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THE 4-HOUR CHEF The 3rd book from mega-bestselling author Tim Ferriss--whose books have spent more than SIX years on the New York Times List! Debuted for the third straight time on all the major Bestseller lists!
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Coming Dec. 31st! New York Times bestselling author Dr. John La Puma's REFUEL: A 24-Day Eating Plan to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone, and Pump Up Strength and Stamina. Men don't diet, men REFUEL!
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agent :
Stephen Hanselman
LevelFiveMedia, LLC
4 W. South Orange Avenue, Third Floor, South Orange, NJ 07079-4701

LevelFiveMedia is an agency whose mission is to serve authors by helping them create and develop the ideas and messages that will attract and motivate passionate, loyal readers. We provide services to improve authors’ media opportunities, expand their platforms, and enhance their ability to reach and mobilize their constituencies. First and foremost the goal is to create value for authors, which in turn creates value for publishers and other media partners.

LevelFiveMedia goes beyond traditional literary representation by offering integrated services including editorial development, marketing consultation and media development. We believe this integrated approach will return some of the power to authors, who are--first, last and always--what the book business is all about.

We have a very select client list, which includes New York Times Bestselling authors Jack Canfield, Tim Ferriss, Peter Guber, Dr. John La Puma, and Michael Port, as well as engaging new voices such as Dr. Peter Attia, Will Bowen, Ryan Holiday, John Jantsch, and Porter Gale.

years experience: 30
General fiction, Reference, Biography, Computers/technology, Business/investing/finance, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Sports, African-American, Science, Self-Help/Personal Growth, Diet & Fitness
About Steve/The Agency

Founder & President, LevelFiveMedia, LLC

“Stephen is the agent every writer dreams of having. He's whip-smart, nurturing and stunningly well-connected. He hung in there with me for two years until we found the right concept. He then helped craft the proposal and got it into the right hands. His skillful handling generated so much buzz that we landed a terrific offer in a matter of days. I knew I was lucky when I landed him as an agent, and now I know HOW lucky.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

--Liz Pulliam Weston


“Stephen is the best agent in the world -- period. I can't even begin to explain how well he understands publishing and creating bestselling authors. Having been a superstar editor at Harper Collins, he can attack and solve problems from editing and distribution to PR and internal publisher politics. Highest recommendations!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

--Tim Ferriss


“Working with Steve has been a pleasure. While I respected his candor and professional insight in our early meetings, it was only after developing a proposal, pitching the idea and selling the book to a respected publisher that I truly appreciated his range of talents. Steve clearly understands all elements of the publishing process and his connections with editors and publishers throughout the industry were a tremendous asset. Having worked in media for years now, I consider myself especially fortunate to have such a sound partnership with my agent.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

--Lucas Conley


“In our work together, Steve provided outstanding strategic planning, vision and business development leadership. Working on tight timelines, international promotions and very detailed online & offline copy, Steve helped launch In The Dreaming Room in multiple markets. His experience in the world of media, publishing, pr and strategic planning was critical to the success of Michael Gerber's powerful new company.”

--Steve Olds, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Operations, In the Dreaming Room, LLC


“Steve Hanselman is a 21st century media maven. He has impeccable taste in identifying A-list material and talent. His knowledge of the publishing world is unsurpassed. Steve understands how to create and build a valuable brand across multi-platforms – in publishing, television and digital media. He is, without a doubt, the best in the business. Kaki Kirby Executive Vice President, Business Development & Special Projects Atlas Media Corp.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

--Kaki Kirby


“I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen on a number of projects and am always impressed with his knowledge of his clients' needs and his ability to make certain that they get the best attention possible.”

--Les Tuerk, President, BrightSight Group


“Formulating the concept and structure of a book with Stephen was one of the most intellectually rewarding and enjoyable experiences I've had in my publishing career.”

--Mark Levine, Author, self employed


“Stephen was my editor at Harper Collins and he was the best one I have ever worked with. He is conscious, intelligent, and fun to work with. He is creative and insightful and has great integrity. He has also helped several of my friends and colleagues get great publishing contracts in his new role as a literary agent. Stephen is the best!”

--Jack Canfield, Owner, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises


“Stephen was a brilliant publisher who acquired many of my clients' books and was absolutely great to work with. He has terrrific editorial and marketing skills.”

