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by Christopher L. Webber for Pegasus Books
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Pegasus Books & Open Road Media 2012
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agent :
Peter Riva
International Transactions, Inc.
PO Box 97, Gila, NM 88038-0097
480-393-5162 (fax)
by Bavo Dhooge for Simon451

Since 1975, International Transactions has been acting on behalf of authors, projects, corporations as a traditional representative agency with close associate offices in Munich, New York and Los Angeles.

The creative licensing process has always best included a business perspective enhanced by a good agent. That agent's role is to assist the client to refine, position, and then place their valuable asset with a producer or publisher - all the while building solid relationships with publishers and rights' licensees.

In many marketing and production arenas, publishing is changing in parallel with the electronic and media world; an electronic media world ever-more dependent on the written word - in short, CONTENT. International Transactions is both aware of future trends as well as working towards maintaining a continuing viable literary market for its clients.

years experience: 35+
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Biography, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Children's books, African-American, Science, Adventure Fiction, Thriller Fiction, Detective Fiction, Illustrated Non-Fiction, Autobiography
“Writing novels is a lonesome job, especially if you are stuck in the jungle on a South Sea island. But Peter Riva heard me from afar and said yes, and that, as the saying goes, has made all the difference. In March, Thomas & Mercer will bring out the third of my Jungle Beat Samoan detective mystery series, To’aga–thanks to Peter and his relentless efforts on the books’ behalf. There s no substitute for working with the pros.” John Enright

“We have worked for almost two decades now with great satisfaction. Peter is an especially diligent and hard-working agent — both for his many authors and the editors he pairs them with. I have been especially impressed by the way he goes about getting the most from the rights he obtains for his authors– both in the United States as well as abroad.” Bob Loomis, editor, Random House

"If Peter Riva receives a 'Thank you, but no thank you' from a publisher he just gently brushes it aside and moves steadily onwards to THE CONTRACT, and I follow close behind, to rip my sword across that dotted line in the right moment. In just a few years we've been doing this seven times (seven American books), and before this year is over it's probably going to be nine times; me, a writer from the outskirts of the world, now taking Manhattan as we've previously taken Berlin. I rest my case on St Peter, he's my guy." Åke Edwardson

" literary agent... whose advice, enthusiasm and connections brought my book to print." Herbert W. Warden III

“A better agent could not be expected.” Derek Lin

“His suggestion led me to the most worthwhile writing project of my life.” Christopher L. Webber

“I would not be in print, or on the air, without the commitment and diligence of Peter Riva. One could not ask for a better agent or a better friend.” Mark Seth Lender

“Without doubt, my agent, Peter Riva, is the most savvy, energetic, supportive, and enthusiastic advocate a writer could desire.” Mary Glickman

"The very best literary agent has a keen eye for talent as it relates to the marketplace--or as it must be introduced. Because a great agent is also willing to bet against the long odds on artistry. Peter Riva rolls the bones with the best of them." Robert Wintner

"Peter Riva, my literary agent, has patiently guided me down the path of publication with his sound advice, keen insight into the industry and enthusiasm for my projects--not mention a terrific sense of humor. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone!" Debra Ann Pawlak

“…to my agent Peter Riva, for championing my cause…” Steven Potter, PhD

" agent, Peter Riva, who has stood behind me (and often pushed me) for the last ten years and through the trials of writing my last eight books. You know the old saying, “behind every successful man there is a great woman,” well behind every successful author there is a great agent.” Dennis A. Adler

"My loyal and trusted agent and friend... all along the nine books together." R. L. Wilson

