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A New Orleans Detective Mystery
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writer, editorial services :
Ken Mask
504 908 0337
504 338 2621 (mobile)
Griffin the Dragon and How to Tame a Bully

The Opera Game movie-principle photography underway in New Orleans and Paris

FREE VERSION OF TIC TAC MO at the Apple Game Center, Apple Store...

"A New Orleans Detective Mystery" paperback just out.

"The Pride and Sorrow of Chess (The Opera Game)" motion picture project with Clarke Peters.

"Griffin the Dragon and How to Tame a Bully" just out and animation project underway.

'Develop and execute strategies to generate publicity for books by successfully leveraging traditional and digital media outlets. This includes,

-Pitching and securing media coverage across national broadcast, print, radio and online outlets.
-Developing creative pitch angles and targeted outreach lists
-Writing press releases and pitch letters
-Arranging events including appearances at book festivals, local bookstores and regional trade shows
-Organizing national author tours
-Cultivates and maintains author relationships.
-Actively develop and maintain relationships with media contacts
-Work closely and communicates effectively internally across all levels of Marketing / Sales / Editors and Publishing Directors

Our requirements
The ideal candidate possesses a minimum of two years of book publicity experience; experience in children's book publishing is highly preferred. Candidates should also,

-Have strong national trade and consumer media contacts
-Demonstrate a creative, innovative, and resourceful approach to publicity
-Demonstrate knowledge of the marketplace and competition
-Have excellent written and oral communication, organizational skills and ability to prioritize, multitask, meet deadlines, and follow-up are a must
-Must be well versed and stay current with social media best practices working with networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and related applications
-Need to be creative, assertive, personable and persuasive'

(borrowed RH)

Additional languages have been added for the Tic Tac Mo global launch: Korean, Tawainese, Hungarian, and now in South Africa.

Storyboard in development for motion picture animation project by Simmie Williams.

GRIFFIN THE DRAGON AND HEALTHY EATING HABITS FOR KIDS is at the editor. Illustrations are under way for third
installment in the series.

"The French Quarter" A novel set in Modern New Orleans-'e' released 1/23/13

"Griffin the Dragon and the Game of Chess for Kids" 'e' released 12/12/12

And we are proud to announce the launch of the game app-Tic Tac Mo for Apple and Android devices: i-tunes, Game Center, Google play, & now McDonald's restaurants and Chili's restaurants- Touch 2 Play and Ziosk table top tablets

years experience: 6
rates: TBD

This writer is looking for an agent
Writing, Fiction writing, Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Permissions, Proofreading
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Reference, Health, Children's books
"Griffin the Dragon and Healthy Eating Habits for Kids"

Griffin the Dragon and the Game of Chess for Kids
"This is an important book for children from an impressively creative young thinker." Wynton Marsalis

Murder at the Butt: A New Orleans Mystery
"A modern-day masterpiece from one of America's most original thinkers." Wynton Marsalis

City Park Murder

"This is the kind of novel that takes your right there. The characters
and the scenes are appetizing."
James (Big Game) Worthy

Luke Jacobs, PI Mardi Gras Madness

"Atomspheric, crude, downhome...."Stanley Crouch

Griffin the Dragon and the Jump House

".....dream and wonder in this singular act of fantacy." Wendell Pierce

Artsitic Consultant for:

Geoffrey C. Ward
Wynton Marsalis
Wendell Pierce
Ricky 'Dirty Red' Gordon

The Opera Game, movie of the week- filming

Griffin the Dragon and the Jump House children's book

Griffin the Dragon and the Game of Chess for Kids children's book

The French Quarter e book, noir/thriller/detective fiction

A New Orleans Detective Mystery, noir/thriller/detective fiction

Griffin the Dragon and How to Tame a Bully

Script/Story board development


The Source Magazine

Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Surgery Rounds

Medical Research

Breavac trademark (Breast Cancer vaccine)

"Griffin the Dragon and Healthy Eating Habits for Kids"

"The French Quarter" a novel of detective mystery, noir pulp-fiction

"Griffin the Dragon and the Jump House" children's series

"Griffin the Dragon and the Game of Chess for Kids"

"A New Orleans Detective Mystery"

"Luke Jacobs, PI"

Will review and consider global multi-media productions/rights-licensing


TIC TAC MO game app

Honors in Philosophy-UNC Chapel Hill

Cardiovascular research-Entire Second Year Duke University School of Medicine