--Candice Fuhrman, president, Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency


“Steve had the idea to convert many of the teachings of Peter F. Drucker into what became The Daily Drucker. He was very instrumental in conceiving a book that has had a significant impact around the world and now is apporaching translation into twenty languages. Steve is a first rate publisher. Joe Maciariello, co-author, The Daily Drucker”

--Joseph Maciariello, Horton Professor of Management, Claremont Graduate University


“Steve is a fantastic professional and a wonderful human being. He works with the utmost integrity, has remarkable insight and judgment and guided us at several strategic junctions that enhanced our project significantly. I really enjoyed the friendship that formed as a result of the business relationship. With highest regard, Gayle D. Beebe, President, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA.”

--Gayle Beebe, President, Westmont College


“Steve was an incredibly productive publisher during his tenure at HarperCollins. He understood all aspects of book publishing and was a one man publishing force that guaranteed that the books his team published were published very well. Steve taught & trained his publishing team very well. They always had a very good understanding of the mission and had clear direction from Steve what tactics & strategies needed to be executed. And Steve understood that book publishing is really all about the author. He taught his team as well as others in the organization this lesson very well. Steve will succeed at any venture he tackles. He is intelligent, driven, and people enjoy working on his team.”

--Len Marshall, Sr VP Finance & Publishing Operations, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc

Steve's Leading Clients: Atlas Media, Gary Arndt, Dr. Peter Attia, Jason Berry, Rohit Bhargava, Will Bowen, Travis Bradberry, Jack Canfield, Dr. H. Ballentine Carter, Michael Coogan, Gerald Secor Couzens, Timothy Ferriss, Matthew Fox, Porter Gale, David Gibson, Kris Gethin/, Peter Guber, Philip Gulley, Ryan Holiday, John Jantsch, Charles Kimball, Jon Kukla, Dr. John La Puma, David Lang, Joseph Maciariello, Om Malik, Paul Moses, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Gregory Orfalea, Michael Port, Tracy Reifkind, Glenn Rifkin, G. Gregory Tobin, Marshall Ulrich, Liz Weston, Rafia Zakaria and more.
*THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK by Timothy Ferriss: now sold in 36 markets; more than 1,400,000 copies sold through more than 70 printings in the North America; Triple Crown #1 Business Bestseller (NYT, WSJ, and BusinessWeek); 4 years and 4 months unbroken on the NYT Business Hardcover Bestsellers list where it is now in its seventh year at #15 for October 2013; and a bestseller in Germany.

*THE 4-HOUR BODY by Timothy Ferriss: more than 875,000 copies sold in North America since its publication December 14th, 2010.

*Will Bowen's A COMPLAINT FREE WORLD, the inspiring movement featured on Oprah! with more than 10 million participants around the world in 106 countries; translated into 16 languages with more than 2 million copies sold in China alone.

*Quaker minister Philip Gulley whose combined works have sold more than 1.2 million copies (including his acclaimed Harmony fiction series).

*Hollywood producer, executive, and entrepreneur Peter Guber's TELL TO WIN: CONNECT, PERSUADE, AND TRIUMPH WITH THE HIDDEN POWER OF STORY, which was an instant #1 Bestseller for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today lists and now in its 13th printing.

*Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr's THE QUR'AN: A New Translation and Commentary (HarperSanFrancisco)

*John Jantsch's DUCT TAPE MARKETING: The Only Small Business Marketing Tool You Really Need (Nelson Business)

*New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week long-time bestselling author of the #1 enterpreneurial guide of all time, THE E-MYTH, Michael Gerber's next major entrepreneurial guide, AWAKENING THE ENTREPRENEUR WITHIN: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Companies (Collins, March 2008)

*Lucas Conley's OBSESSIVE BRANDING DISORDER: The Illusion of Business and the Business of Illusion (PublicAffairs)

*Travis Bradberry's THE PERSONALITY CODE: Maximize Your Strengths, Read People, and Unlock Your Full Potential (Putnam/Perigee)

*David M. Traversi's THE SOURCE OF LEADERSHIP: Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader (New Harbinger)

*#1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week bestseller, Tim Ferriss's THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK: Escape 9 to 5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Crown)

*Andrew Keen's THE CULT OF THE AMATEUR: How Today's Internet Is Killing Our Economy, Culture, and Values (Doubleday/Currency)

*Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin's NEUROMARKETING: Selling to the Old Brain for Instant Success (Nelson Business)

*William Griffin's THE APOCRYPHA, completing a Catholic edition of Eugene Peterson's bestselling bible translation, THE MESSAGE (NavPress)

