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Instant New York Times Bestseller! Debut author Lewis Howes' SCHOOL OF GREATNESS sweeps all the bestseller lists. From Rodale, on-sale October 27th, 2015.
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10 years in the making, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr's magnum opus THE STUDY QURAN praised by Karen Armstrong as "a sorely needed guide [that} speaks directly to our gravely polarized world."
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agent :
Stephen Hanselman
LevelFiveMedia, LLC
4 W. South Orange Avenue, Third Floor, South Orange, NJ 07079-4701

Now entering its tenth year as an independent agency, LevelFiveMedia's mission is to serve authors by helping them create and develop the ideas and messages that will attract and motivate passionate, loyal readers. We provide services to improve authors’ media opportunities, expand their platforms, and enhance their ability to reach and mobilize their constituencies. First and foremost the goal is to create value for authors, which in turn creates value for publishers and other media partners.

LevelFiveMedia goes beyond traditional literary representation by offering integrated services including editorial development, marketing consultation and media development. We believe this integrated approach will return some of the power to authors, who are--first, last and always--what the book business is all about.

We have a very select client list, which includes New York Times Bestselling authors Jack Canfield, Tim Ferriss, Peter Guber, Lewis Howes, Dr. John La Puma, Lisa Nichols, Michael Port, and Janet Switzer, as well as engaging new voices such as Dr. Peter Attia, Will Bowen, Porter Gale, Jeff Goins, Donovan Green, Ryan Holiday, and John Jantsch.

years experience: 30+
General fiction, Reference, Biography, Computers/technology, Business/investing/finance, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Sports, African-American, Science, Self-Help/Personal Growth, Diet & Fitness, Memoir
About Steve/The Agency

Founder & President, LevelFiveMedia, LLC

“Stephen is the agent every writer dreams of having. He's whip-smart, nurturing and stunningly well-connected. He hung in there with me for two years until we found the right concept. He then helped craft the proposal and got it into the right hands. His skillful handling generated so much buzz that we landed a terrific offer in a matter of days. I knew I was lucky when I landed him as an agent, and now I know HOW lucky.” --Liz Pulliam Weston

“Stephen is the best agent in the world -- period. I can't even begin to explain how well he understands publishing and creating bestselling authors. Having been a superstar editor at Harper Collins, he can attack and solve problems from editing and distribution to PR and internal publisher politics. Highest recommendations!” --Tim Ferriss

“Steve Hanselman is a 21st century media maven. He has impeccable taste in identifying A-list material and talent. His knowledge of the publishing world is unsurpassed. Steve understands how to create and build a valuable brand across multi-platforms – in publishing, television and digital media. He is, without a doubt, the best in the business.” --Kaki Kirby Executive Vice President, Business Development & Special Projects Atlas Media Corp.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a number of projects and am always impressed with his knowledge of his clients' needs and his ability to make certain that they get the best attention possible.” --Les Tuerk, President, BrightSight Group

“Stephen was my editor at Harper Collins and he was the best one I have ever worked with. He is conscious, intelligent, and fun to work with. He is creative and insightful and has great integrity. He has also helped several of my friends and colleagues get great publishing contracts in his new role as a literary agent. Stephen is the best!” --Jack Canfield, author of many #1 New York Times Bestsellers and Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Steve had the idea to convert many of the teachings of Peter F. Drucker into what became The Daily Drucker. He was very instrumental in conceiving a book that has had a significant impact around the world and now is apporaching translation into twenty languages. Steve is a first rate publisher.” --Joseph Maciariello, Horton Professor of Management, Claremont Graduate University

“Steve is a fantastic professional and a wonderful human being. He works with the utmost integrity, has remarkable insight and judgment and guided us at several strategic junctions that enhanced our project significantly. I really enjoyed the friendship that formed as a result of the business relationship. With highest regards.” --Gayle Beebe, President, Westmont College

“Steve was an incredibly productive publisher during his tenure at HarperCollins. He understood all aspects of book publishing and was a one man publishing force that guaranteed that the books his team published were published very well. Steve taught & trained his publishing team very well. They always had a very good understanding of the mission and had clear direction from Steve what tactics & strategies needed to be executed. And Steve understood that book publishing is really all about the author. He taught his team as well as others in the organization this lesson very well. Steve will succeed at any venture he tackles. He is intelligent, driven, and people enjoy working on his team.” --Len Marshall, Sr VP Finance & Publishing Operations, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc

