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Winner of the 2011 Forward National Literature Award and #1 Amazon Best Seller
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2011 Winner for DROWNING
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writer, public speaker :
Susan Wingate
#1 Amazon Bestseller & Winner of 2011 Forward Nat'l Lit Award
#7 Amazon Best Seller

SUSAN WINGATE's, #7 Amazon Best Seller for SPIDER BRAINS
and #1 for DROWNING!
DROWNING won the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for Drama. Susan is best known for her award-winning Bobby's Diner Series. BOBBY'S DINER reached bestseller status nabbing the #5 spot on in 2008. A vibrant public speaker, Susan often presents inspirational and motivational talks about the craft of writing, marketing, and how to survive in this extremely volatile Publishing industry.


"A treasure of a book!"
"Susan Wingate hits a home run with "Spider Brains."
"I could have hugged this book."
"A smooth read with beautifully descriptive language and many laugh out loud moments."


“DROWING is Intensily absorbing”
“A tale about the explosiveness of secrets, and, ultimately, redemption.”
“I loved Drowning by Susan Wingate”

DROWNING wins First Place in
Forward National Literature Award
for the category of Drama

2011 International Book Awards Finalist Award-winner for the Women's Lit/Chick Lit Category

"2010 International Book Awards Finalist for BOBBY'S DINER"

Novelist, Susan Wingate writes young adult romantic fantasy, women's fiction, suspense, mystery and literary fiction. Wingate has written nine novels, six of which have been published and another of the Bobby's Diner Series, SACRIFICE AT SEA, is scheduled for publication October 2011.

In 2010, Wingate joined forces with bestselling author Joshua Graham to host the very popular talk radio show DIALOGUE: BETWEEN THE LINES.

"Bobby's Diner" received three finalist awards in the following book competitions:
* 2010 International Best Book Awards,
* 2009 National Best Books Award (USA Book News), and
* 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Wingate's pseudonyms include, Myah Lin (literary fiction) and JJ Adams (noir mystery).

As Myah Lin, her novella, "Camouflage" received a Finalist Award and Editor's Choice Award in the 2009 Textnovel Writing Contest. Since then, the novella has obtained agent representation in a foreign market.

As a seasoned public speaker, Wingate often presents her popular writing workshops for private groups, as well as for conferences and libraries.

For more information on Susan Wingate's

years experience: 17+
rates: You can review Wingate's fees for writing services by going to and selecting "Want Writing Help?" tab.
Writing, Ghost-writing, Fiction writing, Proposal writing/editing
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Biography, Religious, Cookbooks, Children's books, Young adult fiction, Mainstream contemporary women's fiction, Literary fiction, Christian fiction, Romance, Memoir, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenplays, Short fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Science fiction, Amateur sleuth, How-to write novels

(About "Easy as Pie" by Dennis Moore, East County Magazine, San Diego) "I strongly recommend this novel to all those that like a good mystery, sprinkled with danger and intrigue."

(About "Easy as Pie") Ms. Wingate craft[s] a... solid mystery, with violent and wooden villains carrying the reader a few steps ahead of our protagonist throughout the story—a device perfected in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. Ms. Wingate is clearly a storyteller... - Naomi Reiter (Book Reviewer)

Her story-telling voice is so engaging. - Michael Collins (author of "Lost Souls" and "Keepers of Truth")

The narrator's voice is very genuine and compelling. - Phyllis Schieber (author of “The Sinner's Guide to Confession”)

Wingate shows an understanding of human nature well beyond what is normally seen in a novel. She has a mastery of dialogue that I find refreshing--I felt as though I was right there, listening. It isn't often I find dialogue so true-to-life. Between her mastery of dialogue and understanding of human nature, Susan Wingate held me captive with this book. - Joyce Anthony (author of “Storm”)

A breathtaking story that will fill you with joy and laughter, Bobby's Diner is a great read for any book lover. - Coffee Time Romance

2012 Auburn Days Book Festival
2012 Skagit Valley Writers League
2012 The Writer's Workshoppe
2012 Whidbey Island Writers Conference MFA Program Instructor
2012 Field's End
2012 Write on the River
2011 Driftwood Library, Lincoln City, Oregon
2011 Red Wheelbarrow Writers
2011 Write on the Sound
2011 Watermark Writers
2011 Write on the Sound Writers Conference
PNWA Writers Cottage
2011 PNWA Writers Conference
Richard Hugo House
2012 Writer's Market (F+W Media, Inc.)
2009 PNWA Writers Conference
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
Brandeis National Committee - Phoenix Chapter
King County Library System, Deborah Schneider (2009 RWA Librarian of the Year)
San Juan County Library, Adrienne Bourne
Whidbey Island Writers Association,
Cats of Summer (in progress)
Chicken Brains: Another Love Story (in progress, the no. 2 book in the Susie Speider Series)
Eschatos: The First Witness (in progress)
The Deer Effect (unpublished/written Feb 2011)
SPEIDER: The E is Silent (unpublished/written Dec 2010)
Drowning (April 2011)
Trebor: An Amazing Story About an Amazing Dog!
Rocky Road at Bobby's Diner (Upcoming - September 2011)
A Falling of Law (May 2010)
Camouflage (November 2010)
Easy as Pie (May 2010)
Ravings of a Mad Gentlewoman: More Madness (August 2010)
Bobby's Diner (August 2009) (re-release/new cover - April 2011)
Ravings of a Mad Gentlewoman: A Bold Collection of Writing (2006)
The Bobby's Diner Series (includes "Bobby's Diner", "Easy as Pie at Bobby's Diner" and "Rocky Roads at Bobby's Diner))
Camouflage (written as Myah Lin)
A Falling of Law (written as JJ Adams)
The Golden Egg (companion novel to Speider) - YA Fantasy
The Deer Effect - Fantasy/Drama
Speider: The "E" is Silent - YA Romantic Fantasy
Trebor, An Amazing Story About an Amazing Dog! - Children's Story
Michael Collins, PRIVATE MENTORSHIP, 2004-2007

2011 1st Prize! - Forward National Literature Award - DROWNING (Drama Category)
2011 Finalist Award - International Book Awards - DROWNING (Women's Fiction Category)
2010 Finalist Award - International Book Awards - Bobby's Diner
2009 Finalist Award - National Best Books Award (USA Book Review) - Bobby's Diner
2009 Finalist Award - Textnovel Writing Contest - Camouflage
2009 Finalist Award - Next Generation Indie Book Awards - Bobby's Diner

For a full listing of Wingate's past awards go to:

Jessica Kaye (Entertainment Lawyer & Literary Agent Representati
Kaye & Mills
Asli Karasuil Telif Haklari Ajansi ve Tick. A.S.
(90) 212-5285797
Susan Wingate
Elizabeth Ajamie-Boyer, Publicity Team, Workshop Coordinator,
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