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Astrology For Writers (and Editors too)
by:  Julie Hill, Agent and Astrologer, Julie A Hill and Assoc
Were you born to be a Writer?
August 26, 2016

Jupiter in Libra. aaaahhhh AND THE COMING ECLIPSES

We hv eclipses on Sep 1 and 15. Let this be a time to decide what we buy into philosophically. Are we born to be writers who sell their work to existing publishers? Or are we going to self pub, and ride the wave of independence? Both are fulltime jobs. If you still think that a book is passive income, don't even waste one more moment on that illusion. Successful authors promote constantly. My advice has always been "Once published, if you are sleeping and eating regularly you are not doing enough." Which is to say, you should be pushing your book out there at every possible opening. If you cannot see an opening, dig deeper.

Though deals are made in the summer, there are far fewer than Sept. thru May. Now is the time to polish your existing work, if anything. Best to give yourself some creative distance from your project even, if you can manage that. You'd be shocked how productive and objective you can be after a time of rest and relaxation.

Everything will look different to you come mid September, when Jupiter enters Libra and all the rough edges of life are smoothed out a bit.
EVERYONE will be happier once this election is over..tho that is not until November, but you will be able to feel the lift sooner than that. Hillary is planet bound to hv some bumps in August. Let that be your entertainment.


When four mutable signs square each other in the sky, it is brutal to get anything accomplished, sold, concluded. Uphill is the word. But still the words flow, the luck is still on, and the fated results cannot be avoided. Time now to write but not to submit, though submit you will becasue it seems logical. If you are Virgo or Pisces, or have these in your chart significantly, it seems that offers will fall in your lap. Believe me when I say that when you look back on this time though, you'd wished you had passed in favor of possible better offerz down the road.
July is just a better month for finishing deals.

In light of this fact, I am going to see Ammachi in LA on Wednesday. If she is coming to a town near you, I cannot recommend this enough. It's a real breath of fresh air to spend even a short time with a Guru. She's curtailing her ambitious US schedule going forward, so unless you plan a trip to India in the future, now is your chance.

Happy rest of June.



Lean In. Virgo is where the cash is. If you hv Virgo rising or Moon, or in one of the Writers Houses( 3,5,7,9) you are in luck. Push forward. Have confidence.

If you are not burning the midnite oil, then you are missing out. Turn off politics and just type.

Really, there is no substitute for hard work. Or even easy work. Work will get you where you want to go, and the stars assist.

I find too many woowoo advocates rely on nonphysical forces to get them published. (Novelists are the most guilty of this.)

So have you determined where Virgo is? Or are you just reading this to pass the time, hoping the magic of astrology will make your contract manifest??? Hope not.


Politics, aside, this is a confusing time. No one answers on time, contracts come in wrong,
and you keep rewriting because nothing seems just right. It's a muddle, especially for Gemini and Sadge. This too shall pass, but not for several weeks. Take the time to get the bugs out of your product, to meditate, to take up reading Oliver Sacks' GRATITUDE.

Virgo can still count on a few breaks, tho they are erratic. Where do you have Virgo in your chart? Nearly everyone has a House governed by Virgo, and those are the issues you can count on being straightened out, even gathering favors. To illustrate, Kobe Bryant is a Virgo.

Forgive the hiatus from posting on A for W. Life has been ohsobusy, and fun projects like this encountered slight neglect....

The eclipses next month are worth planning for now. Make adjustments to make your life as secure as you can. Eclipses rock everyone! March 9 and 23, and surrounding days, hold surprises.