*New York Times Bestselling author (three consecutive bestsellers) Jorge Cruise's next three fitness books in a series entitled THE 12-SECOND SEQUENCE to begin publishing in January 2008, in a multi-million dollar deal (Crown)

*Paul Moses' THE SAINT & THE SULTAN, recovering the supressed political side of St. Francis' life & teaching (Doubleday)

*Investigative Journalist Matthew Birkbeck's revealing biography of Sammy Davis Jr., DECONSTRUCTING SAMMY: MUSIC, MONEY, MADNESS AND THE MOB (Amistad/HarperCollins)

*International Bestseller and Kansas City Unity Minister Will Bowen's A COMPLAINT FREE WORLD, in a major deal for publication in Fall 2007 (Doubleday)

*PW Deputy Reviews Editor Jonny Segura's debut novel OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS (Simon & Schuster)

*Head of Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Blogger Rohit Bhargava's book on marketing in the social media era, PERSONALITY NOT INCLUDED: Why Brands Lose Their Authenticity and How Great Companies Get It Back (McGraw-Hill)

*President and co-founder of global think tank TalentSmart Travis Bradberry's SQUAWK!: How to Stop Making Noise and Start Getting Results in a significant deal for publication in September 2008(Collins Publishers)

*Chief Running Officer at Runner's World Magazine known as "The Mayor of Running" Bart Yasso's MY LIFE ON THE RUN, written with journalist Kathleen Parrish (Rodale Books)

*The star of Discovery Health Channel's #1 show Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Dr. Jan Garavaglia's HOW NOT TO DIE: Surprising Lessons on Living Longer, Safer and Healthier from America's Favorite Medical Examiner in a major deal (Crown)

*Charles Kimball's WHEN RELIGION BECOMES EVIL: Five Warning Signs, Revised & Updated Edition (HarperSanFrancisco)

*Renowned biblical scholar and director of publications at the Harvard Semitic Museum Michael Coogan's GOD & SEX: What the Bible Really Says, in a significant deal (Twelve)

*Founder of and life coach Noah St. John's THE SECRET CODE OF SUCCESS: 7 Steps to More Wealth & Happiness in a significant deal (Collins)

*New York Times bestselling author of the 2 million-copy seller THE E-MYTH REVISITED, Michael Gerber's THE E-MYTH ENTERPRISE, his first E-Myth Book in four years (Collins)

*Bestselling author and Quaker minister Philip Gulley's IF THE CHURCH WERE CHRISTIAN (HarperOne)

*Founder of A Complaint Free World movement Will Bowen's COMPLAINT-FREE RELATIONSHIPS, taking his global movement of now more than 6 million people featured on Oprah and the Today Show to the next level, in a significant deal (Doubleday)

*New York Times Bestseller, popular business speaker, and founder of The Think Big Revolution Michael Port's THE THINK BIG MANIFESTO defining a new path of centered collaboration to overcome the small-thinking obstacles we encounter in business and life (Wiley)

*Cyndi Laurin and Craig Morningstar's THE RUDOLPH FACTOR: Building a Culture of Innovation That Lasts, based on their inside access to Boeing and its ability to find and foster the critical ten percent of innovators who are often overlooked in companies (Wiley)

*Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Robert Seelert's START WITH THE ANSWER: AND OTHER WISDOM FOR ASPIRING EXECUTIVES (Wiley)

*Content Marketing thought leaders Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett's GET CONTENT, GET CUSTOMERS (McGraw-Hill)

*Investigative journalist Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME: The Secret Life of Money in the Catholic Church, an eye-opening exploration of the financial machinations of the Catholic church (Doubleday)

*#1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Businessweek bestselling author of THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK Tim Ferriss's next book extending "the 4-Hour experiments in lifestyle design" brand into a new area of our lives, in a major seven figure deal (Crown)

*Top business blogger ( and marketing coach John Jantsch's THE REFERRAL ENGINE: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself (Portfolio)

*NYT, WSJ, and Businessweek bestseller Michael Gerber's THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SMALL BUSINESS IN THE WORLD (Wiley)

*Brain injury survivor whose inspiring story led to the creation of the movement Wealth Watchers International®, Alice Wood's WEALTH WATCHERS (Free Press)

*Hollywood producer, executive, and entrepreneur Peter Guber's TELL TO WIN: CONNECT, PERSUADE, AND TRIUMPH WITH THE HIDDEN POWER OF STORY in a significant deal (Crown)

*Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University and author of The Heart of Islam Seyyed Hossein Nasr's TRADITIONAL ISLAM IN THE MODERN WORLD (HarperOne)

*NYU professor and winner of the Jacques Barzun Prize, historian Stephane Gerson's NOSTRADAMUS: How an Obscure French Doctor Became the West's Prophet of Doom (St. Martin's Press)

*Spirituality writer and editor Emilie Griffin's HOMEWARD VOYAGE and an untitled work on the spirituality of aging (InterVarsity Press)

*Richard Sieburth and Stephane Gerson's THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS a complete new translation with historical introduction (Penguin Classics)


*Director of Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma Charles Kimball's next book on the volatile mix of religion and politics in the world today (Jossey-Bass)


*Historian Jon Kukla's THE FIRST AMERICAN: Patrick Henry and the Birth of the American Revolution (Simon & Schuster)

*Award-winning syndicated personal finance columnist (and Nielsen's most-read on the Internet) Liz Weston's THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF MONEY: Everything You Need to Know to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy (Hudson Street Press)

*Ultramarathoner, adventure runner, and mountaineer Marshall Ulrich's RUNNING ON EMPTY, chronicling his record-breaking transcontinental run across America in 2008 at the improbable age of 57 (Gotham/Avery)

*Investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck's THE QUIET DON: The Untold Story of Russell Bufalino, the Mob's Most Fearsome Kingpin (Steerforth)

*Editor-in-Chief of, the most-trafficked online fitness site, Kris Gethin's BODY BY DESIGN, presenting the four pillars of lasting fitness as derived from the new science of motivation with transformational stories and pictures from its millions of members complete with diet and fitness tools to help readers reach their goals, in a major deal (Fireside)

*#1 New York Times bestselling authors of TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN VALUES Richard and Linda Eyre's next book for parents taking aim at the trap of entitlement by offering practical and memorable strategies for instilling ownership and responsibility in our kids and saving them (and ourselves) from a life of dependence (Gotham/Avery)

*Head of Adult Urology at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute Dr. H. Ballentine Carter's and Gerald Secor Couzens DR. BAL CARTER'S WHOLE LIFE PROSTATE BOOK (Free Press)

*Former Dominican priest Matthew Fox's THE POPE'S WAR: How Ratzinger's 30-Year Crusade Imperiled the Church and What Must Be Saved (Sterling)

*Wall Street Journal bestseller, business blogger, and marketing coach John Jantsch's COMMIT! The Power of Single-Minded Purpose to Transform Your Business (Portfolio)

*Editor of The Daily Drucker and foremost living Drucker scholar Joseph Maciariello and long-term colleague and Drucker Scholar Dr. Karen E. Linkletter’s DRUCKER'S LOST ART OF MANAGEMENT, developed from a multi-year study of more than 10,000 pages of Peter Drucker's published and archival material with the support of The Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University (McGraw-Hill)

*Gregory Orfalea's biographical history of the founder and founding of California (Scribner)

*G. Gregory Tobin's THE GOOD POPE & HIS GREAT COUNCIL a dual biography of John XXIII and Vatican II (HarperOne)

*Acclaimed biblical authority Michael Coogan's THE TEN COMMANDMENTS a surprising look at the origins, meaning and afterlife of the Judeo-Christian ethical code (Yale University Press)

*Renowned professor of biblical literature and semitic languages Ziony Zevit's WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, revisiting this foundational story of Western thought to show how its original meaning was not about a great "Fall," but rather the rise of humanity into wisdom (Yale University Press)

*Quaker minister and million-copy selling author Philip Gulley's THE QUAKER WAY, a definitive work presenting the powerfully inspiring and uplifting dimensions of this widely-admired tradition (Crown)

*Kettlebell trainer sensation whose dramatic transformation of losing 120 pounds at age 41 was featured in The 4-Hour Body and national media such as Dr. Oz and First for Women, Tracy Reifkind's THE SWING! (HarperOne)

*General Secretary of Amnesty International USA, blogger for MS Magazine, attorney, and columnist for DAWN (Pakistan's largest circulation English language newspaper), Rafia Zakaria's SILENCE IN KARACHI capturing both the dream and the harsh reality of post-partition Pakistan (Beacon Press)

*Ogilvy EVP of Global Strategy & Marketing Rohit Bhargava's groundbreaking LIKEONOMICS, describing the seismic shift that is radically changing how companies and consumers interact, cataloging the fascinating rules for enhancing believability and success in the new affinity economy (Wiley)

*#1 New York Times Bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek® and The 4-Hour Body™ Tim Ferriss's next major work THE 4-HOUR CHEF™, making the secrets of the culinary arts and nutrition accessible to all via his engaging life-hacking style and teaching readers to cook (and much more) while they gain practical and surprising applications of Ferriss's The Slow-Carb Diet™, moving to Larry Kirshbaum at Amazon Publishing in his first deal for the new imprint, in a major deal for seven figures, to feature a simultaneous global launch of an enhanced eBook developed in tandem with the hardcover, by Stephen Hanselman of LevelFiveMedia. (World)

*Quaker writer Philip Gulley's new fiction series, A PLACE CALLED HOPE, in a significant deal (Center Street)

*Strategic Advisor to American Apparel, Linkin Park, numerous #1 bestselling authors, multi-platinum musicians and major brands, Ryan Holiday's CONFESSIONS OF A MEDIA HIT MAN, an expose of modern news media and a primer on the dark arts and individuals that control it, with detailed revelations, in a major deal (Portfolio)

*Professor of Asian and Asian-American Studies at SUNY Stony Brook William Chittick's ISLAMIC SPIRITUALITY: DIVINE LOVE & THE SUFI PATH (Yale University Press)

*New York Times bestselling author of ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine John La Puma M.D.'s DR. JOHN'S ALPHA-MALE EATING PLAN FOR STRENGTH, ENERGY & STAMINA, enabling guys to leverage their metabolic advantages by unleashing natural testosterone, as well as to combat both hormonal and environmental toxins while getting lean and enjoying delicious food they already like, in a very good deal (Crown)

*Former VP of Marketing for Virgin America, consultant and speaker Porter Gale's YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH, guiding readers out of the old school of transactional networking and into the brave new post-corporate world of transformational networking, using inspiring stories and practical action steps to help readers to break boundaries, to build on passions, values and interests, and ultimately, to cultivate multiple fields of creativity (Atria)

*Digital rights for syndicated personal finance columnist Liz Weston's ANSWERS TO YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ABOUT MONEY AND INVESTING, drawn from her columns in the Los Angeles Times and other papers (FT Press)

*Founder of The Self Health Revolution J. Michael Zenn's self-published THE SELF HEALTH REVOLUTION, which has sold more than 30,000 copies in exclusive distribution to Whole Foods, for publication in late 2012 (Free Press)

*NYT bestselling author of The Think Big Manifesto Michael Port's BOOK YOURSELF SOLID ILLUSTRATED, taking his revolutionary business system to the next level in a viral, visual format for a global audience (Wiley)

*Acclaimed biblical authority Michael Coogan's A CHOSEN PEOPLE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BIBLICAL IDEA examines the biblical and historical accounts of divine choice from Abel over Cain to American manifest destiny challenging readers to abandon this idea for another biblical view of the impartiality of God (Beacon)

*WSJ Bestseller, business blogger at, and marketing coach John Jantsch's DUCT TAPE SELLING (Portfolio)

*OpenROV underwater robot co-creator and blogger David Lang's ZERO TO MAKER, chronicling his journey from unemployment and manual illiteracy into the world of the maker movement, and offering readers inspirational stories and practical tips for their own quest to become a maker (O'Reilly)

*Wall Street Journal bestseller and director of marketing for American Apparel, Ryan Holiday's TURN THE OBSTACLE UPSIDE DOWN: What's In The Way IS The Way, practical philosophy based on a timeless Stoic exercise for turning obstacles into opportunities and creating success in business and in life (Portfolio)

*Founder of the Complaint Free World movement with over 10 million participants in 106 countries Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! The Secret to Getting Happy Once and for All, showing readers how we are responsible for our own happiness and offering advice on how to tap into and nourish it in positive, sustainable ways, in a significant deal as the first acquisition for Amazon/Brilliance's new inspiration imprint (Grand Harbor)

*Founder of the Complaint Free World movement with over 10 million participants in 106 countries and author of the just released Kindle bestseller HAPPY THIS YEAR!, Will Bowen's HAPPY STORIES, the first nonfiction Kindle Serials series -- comprising 50 stories sharing real-world examples of happiness from his and readers' experiences around the world (Grand Harbor)

