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Fruit of my Labor poetry series
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writer :
Joe Frey

JJ McShay Has Something To Say!

In "Fruit of my Labor", JJ McShay introduces kids to different types of poetry and explores the many forms and styles in a fun and exciting way. He might have a poem about his favorite color, or introduce children to forms like: Haiku, Rhyme, or Free Verse. Six year-old JJ and his orphan friends at the House of Shady work very hard to get kids excited about one of the most difficult forms of writing to do well - poetry.

This 63 page, three-chapter book is written for an elementary school audience. It may be the only one of its kind introducing the different forms and styles of poetry in a way that kids find very easy to learn and have lots of fun while doing it!

The book continues to grow in readership, having sold very well in the first five months via self-promotion, with a continually expanding fan base and the piqued interest of teachers as far away as Washington State. Receiving JJ fan mail and email from elementary students whose classes I’ve visited further validates the potential for the next book in the series and gives me the motivation to continue forward. Since the re-release of the edited version of the series, which was just last month, I have sold over two-hundred copies and visited four schools!

An unagented writer, I don't mind doing my own leg work or going against the grain, but I would welcome agent representation.

I've received awards and recognition for the "Fruit of my Labor" series from Kiwanis chapters, cable TV news, and local publications. I was Featured Poet on a televised program reaching almost 20,000 viewers. In addition, the series has received two reviews, one of them a Four-Star review from Rhonda Fischer with Readers Favorite!

My other self-published poetry books: "Tin Mouth"; "A Quest For Paradise","A Return From Retreat" and just released "Variations" have been chosen as part of a pilot project generated between & I would welcome a traditional publisher for these books as well.

I have been writing poetry, short stories and essays for more than twenty years.

I am very active in the writing community and a member of writing groups that include the Hudson Valley Writers and the Hollywood Writers, an online group moderated by well-known author/screenwriter Skip Press.

I am also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writer's & Illustrators (SCBWI). I am a member of JacketFlap and a premier member of the Academy of American Poets.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting and please feel free to contact me for an autographed copy of "Fruit of my Labor" or to inquire about my other books, existing or upcoming.

years experience: 25

This writer is looking for an agent
Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Biography, Children's books, Poetry

Member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writer's & Illustrators)
Fruit of my Labor Poetry Series:
Glenham Elementary School
Haviland Middle School
Ralph R. Smith Elementary
Mid-Hudson Public Library System
Millbrook Elementary School
Glenham Elementary - "Poet's Tea" (regular speaker/visitor) 2008-present
Ralph R. Smith Elementary - "Poetry Month" and "Poem in your pocket Kick-off" 2007-2009
Millbrook Elementary School - Guest Speaker for Poetry Month April, 2009
Poetry 180 program
"A Return From Retreat"
"Tin Mouth"
"A Quest For Paradise"
"Guilty Pleasures" coming Spring 2015
Ramblings - anthology released Winter 2014, where a few of my poems have been published

Links where you can download & purchase any of my books:
15% off Sale Currently going on here! Contact me directly and each book $5 each (signed too!)

School visits reading from the "Fruit of my Labor" poetry series. Visited half a dozen elementary schools where I've reached over 1,000 students and faculty. Am a regular in some schools invited back to read for National Poetry Month.

Click here for a link to televised Neighborhood Journal segment featuring Joe Frey (slide time bar to 3:25):

See what the series is all about and what to expect!

I won 2013 Reader's Choice award for Poetry, see my poems and interview published
in the recent issue of Northern Liberties Review magazine here:

See what others have to say about "Fruit of my Labor":

"As an English teacher, I can't recommend this book enough to all the teachers in all the schools everywhere! A must have for the classroom - JJ McShay is a wonderful character that I immediately fell in love with!” - K. Eighmy, Teacher

"A wonderful way to introduce the many styles of poetry to children of all ages! The poems in 'Fruit of my Labor' captured and entertained my students and that alone is an accomplishment!" - S. Theissen, Teacher

Received wonderful book review from The Baytown Sun, April, 2009 Sunday Edition.
"Frey shares his artistic talent presenting the three chapters of the book with delicious fruit poems!" - JoAn Martin

Manuscript was accepted by Marist for a Summer Writing Workshop/Conference, 2009
Featured Poet local Public Library System, May, 2009.

First Place essay contest: televised interview December, 2007.

My poetry has been widely published both online and in print,
my work can be found here among other places, and is forthcoming
in several other publications, including Poetry Pacific, November, 2015 issue.
E-Zine / online only:
Powerscore Press – “Pinball Café” Feb ‘09
Drown in my own Fears – “Obsession” Oct ‘10
Children, Churches & Daddies ( – “A Return from Retreat” Mar ’08; “Soldier” Apr ’08; “We Infest Earth as Maggots…” May ‘08
Literary Tonic – “Pinball Café” Oct ‘07
Lovelandia – "A Thought at a Moment's Grasp"; "Secret Passion"; "Bittersweet" 2006
Rosedog - "Little Girls" 1999; "Burn the Sky" haiku, 2000; "A Brief Description of Love" 2000
The Storyteller – “Lovelorn Lament” Jan/Feb/Mar ’07 issue
Love’s Chance – “Obsession” Winter/Fall ’07 & “A Thought at a Moment’s Grasp” Summer ’08 issue
Always Looking Magazine – “The Operation” “Mr. I M Macho” “On Being Born” & “An Old Oak” Mar ’07 issue
Westward Quarterly – “An Old Oak” Fall ’10 issue
Exposed – “A Return from Retreat” & “The Last Mile” Fall ’04 issue
Avocet – “First Day of Summer” & “The Gardener” July ’11
Ardent – “Snapshot”
Two recent reviews, rave reviews! American Chronicle - comparing me to Mozart!
Chronogram Magazine - "Lover's Broth" - February 2013 issue
Read a brand new Q&A interview with me and some of my work in Nazar Look Journal:
Northern Liberties Review - "The Larkspurs...." & "A Conflict in Nature" '13 issue
Ramblings - an anthology where I have four poems published, came out Winter 2014