Steve's Leading Clients: Atlas Media, Dave Andrews, Gary Arndt, Dr. Peter Attia, Gary Black Jr., Will Bowen, Jack Canfield, Dr. H. Ballentine Carter, Bruce Chilton, Michael Coogan, Timothy Ferriss, Matthew Fox, Porter Gale, Stephane Gerson, David Gibson, Donovan Green, Jeff Goins, Peter Guber, Philip Gulley, Ryan Holiday, Lewis Howes, John Jantsch, Charles Kimball, Jon Kukla, Dr. John La Puma, Joseph Maciariello, Om Malik, Paul Moses, Richard Murphy, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Gregory Orfalea, Michael Port, Kamal Ravikant, G. Gregory Tobin, Marshall Ulrich, Thayer Walker, Terence Ward, Liz Weston, Dallas Willard, Rafia Zakaria and more.
*THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK by Timothy Ferriss: now sold in 36 markets; more than 1,800,000 copies sold through more than 85 printings in the North America; Triple Crown #1 Business Bestseller (NYT, WSJ, and BusinessWeek); 4 years and 4 months unbroken on the NYT Business Hardcover Bestsellers list where it has appeared for more than seven years; and a bestseller in Germany.

*THE 4-HOUR BODY by Timothy Ferriss: #1 NYT Bestseller with more than 985,000 copies sold in North America since its publication December 14th, 2010.

*THE 4-HOUR CHEF by Timothy Ferriss: #1 WSJ, NYT and USA Today Bestseller with more than 350,000 copies sold in North America since its publication November 2012.

*Will Bowen's A COMPLAINT FREE WORLD, the inspiring movement featured on Oprah! with more than 10 million participants around the world in 106 countries; translated into 16 languages with more than 2 million copies sold in China alone.

*Quaker minister Philip Gulley whose combined works have sold more than 1.2 million copies (including his acclaimed Harmony fiction series).

*Hollywood producer, executive, and entrepreneur Peter Guber's TELL TO WIN: CONNECT, PERSUADE, AND TRIUMPH WITH THE HIDDEN POWER OF STORY, which was an instant #1 Bestseller for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today lists and now in its 14th printing.

*Media strategist and prominent writer on strategy and business, Ryan Holiday's THE OBSTACLE IS THE WAY: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph, a modern presentation of classic Stoic thinking that has been used from boardrooms to major sports franchses like The New England Patriots and sold more than 150,000 copies.


*Co-Author with Peter Drucker of The Daily Drucker and The Effective Executive in Action, Joseph Maciariello presents A YEAR WITH PETER DRUCKER: 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness, drawing on unpublished work from Drucker's own mentoring work with business and social sector leaders as well as from the breadth of his published work. Published by HarperBusiness on December 2nd, 2014, with a rave review from the Wall Street Journal.

*International Bestselling Author and Founder of the Complaint Free World movement with over 10 million participants in 106 countries author Will Bowen's TO YOU, LOVE GOD, a collection of 366 meditations for daily inspiration and guidance drawn from the thousands of missives he's shared for years with followers around the globe. Published by Convergent Books on December 16th, 2014.

*Human rights activist, attorney and columnist for DAWN, Rafia Zakaria's THE UPSTAIRS WIFE: AN INTIMATE HISTORY OF PAKISTAN. Coming from Beacon Press on February 3rd, 2015. An American Booksellers Association "Indies Introduce Debut Authors" Top Ten Selection for Spring 2015, and #1 Indie's NEXT pick for February 2015.

*The revered bestselling Christian author Dallas Willard's (whose works include The Divine Conspiracy and The Spirit of the Disciplines) THE ALLURE OF GENTLENESS, presenting a new model for sharing the faith based on living a life of discipleship. Coming from HarperOne in February 2015.

*Journalists and producers David Gibson and Michael McKinley's FINDING JESUS: FAITH, FACT, & FORGERY, a companion book to a six-part primetime television series on CNN debuting March 2015, focusing on the six artifacts that tell us the most about the life of Jesus and his world, exploring the fascinating story of their discovery, authentication and the latest forensic science. Coming from St. Martin's Press on February 24th, 2015.