"...without whom, nothing was possible, not even Marlene’s legacy." Maria Riva

“I wish you continued success as a great literary agent.” John Koehler

"…unerringly guided by Peter Riva, my literary agent..." Gillies Turle

“A good and trusted colleague, thank you.” Brutus Ostling

WPG/Manteau Belgium
Bavo Dhooge
Steve Anderson
Chris Angus
Sharman Apt Russell
Elyce Wakerman
Allen Johnson
Pieter Aspe
Saltkrakan (Astrid Lingren)
Steven Potter, PhD
Mary Glickman
Prisma Bokforlaget, Sweden
Nordstedts, Sweden
Steig Larsson
Maria Riva
Marlene Dietrich
Dennis Adler
Gillies Turle
Justin Webb
Ake Edwardson
Sam Moses
Herb Warden
Larry Wilson
Nino Filasto
Theodore Riccardi
John Koehler
R. L. Wilson
Allan Levine
Ron Lealos
Global Arts (London)
Nia Wyn
John Enright
Brutus Ostling
Derek Lin
Mike Jenne
Robert Wheeler
Robert Wintner
Debra Ann Pawlak
Robert Weintraub
Frances Vieta
Alan Gold
Paul J. Heald
Jennifer Edwards
John R. Carpenter
John Babb
Robert Cormack
Christopher L. Webber
Gunnar Kunz
Achim Muller Hale
Denise Rudberg
Helmut Barz
Toni Coppers
Rene Appel
Juraj Cervenak
Rod Thompson
(and in-house projects)
Dietrich by Her Daughter (12 languages)
42 book deal between Norstedts and Skyhorse (illustrated franchise)
"The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" & "The Girl Who Played With Fire" & "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest"part of the Millennium Series (3) by Steig Larsson
"Home In The Morning" (Open Road Media)
"Death Angels" & "Shadow Woman" by Ake Edwardson
"The Black Hills" by Rod Thompson
"Guns of the American West" by Dennis Adler
"Spies in the Vatican" by John O. Koehler
"Corporate Counterterrorism Strategies, The Ackerman Principles" by Mike Ackerman
"At All Costs" by Sam Moses
"Blue Sky July" by Nia Wyn
"Det. Winter Series" by Ake Edwardson
"Wingtips" & "Penguins" by Brutus Ostling
Legends Series by Larry Wilson (14 titles)
Car Series by Dennis Adler (7 titles)
Wildthings (78 1-hr TV series)
Dietrich by Her Daughter (12 languages)
Voyager, Around World Flight
"Styx" by Bavo Dhooge (Simon451)
"Disappear Home: by Laura Hurwitz (Albert Whitman)
"Reef Libre" by Robert Wintner (rowman & littlefield)
"Teresa, of the New World" by Sharman Apt Russell (Yucca/Skyhorse)
"Pashtun" & "Don't Mean Nuthin" by Ron Lealos (Skyhorse)
"Diary of a Citizen Scientist" by Sharman Apt Russell (Oregon)
"Blue Gemini" by Mike Jenne (Yucca/Skyhorse)
"Give Me Liberty" by Christopher L. Webber (Pegasus)
"One More River" by Mary Glickman (Open Road Media, e-riginal, 2011)
Pieter Aspe Series: "Inspector van In" (Pegasus & Open Road Media, 2012)
"Sail of Stone" by Ake Edwardson (Simon & Schuster, 2012)
30+ illustrated book deal with Skyhorse Publishing for Norstedts of Sweden
"Shadow Woman" by Ake Edwardson (Penguin 2010)
"Some Fishes I Have Known" by Snorkel Bob (Robert Wintner); (Skyhorse Publishing 2011)
"Bringing Up Oscar" by Debra Pawlak (Pegasus 2011)
"Bread & Cofee Cake" from Prisma (Skyhorse Publishing 2011)
"30 Minute Yoga" from Prisma (Skyhorse Publishing 2011)
"Swedish Food" from Prisma (Skyhorse Publishing 2011)
"Designer Genes" by Steven Potter, PhD (Random House, 2010)
3rd in series by Steig Larsson (Knopf, 2010)
"The Tao of Success; the 5 Ancient Rings of Destiny" by Derek Lin (Penguin/Tarcher, 2010)
"365 Days of Dao" by Derek Lin (Penguin/Tarcher 2011)
"Unholy Moles" by John Koehler (Pegasus, 2009)
"The Filthy 13" to Original Productions
"Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes" by Ted Riccardi to Global Arts Films, London, UK
"Her Own Song" (Turner Classic/ MGM; feature documentary);
Wildthings (78 x 1hr TV, Paramount TV)
Voyager Story, (BBC, Bristol)
"With Peter Beard in Africa", ABC primetime special, 1988
"WildThings", Paramount TV, 78 x 1 hr, 1995
"Voyager", BBC TV, 1987
"Telly Award", 1999 - "Only One Earth" for UNEP, audience 1.5 billion people worldwide.
"Teddy Award", 1988/9 - "ABC Television Primetime Special"
Honorary Citizen of Arles, France (services to photography)
Kate Klippensteen, Japan,
Sandra Bruna Agència Literària, Spain & Portugal,
Donatella d'Ormesson Agent Litteraire, France,
Gabriella Ambrosioni S.r.l., Italy,
WPG/Manteau of Belgium
Norstedts of Sweden
Seren Book of Wales, UK
Sutton Verlag, Gemany
Peter Riva, President,
Sandra Riva, Vice-President,
JoAnn Collins, Associate Editor,
Submissions Guidelines
Although International Transactions has an open-door policy with authors of all categories of books, even if we currently cannot handle every format, language, or trade category, we regrettably cannot, at this time, promise to review or respond to further fiction inquiries from non-published authors.

To help you know if we will consider reviewing your work, please send us an e-mail to or (as appropriate) with a brief letter of introduction and a two-paragraph description of your manuscript. If we then wish to see further material, we will send you a return e-mail as soon as our schedule allows asking you to make a formal submission; along with guidelines for that formal submission.

If you do write us, you must put the title of your manuscript in the subject line. Submissions that fail to do this will be automatically discarded, unread.

Please make note: If you are submitting a non-fiction query, then a partial manuscript will be acceptable providing you have completed the bulk of the research, illustration (if applicable), and have a written outline. We will only consider one query per author at a time. If you cannot follow these criteria, please know we will not respond to your query.

Generally, because we do not charge for such review of queries (or later manuscript submissions, if requested) we take this in stages to avoid wasting your time and ours. We cannot help every prospective author, we cannot review every manuscript. We try and walk that line between what we’re enthralled with (and we would need to be, to represent an author) and what we feel the market will accept for publication. It is a very narrow line, it is a fine line, for which we sincerely hope your work will qualify.
Thank you.

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