The following is from the newsletter of Anne Beversdorf, an astrologer and a very deep and educated thinker.
Astrology, Meaning, and the Relationship to Science

Arthur M. Young was a scientist and engineer who was also a serious student of astrology. He often commented that it was easier to teach physics to astrologers than to teach astrology to physics, because astrology doesn't follow the dogmatic rules of modern science. Here is his list of characteristics of astrology that separate it from the scientific paradigm that criticizes it. (from Nested Time, written by Arthur M. Young and published by Adonis Press)
1. Astrology investigates what is unique. (while science investigates what is repeatable. ab)
2. Astrology is not independent of does the same experiment at different times and expects to get the same results... Astrology cannot repeat an experiment because the time it is made is the crucial component and can never recur.
3. Astrology is not a testable hypothesis by the scientific method. A testable hypothesis requires that extraneous factors are removed from an experiment... In astrology the extraneous factor--ie., the total environment, the tide or zeitgeist of the universe--is also the operative factor and of course cannot be eradicated.
4. Astrology addresses features of consciousness not considered by science. In particular [our ability to think about] time. For example, when we go to the opera, we read the synopsis of the story in a few minutes. In a few hours we can watch the opera--which may dramatize years of events [of a] real life. In astrology there are provisions for these three kinds of time.... Science does not require different time rates. Astrology shows that inherent in the nature of time is cyclical process, a kind of nesting of smaller into larger cycles, each one continually revolving and shifting phase [think fractals--ab]
5. Astrology is not a "science" of complete objectivity. (While the astronomy and mathematics are scientific parts of astrology, its purpose is to expand awareness of self and cosmos requiring subjective and emotional/spiritual capacities.
6. Astrology studies a different world than science...
7. Astrology transcends the illusory concept of force.

------and another scientist speaks on astrology, below.

A friend sent me an article recently by Eric Barker, a neuroscience researcher. It was about the neurology of things that make us happy. One item grabbed me and improves my life daily in ways that awaken me to the delight available in each moment.

The key is (no surprise here) Gratitude. No, this isn't "make a list of what you are grateful for". Not at all. The key isn't finding the answer--the key is asking the question: "What can I find, right this minute, to be grateful for?" I've long been cautioned that finding "answers" is a guarantee for getting wrong answers. The minute we believe we've found THE answer, we shut down openness to more answers. So the key to gratitude is not asking for a formal list of things to be thankful for. That relegates each item on the list to the past, and excludes its power in the present. The key is the open search, moment by moment, for what we are grateful for in THAT MOMENT. I find myself awed by the closing light of the day, of the sound of kids playing, of the rhythm of walking the dog. And my attention is necessarily drawn away from things that might disturb me, saving me that sadness, too!
Simplest key I've ever learned. What, in THIS moment, can you find to be grateful for? A REAL Treasure Hunt!


Note: Last Sunday's New York Times had a great piece on Astrology under its Modern Romance feature. It wasn't totally about romance, but the instilled power of the Stars. Written by an attorney, no less.

Happy Holidays to All. I hope to be back to update this blog before the end of them, but if not, let me express my good wishes and thanks here and now.

This New Moon in Sagittarius( now) is a divine time to begin new writing projects, and to improve existing ones. It is also one of the best times of the year to party. Going overboard is featured, so Uber or come equipped with a sober friend to all gatherings.

Writing and editing projects tend to go to extremes. Editing will be necessary, so best to not submit until more sober days....January is best. But there could be gold in all those word emissions, so let the writing fly. Natalie Goldberg style writing is not( ever) out of the question. Free associate. Doodle. Write words that don't even go together. Then after Dec 22, read again and pull out the nuggets and make them cogent.

If you are a late Virgo( including Moon and/or Rising sign), you have the Midas touch. Contact everyone who can do you good. Fairy Dust is your most important asset...sprinkle it everywhere (except to Editors' desks. that comes later...)

It's A Venus Day today, in the Vedic traditions. Give white or pastel flowers to artists and all other creatives ( yourself?). The theory is that such a practice will cement bonds that exist and bring new wonderful ones to you. And who does not want more and better relationships?


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June 28, 2013

With Effort

The venerable Indian astrologer Chakirpani used to admonish students that no success comes without effort. Though it may appear in publishing that titles just come out of nowhere to become sucesses, I can assure you that it is not the case, ever. Placement, timing and promotion always make the book's soar LOOK effortless. One day on Oprah never made a mediocre book a classic.

I recently met with an author friend of mine, who had a pretty successful niche book in the 80's. Her brother wrote a colossal seller, and you'd think she'd know the above facts. But people's original opinions have a way of sticking around in their minds. Cinderella remains the parallel.

