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Rights news and offerings (page 3)
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Newcastle #1  by Jack Newcastle
Mar. 14, 2016
Graphic Novel  |  Jack Newcastle's yet-to-be-named graphic novel: Josh Jenkins learns that, as with a cat and the curtains, a man must claw his way to the top if he wants both success and the  more ...
Offered by:  Emily White (Jack Sprat Press)
Fearless of the Fall  by Amanda Hess
Mar. 11, 2016
Children's: Young Adult  |  Everything crumbled after Abby's tragedy, even her close friendship with Jesse. But Ashleigh never leaves her, and doesn't press fordetails.  more ...
Offered by:  Stephanie Taylor (Clean Reads)
Available rights:  tv, audio, movie, foreign
The Hotline Girl  by RJ Conte
Mar. 11, 2016
Fiction: Women's/Romance  |  Arabella Rose is the county's best suicide hotline telephone operator. But very few know the personal reasons behind her passion, until a call from a strangely compelling man shakes up her entire  more ...
Offered by:  Stephanie Taylor (Clean Reads)
Available rights:  foreign, tv, audio, movie
The Funnyman  by Sophia Whittemore
Mar. 11, 2016
Children's: Young Adult  |  It isn't a laughing matter when Diana starts to see things in the mist which other people don't: monsters, gods, and deadly shadows.  more ...
Offered by:  Stephanie Taylor (Clean Reads)
Available rights:  audio, foreign, tv, movie
Reverie  by L.E. Fred
Mar. 11, 2016
Children's: Fantasy  |  Before mankind could speak or think, he could dream. The world was black then, dark shapes moving like monsters in even darker shadows.  more ...
Offered by:  Stephanie Taylor (Clean Reads)
Available rights:  audio, foreign, tv, movie
Mar. 9, 2016
Children's: Middle grade  |  A middle grade novel by disability rights activists Eva Shang and her 13-year-old sister, Melissa Shang, who lives with a degenerative form of muscular dystrophy.  more ...
Offered by:  Clelia Gore (Martin Literary Management)
Available rights:  World
Mar. 8, 2016
Non-fiction: How-To  |  How is it possible that we are our own worst enemies when what we desire is a fulfilling Destiny that we choose? Why are we attached to ways that don't feel good  more ...
Offered by:  Anna Elena Berlin (Wisen-Up Publishing and
Available rights:  All
The Garden of Departed Cats  by Bilge Karasu
Mar. 7, 2016
International rights: Fiction  |  A surreal, utterly unique novel. In an ancient Mediterranean city, a tradition is maintained: every ten years an archaic game of human chess is staged, the players (visitors versus locals) bearing weapons.  more ...
Offered by:  Ayser Ali (A&A Rights Agency)
Mar. 4, 2016
Non-fiction: History/Politics/Current Affairs  |  Searching for that one book that will help you understand the popularity of Donald Trump? Look no further.  more ...
Offered by:  Terry Heaton (Reinvent21)
Available rights:  All
Mar. 3, 2016
Children's: Young Adult  |  Hunted by ruthless marauders determined to stop them, Dexter and Marigold set out on a quest to find their families.  more ...
Offered by:  Dean Krystek (Word|Link incorporated)
Available rights:  ALL
Mar. 3, 2016
Non-fiction: Pop Culture  |  THE MAKING OF JOHN LENNON goes behind the scenes of any official Beatles story, relating John's difficult childhood to his creative process and his relationships with his family, his fellow Beatles, Stuart  more ...
Offered by:  Jeffrey Schmidt (NY Creative Management)
Available rights:  Production
A Cheaters Harvest  by Jane Schweitzer
Mar. 2, 2016
Fiction: Mystery/Crime  |  Murder happens. What doesn't usually happen is that the victim is missing body parts and organs.  more ...
Offered by:  Barbara Ellis (Scribes Literary Agency)
Available rights:  All
Monsterjunkies: A Family Odyssey  by Erik Daniel Shein et al
Mar. 2, 2016
Children's  |  Series of graphic novels, comic books, novels, and movie tie-in. The adventures of future cryptozoologists Crow and Indigo Monsterjunkie and friends, as they save rare, endangered, and mythological creatures while combatting bullying  more ...
