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MacLaine believes she lives an idyllic life until she realizes she is only playing a part in her husband's witness protection plan.
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To maintain the balance of the world, some secrets must be told...Find the secrets of the lost and stolen art of the Holocaust in Code of Siman: All is Not Lost.
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writer :
Dayna Rubin
454 Carriage Way, South Elgin, IL 60177
224-523-2158 (mobile)

Dayna Rubin has worked within the Optical field for over twenty years devoting her time away from her career by contributing to published newsletters, self-interest and how-to articles, as well as writing short stories and novels. She gained insight to complete A Vetted Asset from a member of the SWAT team and ex-military personnel. Code of Siman was created in part for the struggle her children had when they were younger, the difficulty in understanding what had happened during and after the Holocaust. They listened to first hand accounts by friends and relatives that had survived, and felt very connected to helping to further the cause for those seeking redemption and restitution after the atrocity. Running Parallel became a work of art, crafted for the love of the written word along with relationships. An action adventure sprung up from the love her children have for video games, thus the creation of The Capital Club, and the latest published work, The House at Daybreak Cove, was inspired by a photograph that gnawed at her to paint, which then drew out the Native American story, lovingly told in honor of one of her children's lineage. She currently lives in the Chicago area with her husband Gary, two of three children, and her pets Teddy and Zipper. She also enjoys reading, crafting, painting, golfing, gardening, and spending time with her family.

years experience: 10+

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Writing, Fiction writing, Research
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction

Goodreads Review: Julie Boudreau
Apr 21, 2016Julie Boudreau rated it really liked it
A masterful storyline. where the participants and reader almost become one. you leave believing love endures all

Amazon Review: Art Forgery intrigue July 11, 2012
CODE OF SIMAN: All is not Lost, A fast paced interesting story woven around the reality of Hitler's plan to take valuable collections of art from the Jews during world war II. The author's ability to use the historical information relating to the codes and making a page turning story read like a movie was exciting and educational. Her desire to keep violence out and articulate a moving story with believable characters was quite refreshing. A page turning story which can be read by the entire family. Loved it and will read it again.

Amazon Review: Espionage Thriller With Some Rough Edges May 2, 2011
A VETTED ASSET, an espionage thriller that dumps the reader right into the action from page one, isn't my usual cup-of-tea fiction choice. Secret identities, car chases, hacking into computers...all the elements are here. The writing style, while solid in some places, is a bit rough around the edges. A good editorial run-through would have eliminated typos, grammatical errors, and perhaps even smoothed out the odd pacing. It's a decent plot and I'll be excited to see what else this author produces.

Barnes and Noble Review: Dayna Rubin's debut novel, A VETTED ASSET, is not your typical thriller fare. Instead of superspies in exotic locations, the book starts with a terrible auto accident and then moves to the hopes and fears of a wife and mother about the mysterious history of her missing husband. Instead of satellites and gizmos to aid the investigation, she has only her family and their sometimes surprising resources. The easy-going banter between the main character and her daughter, sister, father, and brother make this a mystery suspense with which the average reader can readily identify, but the forces arrayed against the family in their search for the truth are more powerful and sinister than any ordinary family would ever knowingly take on. While the narrative and dialogue are occasionally a bit rough-hewn, the heart of this mystery/thriller is polished and pure. A solid effort by an author worth watching.

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The House at Daybreak Cove; The Storyteller - A searching soul waits for his lost love to come back to Whidbey Island, so he can tell her, so he can be with her, so they can go together. For this, he has been waiting... While vacationing in Puget Sound, Essie searches for clues about a space in time lost to her... Eventually revealed, the strength of the spirit is validated through the sources of power around them, through both the living and the dead, they act as advisors, to show how to conduct oneself on life's long journey.

Goodreads Review: Julie Boudreau
Apr 21, 2016Julie Boudreau rated it really liked it
A masterful storyline. where the participants and reader almost become one. you leave believing love endures all

Her recently released book, Code of Siman: All is Not Lost, takes the reader on an adventure to recover artwork looted during the Holocaust through codes embedded in paintings by the French Resistance.

"A Vetted Asset", is a fast-paced suspense/thriller spanning Ohio, Paris and the wine country of Sonoma County. MacLaine Winters finds the details of her husband’s false identity tucked away inside old record albums after moving to a new town. With the help of her father, who is a retired covert military operative, along with her ready for adventure sister, her pragmatic yet fearless brother, her precocious 4-year-old daughter and her frog named Henry, she discovers her husband's identity is a sham and her idyllic life as his wife is merely a part in his witness protection program as he worked within the worlds largest ring of Expert Consultants within the Russia Mafia. Interwoven into this novel is the thread of rising above conflict as each character strives for credibility, to be valued, and to become a vetted asset.

Dayna has participated with fellow writers within The St. Charles Writing Group in St. Charles, Illinois and the online writing groups and Critique Circle.
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