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agent :
Lori Nowicki
Painted Words, Inc

Painted Words is an artist/ literary agency dedicated to bringing unique voices in children's books to the foreground. We develop author-illustrators for the children's publishing marketplace, nurturing their talents into creative projects across the media spectrum. Our goal is to provide the utmost in representation for illustrators and authors while placing a unique emphasis on developing characters, books, and licensed properties.

Painted Words’ founder, Lori Nowicki, holds a Master’s Degree in Education and worked extensively as a teacher and specialist in public schools for ten years prior to starting her agency. She has brought her background in education to the field of publishing—representing illustrators since 1992.

Juvenile fiction, Children's books
Shadra Strickland, Molly Idle, Betsy Snyder, Gene Barretta, K.G. Campbell, Vanessa Brantley Newton, Elise Gravel, Josée Masse, Michael Slack, Steve Mack, Frank Morrison, Marilyn Sadler, Eric Barclay, Barroux, Eric Comstock
An artist seeking representation is encouraged to send a link to his or her website. We are currently seeking illustrators to add to our children's publishing group, specifically those who have a talent for writing. Please do not email manuscripts. If we are interested in the art style, we will request a writing sample.

All samples and unsolicited manuscripts submitted via regular mail will be returned unopened.

We are currently looking for submissions from authors in the areas of picture books, beginning readers and chapter books (ages 4-8), as well as Middle-Grade fiction (ages 9-12).

Please e-mail your submission, including both a summary and the first three chapters, to: