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editorial services, consultant :
Jennifer Pooley
Jennifer Pooley Literary Development

I am a freelance book editor and story consultant based in Los Angeles. Previously, I spent twelve years with HarperCollins Publishers where I was a Senior Editor acquiring for imprints William Morrow and Harper Perennial. Books that I acquired and published include: Willy Vlautin’s THE MOTEL LIFE, NORTHLINE, and LEAN ON PETE; Marjorie Hart’s SUMMER AT TIFFANY; Daniel James Brown’s THE INDIFFERENT STARS ABOVE and UNDER A FLAMING SKY (reprint); Michael Zadoorian’s THE LEISURE SEEKER, Catherine Hanrahan’s LOST GIRLS AND LOVE HOTELS; Sara James and Ginger Mauney's THE BEST OF FRIENDS; Jennifer Sey’s CHALKED UP; Marina Palmer’s KISS & TANGO; Ariel Leve's IT COULD BE WORSE, YOU COULD BE ME; Jeff Guidry's AN EAGLE NAMED FREEDOM; Sarah Hall’s DAUGHTERS OF THE NORTH and HOW TO PAINT A DEAD MAN; and Lola Jaye’s BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, amongst others.

In my freelance work, I direct editorial development on behalf of publishers and agents for their contracted authors; established authors hire me (often in confidence) during their development process in order to have an editor to work with before their book goes to their agent or editor; or I am hired by debut authors who are seeking to elevate their work and to have a creative partner before querying agents or choosing to publish through an e-platform.

In addition to my work as an independent book editor, I also represent novelist Katie Delahanty ( through The Bent Agency.

years experience: 18
Developmental editing, Line-editing, Writing, Copywriting
Literary Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Memoir, Narrative Non-Fiction, Screenplay-to-Book Adaptation, New Adult Fiction, Coaching, Discovering Debut Talent
“Jennifer Pooley is a modern-day Maxwell Perkins. She brings all that old-school care and deep love of books and mixes it with a sharp sense of what’s happening in today’s changing publishing world. I’ve never seen another editor do more for her writers, or give more of herself to the projects she works on. Not only that, she is one of the most truly kind and genuine people I’ve ever met. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She will change how you read, how you think, how you see the words on the page.”
-– Hannah Tinti

“I met Jen Pooley when she took a chance on my novel THE MOTEL LIFE and convinced Harper Perennial to publish it. What luck for me. I landed with an editor who can really edit. From the broadest themes to fine details, she really helped make my novels better. I have never been more comfortable with an editor or more loyal to one than I am to Jen. She championed my three novels and in each case helped them and helped me navigate my way through an always uncertain process. She has that great passion for books that you only encounter once in a while in the publishing world. She’s a true fan of the novel who can then pull out her toolbox and fix it when it needs fixing.”
-– Willy Vlautin

“Jen Pooley is a joy to work with. Her talents are manifold, but above all she has that one sterling quality that all writers most hope for in an editor–she knows how to unveil the heart of a story, even when the writer has not yet seen it himself or herself.”
–- Daniel James Brown

“Jennifer Pooley is a careful, enthusiastic and insightful editor who has helped to shape my writing by raising crucial questions and opening my mind to new ways of seeing what’s on the page. I always look forward to receiving her feedback, because I know she will inspire me to make my characters more real and plot more gripping.”
-- John Searles

“Jennifer Pooley, the editor of THE LEISURE SEEKER, has to be about the hardest working woman in the literary world. I had never encountered, and don’t expect to ever again encounter, an editor who put as much thought, as much care, and as much love, as Jen put into my book. (And, I’m guessing, into all the titles she shepherded over the years at William Morrow.) From the inspired proposal she made to her colleagues at the beginning of the process, to the lovely and carefully chosen cover photos, all the way to the fine-tuned marketing at the end, Jen personally made sure that every aspect of the book was exactly right. Every detail, no matter how tiny, was overseen (and usually improved) by her. Boundless enthusiasm and a genuine love of books is what drives this woman to be such a fine editor. It was my absolute pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Jen. You rock.”
-– Michael Zadoorian

“Jennifer showed incredible empathy for the world of my novel and always respected its vision. At the same time, her feedback helped refine the shape of the story and deepen the characters. Her instincts, combined with years of expertise, really elevated the quality of my manuscript. Proof of the value she provided? HarperCollins Canada made a pre-emptive offer for this debut novel. My agent recommended Jennifer; I would work with her again for my next book and the one after that. Why mess with a winning formula?”
-- Janie Chang

“Jennifer Pooley is a tonic. A potent combination of optimism, energy and crafting that can cure any author’s ills. A selfless soul with sparkle, her encouragement is second only to her expertise. With a vast store of knowledge and keen eye to detail Jen delivers guidance and inspiration with genuine concern for the project, the author and the story. She gave her craft and her care to my dream. With her special brand of magic Jen turned a history teacher into a novelist. Not a writer, a novelist. She never failed to point me to the future. And that means everything. Generous every step of the way Jen never let me fall. She never let me stumble! Walking down the path with Jennifer Pooley has been a beautiful thing.”
-- Deborah Brezina

“As a novice, I was not sure what to expect when it came time to edit my memoir. In retrospect, I realize just how lucky I was to land on Jen–or to be picked by her, I should say. As I discovered, when she falls in love with a book, she falls hard. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated supporter or more loyal champion. Being a beginner, I sometimes suffered from a lack of confidence in my own abilities. However, Jen’s faith never wavered and it was this belief that bolstered me and kept me going throughout. At the end of the day, it boils down to this: Jen ‘got’ me and my sometimes tasteless English sense of humor–which I know would have been lost in translation elsewhere. And judging by her eclectic list, she gets a lot of different accents.”
-– Marina Palmer

“In the tumultuous sea of publishing, Jennifer Pooley is a faithful compass. She is an editor par excellence, an author’s best friend, and a lionhearted crusader for stories that shape and shake the literary world. For me, meeting Jen was not happenstance but a miracle—an act of providence. Her authenticity, love, and profound depth of publishing insight are as admirable as they are inspiring. She never fails to give every ounce of herself to her projects. A brilliant gem who reflects light and beauty on all she comes in contact, I can count on her friendship through every word written and every hour lived.”
-– Sarah McCoy

“When Jennifer Pooley acquired my proposal for William Morrow to write AN EAGLE NAMED FREEDOM, I had no inkling as to how damn lucky I had become. I soon found out. Jen has great compassion and love for the written word and even more for her authors. She is a monster editor. Jen knew immediately how this book should unfold and was exceptional in guiding me and helping me through the writing process. She had unwavering faith in me that carried and inspired me through the darkest times. She helped me become much better than I ever thought I could be. Jen will push you, accepting nothing but your best, no quarter is given. For her vision, brilliant editing, and treasured friendship I will always be in her debt.”
-– Jeff Guidry

“As a neophyte at the San Diego State University Writers’ Conference, Jennifer Pooley discovered my early pages of SUMMER AT TIFFANY. Through her discerning eye, she shaped, polished and transformed my manuscript into a book, always insisting I keep my voice. Her enthusiasm and understanding of the infinite possibilities in the publishing world impressed and inspired me. With insightful guidance and patience, she led me on a path that would grow from the publication of the hardcover, to becoming a trade paperback, and on to becoming a New York Times bestseller. How fortunate to have Jen as my mentor and editor! I am forever grateful.”
-– Marjorie Hart

“Jen Pooley is the kind of editor authors dream about working with. A passionate champion of her books (and the written word in general), she is also incredibly savvy in marketing and publicity, giving her well-rounded vision for each project she takes on. She is simply a pleasure to work with–dedicated, thoughtful and energetic, all at the same time.”
-– Sarah Burningham

“When I received my notes from Jennifer Pooley, it was clear that she was a whip-smart, experienced editor. Jen gave me an overall picture of my manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and specific suggestions to fix problems I had been struggling with. But her feedback goes way beyond the technical. I am convinced that Jen Pooley has a sixth sense and can see past the printed page. With her guidance, I was able to recognize what had always seemed to exist but had not yet been written.”