*Co-Author with Peter Drucker of The Daily Drucker and The Effective Executive in Action, Joseph Maciariello presents A YEAR WITH PETER DRUCKER: 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness, drawing on unpublished work from Drucker's own mentoring work with business and social sector leaders as well as from the breadth of his published work (HarperBusiness)

*Quaker minister Philip Gulley's THE AWAKENED SOUL, exploring the habits of spiritually healthy people offering guidance for a creating a truly full and rewarding spiritual practice that adds depth, joy and stability to our daily lives (Convergent)

*Pulitzer-winning professor of journalism at Brooklyn College Paul Moses' MIXED MARRIAGE, chronicling the dramatic, fiery relationship between New York's Irish and Italians from the 19th century to the present offering a lens on a rich history that began in brutal competition and rivalry and has ended in a peace born of assimilation and intermarriage (NYU Press)

*Author of When Religion Becomes Evil and Presidential Professor & Director of the Religious Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma Dr. Charles Kimball's THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS, a lively exploration of the teachings, tenets, practices and history of the world's major faith traditions, with a special focus on contemporary dynamics and the challenges posed by the rise of fundamentalist and restorationist movements across the globe (Westminster John Knox Press)

*Audio rights for Michael Port's THINK BIG MANIFESTO to Gildan Media
*Polish rights for Michael Port's THINK BIG MANIFESTO to Helion
*Brazilian rights for Paul Moses' THE SAINT & THE SULTAN to Editora Acatu
*Indonesian rights for Paul Moses' THE SAINT & THE SULTAN to Pustaka Alvabet
*Spanish rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Random House Mondadori
*Italian rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Newton Compton
*Russian rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Eksmo
*Audio rights for Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME to Random House Audio
*Brazilian rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to Jorge Zahar
*Dutch rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to J.M. Meulenhoff
*Polish rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to WAIP
*Korean rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to Hanul
*Italian rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to EGEA
*UK rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to Constable & Robinson
*Chinese rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to London Speakers Bureau
*Turkish rights for Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO to KalDer
*Simplified Chinese rights for Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! to China South Booky Culture Media in a very good deal
*Complex Chinese rights for Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! to China Times Publishing Company
*Korean rights for Will Bowen's HAPPY THIS YEAR! to Sejong Books
*Italian rights for Matthew Fox's LETTERS TO POPE FRANCIS to Fazi Editore
Translation rights available for: Michael Port's THE THINK BIG MANIFESTO (debuted 5/17/09 at #9 on the New York Times Advice list; Polish and Audio Rights sold); Andrew Keen's DIGITAL VERTIGO (UK, Brazilian, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese and Polish rights sold); Paul Moses's THE SAINT AND THE SULTAN (Brazilian and Indonesian sold); and Jason Berry's RENDER UNTO ROME (Italian, World Spanish, Russian and North American audio rights sold).
Stephen Hanselman began his career as a bookseller 30 years ago at Fresno Pacific College. He continued to pursue his passion for bookselling at Harvard Divinity School, where he served as director of the bookstore while a full-time student. After graduating Harvard Divinity School in 1986 with a Master of Theological Studies degree, he founded Divinitas Books, a New England specialty chain and direct-mail operation focused on books from all religious traditions. At the beginning of 1992, after selling his business the prior year, Steve joined HarperSanFrancisco's marketing department. This began a 13-year tenure at HarperCollins in a variety of roles including marketing manager, marketing director, sales manager, sales director, director of product & market development, editorial director, and since 1999 as publisher of HarperSanFrancisco. From 2002 to early 2005, Steve was group publisher responsible for all activities of HarperBusiness, HarperResource, and HarperSanFrancisco, as he led these imprints to an 85% increase in annual sales and record profits. He personally edited books for each imprint, including such bestselling authors as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Michael Gerber, Peter Gomes, Richard Foster, and Philip Gulley. Steve also worked to establish or reinvigorate major house franchises including C.S. Lewis, David Niven, Peter Drucker, Mayo Clinic, Mental_Floss and Emily Post. His bestseller acquisitions at Harper included Mehmet Oz & Michael Roizen's YOU: The Owner's Manual, Jorge Cruise's THE 3-HOUR DIET, T. Harv Eker's SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND, and Jim Wallis' GOD'S POLITICS. Steve left HarperCollins in 2005 to found LevelFiveMedia.
Stephen W. Hanselman, Founder & President
Julia Serebrinsky, VP of Editorial Development
Steve is NOT taking submissions at this time. Unsolicited deliveries are not accepted, opened or returned.
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