them three times. I have learned a lot and I'm very happy with the results. What I really need now is an agent to represent this, and my many future projects. I'm a fighter; let me fight for both of us.

Contact:  Kevin Breaux
Item number:  9324
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