–- Andee Reilly

“Jen and I both started working at William Morrow in 1998. She was just out of college and so passionate about books and so very excited about landing a job in publishing. I watched her grow and develop as an editor and literally, grow up over our twelve years working together. I marveled at her dedication and commitment to her authors and the way she championed her books to the marketing, publicity and sales teams who were motivated by her enthusiasm. Aside from being a gifted editor with impeccable taste, she is adept at positioning her books and making sure they have the support they deserve. Jen is an editor, marketer, and literary champion all rolled into one.”
–- Dee Dee DeBartlo

“As an author events coordinator, I can honestly say that I have never worked with an editor who is so energetic, so passionate, and so dedicated to her authors. I have seen first hand the lengths she will go to to support her authors, and we as readers and book loving professionals all reap the benefit of her talents and enthusiasm.”
-– Susan McBeth

I represent novelist Katie Delahanty's Brightside series--IN BLOOM (2014), BLUSHING (2015), and BELIEVE (2016)--through The Bent Agency.

Praise for IN BLOOM:

"@bloomolivia, get ‘em girl!”
-- Sara Bareilles

"IN BLOOM is absolutely magical. With Olivia Bloom, Katie Delahanty has created a heroine who will both capture your heart and leave you longing to move to Los Angeles to pursue your own Hollywood dream. A dazzling debut novel with adventure, humor, and passion."

-- Marjorie Hart, New York Times bestselling author of SUMMER AT TIFFANY

“A delightful and dazzling Hollywood romp that had me laughing and loving all the way through!”
-- Ophelia London, author of ABBY ROAD

“We’re all Livs at heart…if she can meet her Prince Charming, maybe, just maybe, we can too. Liv reminds us to take a risk…to jump, to soar and…live!”
-- Lola Jaye, author of BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS

Her deal was announced on Publishers Marketplace on October 7, 2013:

Katie Delahanty's IN BLOOM, the first book in the Brightside series, in which a recent college graduate moves west from Pittsburgh to pursue her dream of becoming a costume designer, is spun by her Hollywood insider neighbors into Los Angeles' My Fair Lady and who has a chance encounter with a rock star that ignites a whirlwind romance, to Karen Grove at Entangled Embrace, in a three-book deal, by Jennifer Pooley at The Bent Agency (world).

Selected freelance projects: EVERYBODY RISE by Stephanie Clifford (St. Martin's); THREE SOULS and DRAGON SPRINGS ROAD by Janie Chang (HarperCollins Canada & William Morrow); ON THE COME UP by Hannah Weyer (Doubleday/Nan A. Talese); HINDSIGHT by Mindy Tarquini (Sparkpress); LOVE REHAB by Jo Piazza (Open Road Media); THE MAN IN THE EMPTY BOAT by Mark Salzman (Open Road Media); DAUGHTERS FOR A TIME by Jennifer Handford (Amazon Publishing); SWEET THING by Renee Carlino (Atria); ACROSS A GREEN OCEAN by Wendy Lee (Kensington); THE GOLDEN GATE IS RED by Jim Kohlberg (Open Road Media); SATISFACTION by Andee Reilly (Sparkpress); and THE HEART OF ANNIE by J.S. Foote (independently published).
Willy Vlautin's THE MOTEL LIFE (also a feature film starring Dakota Fanning and Stephen Dorff), NORTHLINE, and LEAN ON PETE (the film, helmed by director Andrew Haigh, is in production)
Daniel James Brown's New York Times bestseller THE INDIFFERENT STARS ABOVE
Michael Zadoorian's THE LEISURE SEEKER (the film adaptation, starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland, is in production)
Marjorie Hart's New York Times bestseller, SUMMER AT TIFFANY
Jennifer Sey's New York Times bestselling memoir, CHALKED UP

2017, 2015, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006: San Diego State University Writers’ Conference
2014: Writing Workshops LA: The Conference
2013: University of California Riverside M.F.A. Program, December Residency
2011: USC's Master of Professional Writing Program: "How to Leap from MPW to Barnes & Noble and Beyond?"
2010: Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference
2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006: Colgate University Writers’ Conference
2009: James River Writers' Conference
2009: Colgate University's "Living Writers" course: "Behind the Scenes in Book Publishing: From Acquisition to Publication"
2008, 2007: South Carolina Writers’ Conference
2006: Asian American Writers' Workshop: “Speed-dating with Editors”
2006: Surrey International Writers’ Conference
2006: Ohio State University Writers’ Conference
2005, 2006: Algonkian and New York Writers’ Workshops: “Pitch to the Editors”
2004: Grub Street: "The Muse and the Marketplace 2004"

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