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What Happens to Rover When the Marriage Is Over? (And Other Doggone Legal Dilemmas!)  
Jan. 17, 2014
Author:  Patti Lawson
Category:  Non-fiction: Lifestyle
Description:  What if Dick and Jane's parents divorced? Where would Spot run? If there's anything worse than a knock-down-drag-out divorce, it's an even bitterer and often cruel custody battle. Even after the last billable hour is paid for, the emotional devastation from custody battles often last a lifetime.

In courts across the country, judges in divorce cases are being asked to veer from the standard property designation of animals and award the contested pet to the best human parent. More and more couples are waiting longer to have children or opting not to have them at all…thus the family pet becomes the "fur child" and pet parents think they should be subject to the same custody guidelines as a two-legged child. This occurs only if you get a judge who happens to be an animal lover, but is not the status in our court system today.

But custody isn't the only doggone legal dilemma dogs face these days! Canines are having their day in court for more reasons that you can count in dog years! What if Mr. Landlord evicts you because you have a dog? Is it true that every dog gets one free bite…before you get sued? How about if you own your apartment…can condo boards banish pets from the building? And when should you sue a vet for malpractice or a breeder for misrepresentation? What happens if your precious pet runs afoul of the laws in your town? What public places do you and Rover have legal rights to enjoy? Does an airline have any liability for your pet's safety while traveling as cargo? What if someone steals your dog? These and dozens of other legal issues most pet parents never think about are discussed in What Happens to Rover.

Ten years ago, Animal Law was not even a term used by lawyers, judges, courts, or animal activists. Today, 24 state bar associations, 16 regional bar associations, and the American and Canadian Bar Associations all have chapters that deal solely with animal law. The Animal Legal Defense Fund reports that 140 accredited law schools in the United States, which include Harvard and Yale offer courses in animal law and these courses, include pet custody. Law firms specializing in family law have seen an increase in the number of their cases that include pet custody issues, and urge their associates to "bone up" on this issue to serve the needs of the clients and keep the firm competitive.

What Happens to Rover is not a legal guide. It's an easy to read, informative, and practical book for pet parents, dished up with a good deal of humor and practicality. This informative exploration of the new and expanding body of law that covers animals, and in particular dogs, will be a valuable guide for pet parents. From real court cases to state statutes, city ordinances, and most of all personal stories that are entertaining, humorous, educational, and sometimes sad, What Happens to Rover answers questions people often ask when it's too late.

If you value Fido more than the Ferrari, this book is a must read!

Rights available:  All Rights
Other information:  ABOUT THE AUTHOR

The author's first book, The Dog Diet, A Memoir: What My Dog Taught Me About Shedding Pounds, Licking Stress and Getting a New Leash On Life, was released by Health Communications, Inc. in April of 2006. The book received excellent reviews in The Bark Magazine, Forward Magazine, Women's Health and Fitness Magazine, and was dubbed a "must read" by Quick and Simple Magazine. Feature articles about the book were in dozens of newspapers across the United States including the Atlanta Constitution Journal, The Washington Post, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, USA Today, and The Pittsburgh Tribune. The Dog Diet was selected for the distinctive McNaughton Library List which led to many appearances at library events and book fairs. In February 2007, The Dog Diet received the prestigious Maxwell Award for Dog Humor Book of the Year from the Dog Writer's Association of America. Patti Lawson is a regular contributor to the Charleston Daily Mail, DogSport Magazine, The Register Herald, and other publications.

The author has many years of diverse legal experience from family law to criminal law and as an Administrative Law Judge. She is certified as a Family Law/Divorce mediator by the West Virginia Supreme Court. Her CLE, "A New Breed in Custody Disputes," is certified for credit for lawyers' Continuing Legal Education programs. She also is an accomplished public speaker and has presented numerous seminars on litigation and spoken to civic and women's groups on a variety of topics. Patti has appeared at the popular Southern Women's Shows in major cities throughout the South. And she has been the keynote speaker at the popular Women's Lifestyle Show in Peoria, Illinois, and the Upstate Women's Show in Greenville, South Carolina.

Contact:  Barbara Ellis
Scribes Literary Agency
phone: 845.232.1057
46 Church St. #1, Beacon, NY 12508
Item number:  9282
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