Offered by:  Leslie Owen (Leslie E Owen, Agent, LLC)
Available rights:  Second serial rights to the first two graphic novels, comic books, and novels; 1st serial rights to the third novel, Monsterjunkies: Legacy. First serial rights to the continuation of the graphic novels. Foreign rights, Merchandising.
Edge of Heaven  by R B Kelly
Mar. 2, 2016
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy  |  A heart-pounding hardcore science fiction thriller, set two hundred years into the future in what's left of the European Union.  more ...
Offered by:  Leslie Owen (Leslie E Owen, Agent, LLC)
Available rights:  US rights; foreign rights; film/tv/audio rights
Mar. 1, 2016
Non-fiction: Pop Culture  |  Waiter to the Rich and Shameless: Confessions of a Five-Star Beverly Hills Server by Paul Hartford chronicles the adventures of a down-and-out musician who chops off his hair to become a server  more ...
Offered by:  Sarah Hershman (Hershman Rights Management, LLC)
Available rights:  All rights- print, digital, audio, foreign/translation, motion picture, and television
Mar. 1, 2016
Film rights  |  A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER On October 25, 2011, thirty-two year-old Jessica Buchanan is an attractive American teacher working for a humanitarian NGO in Somalia.  more ...
Offered by:  Sharlene Martin (Martin Literary & Media Management)
Available rights:  Film/TV
Deceased (Merhume)  by Murat Uyurkulak
Feb. 24, 2016
International rights: Fiction  |  The long-awaited new novel by Murat Uyurkulak, the author of the cult books "Tol" and "Har" has just been published.  more ...
Offered by:  Ayser Ali (A&A Rights Agency)
Available rights:  All rights available
Death Watch  by Bruce Conord
Feb. 23, 2016
Fiction: Mystery/Crime  |  How do you kill a dead man? Amtrak Police Detective, Washington Truex, confronts that question — his murder victim had already been declared dead in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack.  more ...
Offered by:  Bruce Conord
Available rights:  all
Feb. 23, 2016
Non-fiction: Health  |  Dr. Schoffro Cook's latest research brings readers a new, highly effective holistic approach to beating arthritis, including anti-inflammatory foods, enzymes and supplements that really work, identifying two nutritional deficiencies that can cause  more ...
Offered by:  Claire Gerus (Claire Gerus Literary Agency)
Available rights:  All foreign except Australia/New Zealand
Feb. 22, 2016
Children's: Young Adult  |  Nothing is as it seems for Quin. Chasing her sister's abductor leads her into Travelers' Tower, a portal for those moving between the six planes.  more ...
Offered by:  Hope Gillette
Available rights:  All
2030: A Letter to My Grandson  by Pepe Escobar
Feb. 19, 2016
Non-fiction: Memoir  |  A nomadic political analyst realizes he will soon become a grandfather. So he decides to write a digital letter to his grandson-to-be; an intangible legacy, encompassing some lessons he learned from life.  more ...
Offered by:  Fred Zimmerman (Nimble Books LLC)
Girls in Pink  by Bob Bickford
Feb. 18, 2016
Fiction: Mystery/Crime  |  A ghost dressed in pink, a deck of cards, an enchanted beauty and a tough P. I. add up to murder and mayhem.  more ...
Offered by:  Gloria Koehler (Parkeast Literary Agency)
Available rights:  All
LOST IN HOLLYWOOD  by Cindy Callaghan
Feb. 17, 2016
Film rights  |  From the author of JUST ADD MAGIC -- now an Amazon TV Series! Ginger is on a mission to find her family's missing fortune in glamorous Hollywood in this M!X novel from  more ...
Offered by:  Mandy Hubbard (Emerald City Literary Agency)
Available rights:  Dramatic
Feb. 15, 2016
Fiction: General/Other  |  HISTORICAL FICTION: While the Ottoman Empire stands poised to overrun all of Europe at the Battle of Vienna on September 11, 1683 (the first 9/11), young Aleksy, a Tatar peasant, has dreams  more ...
Offered by:  James Conroyd Martin
Available rights:  All rights available
Listing updated:  Feb. 16, 2016
Feb. 11, 2016
International rights: Non-fiction  |  The tragicomic adventures of an omnivore who falls in love with a woman whose eating habits - so he thought - were only to be found amongst ruminants.  more ...
Offered by:  Laura Ceccacci (Laura Ceccacci Agency)
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