The planets favor Cancer and Capricorn now, and their efforts will not go unrewarded. Capricorn will have more sweat and tears, but the payoff will be good. Pisces and Scorpio will also have things fall in their lap, and the temptation will be great to think all will be well as long as they own a glass slipper. Even Cinderella no doubt had to work after the Ball to keep her lucky streak from going thud the day after she danced with the Prince. Again, effort is key.

Libra and Aries are in for some very hard work, but that's probably ok with them as their work ethic is fantastic.

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February 6, 2013

Aquarius and Aquarius Risings, some notes about Editors

Aquarians: Decisions are hard, circumstances forcing you into them may be even harder. Do not bend or break any rules, which I gurantee will come back to bite you. Pluto in your Solar 12th, with a tense aspect to crazy Uranus, is ruthless, so don't be.

Imperiousness is one of your shortcomings, and it will get you in BIG trouble.

It's best not to focus too much on money now, but the art of your work. Venus and Jupiter are Trine..good news for Gemini and a slight break for Aquarians. A few weeks and just Gemini will get the goodies. Good news for Writers and Editors all this year as most writers and editors have a Mercury long suit.

I must admit, it is hard to tell the charts of writers from editors. I have seen some of the best editors' charts, and they could be writers themselves without the slightest push.
Trouble may be that they see the pitfalls and want a steadier paycheck. Sometimes, they are just waiting for the market to show that their personal ideas will sell.

Editing is such a hard job. Love your Editor today. Send candy on the 14th. They'll remember your thoughtfulness for years to come.


Time to begin something new? Almost. New Moon in Capricorn on Friday is normally the time for new starts in the sky, but Venus and Uranus are acting up, so I'd wait until post-Saturday to conceive of and put out new projects.

Speaking of Venus/ Uranus, my 2013 Forecast seems to have slipped into nowhere. Hope you caught it before it disappeared.

Note to Taurus: let go, let go, let go. Aquarius and Leo too. 2013 is more for goodbye than hello.
old posts, but still worth taking in:

Few writers like to hear this, but writing for your entire living happens to very few. You'd think with the time and dedication it takes to write something publishable, the money to pay the rent would follow. But many are called and few are chosen, and even the chosen have times when they have to take in a boarder.

It's very much like being an actor or a musician. Unsteady, sometimes richly rewarding, but sometimes " between gigs". At least agents and publishers have the steady stream of many authors, so if one is " between gigs", others are producing income.

Grim pic? Well, best to know that having more than just books to feed you is the best idea. Writing for Yahoo, Google, and even print media can be great supplements if doing something non-writing for your bread and butter seems just too much.

Of course you can always marry money. With Jupiter in Taurus, some of you will do just that. Earth signs( Taurus Virgo Capricorn) have the best chance of buddying up with someone else's funds, tho Water
( Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) can talk their way into being someone else's fiscal responsibility too. could happen..but it is more likely that you'll make your own windfall without help.

Quitting the whole publishing idea is best suited to Libra. Other air signs
( Gemini and Aquarius) are so busy flitting from place to place that making a living doing anything is a total bother. They just want to be free.

Soon, the air signs will have all the luck, AND all the money they need. After mid June, for a year hence, the gates will be unlocked. In the meantime, live scrupulously.

The Scorpio Full Moon will be at its zenith late on the 5th, at 16 degrees of Scorpio. The fullness, as it were, of Scorpio's gifts, is insight. For Scorps, it looks like you will see a partner for who she/he really is. Sign nothing until this Full Moon is past..say like..May 9 or so. Water signs( Cancer, Pisces) will get good surprises, and Fire will continue to get aggravation( Sadge, Aries, Leo).

Taurus buffet plate continues to fill. How good can it get? Think back 12 yrs. You had to have had a great experience or gift then, and now, another memory in the making. If you are a fiction author, some new character might occur to you, one that survives the test of time and competition.

