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editorial services :
Robin Smith
Robin Smith Ink
121 Aurora Drive, Asheville, NC 28805
828 505 4272
Rent my brain!

After over twenty-three great years in the book publishing business in NYC, I transplanted myself in beautiful western North Carolina. I love the Asheville area, but you'd better bring your livelihood with you when you come. And I brought my skills with me: manuscript analysis, developmental editing, line and copy editing. And although my clients don't have the pleasure of living here, they do benefit: For the past eighteen years, I've offered my New York talents at North Carolina prices!

Editing a hard copy--using a good old red pen on paper or on-line using Microsoft Word track changes--I work with fiction and nonfiction writers from all around the United States and in countries around the world including France, Great Britain, Malta, South Africa, Japan and New Zealand.

Sometimes I start working with a fiction client in the earliest stages, pointing out inconsistencies, plotting possibilities, the need for further character development and other pivotal issues to nurture a writer's imagination while solidifying their storytelling ability.

With nonfiction writers, I can start as early as in the development of the proposal for submission to agents and/or publishers, or in the final stages of writing the manuscript to help present a concise and engaging narrative within an already established framework.

Other times I meet a writer after he’s worked with other editors, done many drafts or wants a new set of eyes to examine his work from a different perspective.

I work with each person to develop the most helpful and comfortable approach for them.

After the editing is done, if my client wishes, I can use my knowledge and experience from many years in the book publishing industry to help select some appropriate fiction agents and in-house editors to query with a well-polished letter and synopsis, or a book proposal for nonfiction writers.

And, over the past few years, as the industry has changed to include focused self-publishers as a very viable and widely distributed method of well-received publishing, I’ve had a number of clients publish this way--either on their own or through one of the professional and responsible companies available.

years experience: 28
rates: I can give you a firm quote after learning the scope of the project and seeing a sample of the ms. I wil return the estimate with a sample edit and my thoughts about the pages I've edited. My 250-word page rates start at $4.00; my hourly rates start at $50.
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book Doctor, Line-editing, Copy editing
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Travel, Lifestyle, African-American
"Robin Smith is professional in every sense of the word: precise, honest, and always insightful. While in the final stages of writing my novel, I wanted someone with a strong background and a fine reputation to edit my work. I chose Robin and couldn’t have been more pleased. Robin “got” my story and the characters right away, and it was with that keen understanding that she edited my work beautifully. Besides being extremely talented, Robin is also a terrific person whom I now consider to be a friend. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

-—Beth Hoffman, author of NY Times bestseller Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

"Hiring Robin to edit my work before the world saw it was the smartest move I made with any of my novels. To paraphrase a popular credit card ad, I wouldn't leave home without her.
"Not only does she get the syntax correct with a minimum number of words, but she has a great eye for suggestions that help story lines and eliminate sources of confusion that can mean a still-born manuscript in the hands of a publisher.
"Robin guides the author in telling the story when it would be so much easier to be a rewrite artist. I highly recommend her. I know, like me, you'll be delighted and gratified when you use her editing skills on your work."

--W. Michael Farmer, Ph.D., finalist for a Spur Award for Best First Novel, finalist for a New Mexico Book Award, author of Hombrecito's War, Hombrecito's Search, Conspiracy, and Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

"I'm very pleased I found Robin to edit the English versions of my novels. Her great professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to maintain my writer's voice is invaluable."

--Vadim Babenko, finalist for the Russian National Bestseller award. author of Semmant, A Simple Soul, and, available soon, The Black Pelican

“As a first time writer, Robin's warmth, humor, depth of experience and high degree of professionalism has enabled me to move further in a short period of time than I would have believed possible. We've worked together often since that first book, and her notes and suggestions on each time have always been on the money."

--Michael Walling, author of The Bloodstained Sea, McGraw-Hill

"Beyond Robin's technical skills with the written word, which are considerable, I think I most appreciate the direction she has given me. We all want to feel that we have done what we could to give our words a chance of being published. I believe Robin provides that sense of sureness, no matter what happens."

--David F. Cook, author of Reservation Nation published in December 2007, Boaz Publishing, winner France Fabri award; The Adventures of Crow-boy, and The Piedmont Journal

" . . . enormously helpful editing. Her character development comments were insightful and have clearly pinpointed the weak areas of the story."

--Laura Hart McKinny, Filmmaker-in-Residence, North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking. Author of Men Against Women and Rosebud

“I found Robin Smith after months of searching for the right editor. What set Robin apart from the others was her refreshing approach to her work. Too many editors rewrite an author’s manuscript, often changing it into something the author hardly recognizes as his or her own. Robin preserves an author’s unique voice while improving the writing and content of a manuscript. Additionally, her analysis and suggestions not only strengthen the work, but also educate the writer. I was looking for an editor, but I found a teacher as well. Every writer should be so lucky.”

--Mary Frances Vesey, author of citizen g, At the Corner of Central and Canal, Beyond the Corner of Central and Canal

"Robin's keen, astute and authoritative eye for editing is 'my bowl of rice!'"

--Eduardo Escober, author of Not My Bowl of Rice - Ippy 2003 Book Award, Best Fiction - Multicultural category

I work with fiction and nonfiction writers from all around the United States, as well as Canada, Africa, India, New Zealand, Japan and Europe. Some of them are listed below with their websites so you can check them out. . .

*Beth Hoffman - NY Times bestselling author of Saving CC Honeycutt
*Eliza Freed -
*Vadim Babenko - Russian national book award winner vadimbabenkolcom
*David Fuller Cook - winner, France Fabri award, Boaz Publishing
*W. Michael Farmer - finalist, 2006 Spur award, best first novel, and the first in the series,
Susan Whitfield -
*KR Jones -
*Brad Roe
*Donald Templeman www.the
*Randy Dilday
*Mike Walling
*Laura Hart McKinny
*Daniel Nelson

--manuscript development
--manuscript analysis
--fiction query packages
--developing and editing nonfiction proposals
Saving CeeCee Honeycutt / Beth Hoffman
Rescue Me / Eliza Freed
Segment, Simple Soul, The Black Pelican / Vadim Babenko
Laws of Paradise, Reservation Nation, Adventures of Crow-boy / David C. Cook
Conspiracy / W. Michael Farmer
Carolina Girls/Steve Brown
Reservation Nation / David Fuller Cook
Ghosts of Guantanamo / Kim Jones
The Charleston Ripper / Steve Brown
Hombrecito's Way / W. Michael Farmer / SPUR award, 2006
Last Champion on Earth, Crilen and the False Prophet, The Planet of Mortal Worship / Donald Templeman
Storm of the Century / Willie Drye
The Susan Chase mysteries / Steve Brown
The Bloodstained Sea: The US Coast Guards' Battle in the Atlantic 1941-1944 / Mike Walling
In editorial, production, and promotional positions, I worked for over 20 years in Manhattan for various publishers including New American Library; Facts On File; Bantam, Doubleday, Dell; Warner Books; Random House