*Dr. Oz's personal trainer Donovan Green's (with Richard Murphy) NO EXCUSES FITNESS, building on his popular "No Excuses" and "Healthy Couch Potato" show segments by offering a balanced 30-day program of physical, mental and nutritional routines based on his work with thousands of clients from celebrities to gang members, weaving their stories of success with his own as a Jamaican-born, Bronx-raised youth who overcame the odds with his positive attitude and influence. The inaugural title for the launch of Hachette Books coming April 14th, 2015.

*Pulitzer-winning professor of journalism at Brooklyn College Paul Moses' AN UNLIKELY UNION, chronicling the dramatic, fiery relationship between New York's Irish and Italians from the 19th century to the present offering a lens on a rich history that began in brutal competition and rivalry and has ended in a peace born of assimilation and intermarriage. Coming from NYU Press in July 2015.

*NYT bestselling author of Book Yourself Solid and The Think Big Manifesto Michael Port's STEAL THE SHOW, offering readers a powerful way to master every performance in their lives and careers, from presentations and sales pitches to pep-talks and tough conversations, drawing on the methods he applied as a working actor and has honed over a decade of coaching salespeople, marketers, managers, and business owners. Coming from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on October 6th, 2015.

*DuckDuckGo Founder & CEO Gabriel Weinberg and multiple tech-startup founder Justin Mares's TRACTION: A STARTUP GUIDE TO GETTING CUSTOMERS, self-published in August 2014 to great acclaim, offering a complete practical toolkit for the "Lean Startup" crowd that identifies every possible marketing channel and proven tactics from real-world examples. Coming from Portfolio Books in October 2015.

*Olympic hopeful, world record breaker and online marketing entrepreneur-turned-lifestyle coach with his top ranked iTunes podcast of the same name Lewis Howes's THE SCHOOL OF GREATNESS, in which he shares the seven lessons of greatness that can empower anyone to get unstuck, overcome obstacles and achieve their biggest goals and dreams, drawn from his own life as a former collegiate two sport All-American athlete whose professional athletic career was cut short by a devastating injury, as well as from the nearly 100 luminaries he's interviewed from sports, entertainment, business and all walks of life. Coming from Rodale on October 27th, 2015.

*The World's foremost Islamic scholar, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr's THE STUDY QUR'AN: A New Translation and Commentary. Coming from HarperOne in November 2015.

*Featured teacher in The Secret and NYT bestselling author of No Matter What Lisa Nichols and co-author of the NYT bestseller The Success Principles Janet Switzer's ABUNDANCE NOW: Break Through from Scarcity to Life's Prosperity, sharing Nichols' own dramatic story of moving from public assistance as a single mother to the IPO of her company, detailing her unique process for helping millions to set their lives in a more prosperous direction as shared in coaching segments on The Today Show and The Steve Harvey Show, with a foreword by Steve Harvey. Coming from Dey Street Books on January 5th, 2016.

*NYT mega-bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles Jack Canfield's and sobriety coach Dave Andrews's THE 30-DAY SOBRIETY SOLUTION: How to Quit or Cut Back Drinking in the Privacy of Your Own Home, a clear and practical daily program rooted in their extensive knowledge of the tools of human potential and personal transformation offering readers a fresh approach rooted in the latest discoveries of psychology and neuroscience about the power of positive choices in overcoming addiction, filled with inspiring stories and practical exercises. Coming from Atria Books on January 19th, 2016.

*Serial entrepreneur and author of the startup cult classic Running Lean Ash Maurya's SCALING LEAN: MASTERING THE KEY METRICS FOR STARTUP GROWTH, offering a tactical handbook for measuring and scaling a tech startup with maximum efficiency and efficacy. Coming from Portfolio Books in June 2016.

*Bestselling author of Trust Me, I'm Lying and The Obstacle is the Way Ryan Holiday's EGO IS THE ENEMY, targeting the personal and cultural disease of our age, raising up the virtues of flexibility, humility, self-awareness, empathy and realism as the only path to success in business and life. Coming from Portfolio in 2016.

