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publicity/marketing, editor :
Nathan Rostron
Restless Books
232 3rd St., Suite A111, Brooklyn, NY 11215

I'm the Director of Marketing at Restless Books, a new digital publisher of international literature. Under the helm of Publisher Ilan Stavans, Restless brings great books and important stories from around the world to American audiences. Restless seeks to expand the horizons of readers at a time where international borders are at their most porous and intercultural knowledge more important than ever. Find us at

Previously, I was the literary editor at Bookish, a book discovery site that gives readers a dynamic and potent way to find and buy good books in all formats from all major publishers, through original editorial content, retail, a savvy recommendation engine and user-generated bookshelves.

Prior to Bookish, I was an Assistant Editor at Little, Brown for more than four years, where I did extensive and intensive editorial work on novels and books of narrative nonfiction, many of which have been award winners and New York Times bestsellers. The range of published books I've edited includes literary novels, commercial thrillers, memoirs, long-form journalism, and narrative histories.

For freelance and other queries please visit

years experience: 7
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Biography, History, Travel, Cookbooks
Tin House Magazine - Reader
Bat City Review - Fiction Editor; Editor
Little, Brown and Company - Assistant Editor
Bookish - Editor