If you were born in 1964, 1976, 1988,you are having something called a JUPITER RETURN. The very least of that position is a lack of worry, but other goodies may present, and if you can get off the easy chair long enough to actually pursue something, you'll get top dollar for it, plus top treatment. This lasts until July. Push yourself. Dial friends and strangers. Leave messages. See how many people you can drum up before Jupiter moves off this magic place.

Capricorns and Virgo's get some royal favors too...say thank you, and Virgo's :don't piss people off doing it. Mars gives Virgo no tact at all now.

Pisces caveat: you are still in a tough spot for lies and deception. Sign nothing unless you've paid a professional to read it first.


Aries: get ready for exciting breakthroughs as well, but for different reasons. The New Moon in Aries has a lotta action, and Aries cannot help but be getting friendly with a new way of being. Libra: look out for partners who don't see things your way...try and make your thoughts clearer and more emphatic and maybe you'll triumph. Mars in Virgo makes some Virgos total whackjobs. Excercise more, worry less. The cure for Mars is always to get moving. And since Mars is retrograde now, it can really be an extra annoyance. Write about anger and frustration. And get away from the computer screen at least an hour of your work day.

Taurus still has GREAT WONDERFUL INCREDIBLE luck. What your dreams have promised comes true now. Scorpio gets some of that too. If you( Scorpio) are agent shopping, you could score.

But you cannot know more than your Sun Sign without getting your chart done. Email me, get all the pertinent info to getting your work rewarded.

You may have looked at the sky and seen 2 planets near each other, bright as bright can be. Venus and Jupiter are together, and very close to the earth, and this means LOVE MONEY and GOOD publishing times, especially for Sadge, Taurus and Libra. If you have these signs and planets well aspected in your chart, it means you too! (Of course you've had to have your chart done to know if this means you.)

Probably the good offers will come from someone in your past..not a new colleague. Knock on those previous doors and see what comes to you. Ask for what you want and then a little more...push a bit..don't hold back...

I had SRO at my presentations at the Tucson Festival of Books this past weekend. 125,000 people attended the Festival, making it the fourth largest in the country. Seems alot of people are interested in how Astrology can help a writing career. How about you? Be fascinated. Take care of your career. Email me for details!

and oh---if you are a Gemini,your great year is on the horizon, literally. June is the dawning of your paydays, but now is the time of preparation and inspiration. Write now, get paid well soon.

Virgo: Drive Carefully and watch your mouth. Tactless does not even cover it.

The Full Moon on the 8th has some very staid energy. Staid meaning "if you just push yourself a little your work will have lasting value." Whatever you force yourself to do this week should pay off. So turn off the TV and get off the political sites, and do some real writing and promoting. More books sell at the Full Moon than any other lunar phase.

It is kinda funny that Super Tuesday is near such a heavily aspected Full Moon. Pisces natives( Mitt Romney, e.g.) will have a boatload of energy coming at them. Virgos too. Haven't looked up Santorum and others but may if I push myself....

more: santorum is a taurus..predictable. ron paul a leo. likes to spread joy. really?)
gingrich a but all over the place.

I have had a couple of authors recently who wanted a planetary map of their future, which turned out to be very helpful for them. Yes this is what I do, and it works. Or as Michael Lutin( says " This Sh*T Works".

One author has had a novel in circulation for over a year. He's a Libra, and tho some interest has been generated, no one has offered the high amounts he is used to. I told him that as long as Saturn was in Libra and Scorpio, his revenues would be thin, tho the work would have lasting value. Saturn has endurance, but not excitement. And that is exactly how the journey has gone.

Another author, a Scorpio, has had offer after offer, and I told her to hold out as Jupiter was marching on through her House of Partners and more would join the bandwagon. Sure enough, her auction is underway.

Another author, a Gemini, wondered if he should lean totally on his writing for income, and I told him to diversify, but that writing would always be a steady identity as well as income source, though not his only one. He has taken an online teaching job that pays him handsomely, fills his need to be near a computer most of the day, and rewards his vast knowledge. ( Geminis like to be experts, and most are, at more than one subject area).

So have your chart done. Find out if you are spinning wheels or if you are born to be a Hemingway, Hawking, or Fe

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Julie Hill is a Literary Agent and practicing Astrologer.