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editor, writer conferences :
Algonkian Writer Conferences
Algonkian Writer Conferences
2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Ste 443, Washington, DC 20006

Algonkian Writer Conferences, begun in 2002 by Algonkian director Michael Neff on the banks of the Potomac at Algonkian Park, has expanded to provide a range of services and events to writers working in all genres.

Algonkian Conferences include the Write to Market Conference, the New York Pitch Conference, Algonkian Novel Retreats, and the Santa Barbara Author-Mentor event. Algonkian uses the model-and-context approach to teach the art of fiction writing, i.e., models of style and novel structure (gained from known authors) are presented to the writer, practiced and reviewed, thus enabling the writer to productively use this craft knowledge in the context of improving or editing his or her work-in-progress.

Workshop focus is on all phases of novel creation (execution, premise, plot, character, etc.), development of platform, marketing the ms to agents and editors (log lines, pitches, query letters, etc.), as well as strategies and pitfalls regarding the selection of appropriate agents and editors.

Advantages include close one-on-one interaction with professionals in a small-group environment, greater in-depth exploration of each writer's novel and issues, top grade narrative enhancement and prose exercises, extensive pre-workshop assignments, a personalized plan for working towards publication, the Algonkian Competitive Fiction Guide, prose/MS structural analysis, a detailed syllabus, as well as a workshop approach that emphasizes feedback from professionals only.

Past students of Algonkian Writer Conferences include published and soon-to-be published authors Kim Boykin, Carla Norton, Gillian Royes, David Klein, Roberta Gately, Ann Garvin, Sujatha Hampton, Brandi Lynn Ryder, Will Lavender, Christina Meldrum, Susan Breen and Talia Carner. More information on their connections with Algonkian can be found on the conference website.

years experience: 15
rates: $395 - $2850.00
Writing, Fiction writing, Copy editing, Book Doctor, Line-editing, Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing
General fiction, Mystery, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Upscale/Literary, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction
References and commentary at
BEST-KNOWN PROJECTS and http://newyorkpitchconference.som/pc-news.htm