*Acclaimed biblical authority Michael Coogan's A CHOSEN PEOPLE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BIBLICAL IDEA examines the biblical and historical accounts of divine choice from Abel over Cain to American manifest destiny challenging readers to abandon this idea for another biblical view of the impartiality of God. Coming from Beacon Press.

*Quaker minister Philip Gulley's THE AWAKENED SOUL, exploring the habits of spiritually healthy people offering guidance for a creating a truly full and rewarding spiritual practice that adds depth, joy and stability to our daily lives. Coming from Convergent Books.

*Author of When Religion Becomes Evil and Presidential Professor & Director of the Religious Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma Dr. Charles Kimball's THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS, a lively exploration of the teachings, tenets, practices and history of the world's major faith traditions, with a special focus on contemporary dynamics and the challenges posed by the rise of fundamentalist and restorationist movements across the globe. Coming from Westminster John Knox Press.

*Historian and author of Mr. Jefferson's Women and A Wilderness So Immense Jon Kukla's THE FIRST AMERICAN, a revisionist biography of Patrick Henry based on extensive new research, recovering the missing southern half of the American Revolution. Coming from Simon & Schuster.

*Audio rights for Michael Port's THINK BIG MANIFESTO to Gildan Media
*Polish rights for Michael Port's THINK BIG MANIFESTO to Helion
*Brazilian rights for Paul Moses' THE SAINT & THE SULTAN to Editora Acatu
*Indonesian rights for Paul Moses' THE SAINT & THE SULTAN to Pustaka Alvabet
*Spanish rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Random House Mondadori
*Italian rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Newton Compton
*Russian rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Eksmo
*Audio rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Random House Audio
*Brazilian rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to Jorge Zahar
*Dutch rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to J.M. Meulenhoff
*Polish rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to WAIP
*Korean rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to Hanul
*Italian rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to EGEA
*UK rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to Constable & Robinson
*Chinese rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to London Speakers Bureau
*Turkish rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to KalDer
*Simplified Chinese rights for Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! to China South Booky Culture Media in a very good deal
*Complex Chinese rights for Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! to China Times Publishing Company
*Korean rights for Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! to Sejong Books
*Italian rights for Matthew Fox's LETTERS TO POPE FRANCIS to Fazi Editore
Paul Moses' AN UNLIKELY UNION:The Love-Hate Story of New York's Irish and Italians
Terence Ward's THE GUARDIAN OF MERCY: How an Extraordinary Painting by Caravaggio Transformed an Ordinary Life
Stephen Hanselman began his career as a bookseller more than 30 years ago at Fresno Pacific College. He continued to pursue his passion for bookselling at Harvard Divinity School, where he served as director of the bookstore while a full-time student. After graduating Harvard Divinity School in 1986 with a Master of Theological Studies degree, he founded Divinitas Books, a New England specialty chain and direct-mail operation focused on books from all religious traditions. At the beginning of 1992, after selling his business the prior year, Steve joined HarperSanFrancisco's marketing department. This began a 13-year tenure at HarperCollins in a variety of roles including marketing manager, marketing director, sales manager, sales director, director of product & market development, editorial director, and since 1999 as publisher of HarperSanFrancisco. From 2002 to early 2005, Steve was group publisher responsible for all activities of HarperBusiness, HarperResource, and HarperSanFrancisco, as he led these imprints to an 85% increase in annual sales and record profits. He personally edited books for each imprint, including such bestselling authors as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Michael Gerber, Peter Gomes, Richard Foster, and Philip Gulley. Steve also worked to establish or reinvigorate major house franchises including C.S. Lewis, David Niven, Peter Drucker, Mayo Clinic, Mental_Floss and Emily Post. His bestseller acquisitions at Harper included Mehmet Oz & Michael Roizen's YOU: The Owner's Manual, Jorge Cruise's THE 3-HOUR DIET, T. Harv Eker's SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND, and Jim Wallis' GOD'S POLITICS. Steve left HarperCollins in 2005 to found LevelFiveMedia.
Stephen W. Hanselman, Founder & President
Julia Serebrinsky, VP of Editorial Development
Steve is NOT taking submissions at this time. Unsolicited deliveries are not accepted, opened or returned.
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