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J. F. Constantine
Author photo by Wesley Campbell


Melina Nikolaides puts faces back on the dead.

Melina is a renowned forensic reconstructive sculptor living in Austin, who also teaches Studio Art at the University of Texas. Melina is well-connected with various members of law enforcement - both locally in Austin and also in other jurisdictions. Her friends are an eclectic mix of Austin PD officers, an Austin fire investigator, the Travis County Medical Examiner, and some unconventional Austin artists, one of whom is her best friend and next-door neighbor - and the only person who knows all of Melina's secrets.

Melina's world also includes her tight Greek family ties, particularly her father "Big Nick" Nikolaides who owns and runs several high-end car dealerships and also a custom chopper shop; and her cousin, Nicky, who is a "retired" US Naval Intelligence officer (there is some question as to the extent of Nicky's retirement). Nicky is Melina's steadfast protector, and more of a brother to her than her actual brother. Nicky's one really bad habit is that he frequently forgets to knock before he comes into Melina's house. He's working on improving that.

Melina has a passion for art, especially the forensic restorations she does for the anonymous dead. She drives to find the truth - a trait which can create problems for her when she inserts herself into investigations. Of course, it is usually Melina's unique vision and her relentless pursuit of answers that leads to the truth.

As a second-generation native Austinite I understand the confluence of the history of Austin, its quirky culture, and its modern reputation for being the "Live Music Capital of the World", as well as the home of SXSW, the Texas film festival, the Texas F1 Grand Prix and a host of other really "cool" events.

I love and know this landscape of Austin as only a Native Austinite could. I'm an Austin girl, and as I like to say: we love hot cars on an open road, windows down, music cranked and the feel of the wind in our hair. :)

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Writing, Fiction writing
J. F. Constantine is a classically trained artist whose forte is portraiture. J. F. first began receiving art instruction at about the age of six from her maternal grandfather who was also a portrait artist, and whose father was a portrait artist, and so on up the family line. J. F. majored in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin.

J. F.'s father was a mechanic with whom she frequently worked in the garage. He restored Classic Mustangs, raced cars and educated J. F. on the finer points of auto mechanics, welding and driving. Consequently, J.F. has a love of auto racing (IndyCar, F1, GrandAm, LeMans, sports cars), a love of fast street cars with a manual gearbox, and a definite Need for Speed.

By day, J. F. Constantine works in the Legal Department of a Fortune 50 company.