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Astrology For Writers (and Editors too)
by:  Julie Hill, Agent and Astrologer, Julie A Hill and Assoc
Were you born to be a Writer?
November 3, 2015

Peace, Love and Harmony Books

So many planets surrounding Venus, good planets, that your relationships with just about everyone have to be above average. True, there may have been harsh words here and there. But mostly VenusMarsJupiter in Virgo all holding hands makes for ultimate peace and harmony. Contracts can be negotiated in your favor without the usual fire and brimstone. Ask politely and gratefully for all changes, and only resort to clipped speech if the favor is not returned. If there is any wiggle room, you will find it now.

Editors and Agents, Writers and all else who surround books, should be having this bit of honeymoon. Virgo after all has much to do with books, film, and video, all words as a basis for the creation of artifacts of culture.

No sign now has serious difficulties. Capricorn and Cancer have a bit of transforming to do, like it or not. But the wind is at their back.

I have to add that in this time of Virgo alignments I am reading one of the best books I have read in a long time. A Fortune Teller Told Me by Tiziano Terzani has been a place of joy each night for me. It was pubbed in 1997 by Harmony , a division of Random House. Note here: new books are not necessarily the best books? Agreed?

Addendum: Terzani's book, above, was first pubbed in Italian in 1995, then sold to Harmony, who pubbed the U.S. version in 2001.
HarperCollins UK did the first English translation in 1997. Thank you, whomever the Italian to English translator was. Great job.


Venus ( love, money relationships of all types)has been receiving so many fluid aspects that making firm plans of any kind have been next to impossible. Offers are made and float away into oblivion. Partners form oral agreements and no one can get down to signing them. Editors say " write me this book" and the pages gather dust somehwere in the publishing pipeline. Personally, too, your family wants to rearrange the structure you've had in place for years. (Uncle Who is moving where? Why he's moving never really gets begin to wonder if he owes some loan shark alot of money.)

This free floating time's gift is the right to change your mind about anything and everything.
If you cannot get anything to be permanent, maybe the gift is to follow that road you'd never followed before. After all no one seems interested in the fruits of the road you've been following..capisce?


Eclipse:n We are in orb, as they say. Last one was on the 13th, with a surprising development? Or it could be the 12th, or even the 14th. Next Eclipse is the 27th of the month, so more shakin' goin' on. BETWEEN the Eclipses force nothing, since it is bound to change on its own anyway. The time between eclipses is unbelievably fluid. Like trying to tie down a gnat.( Can anyone confirm that this is their experience now?)
But do expect a surprise of some kind, especially for Virgo and Pisces Suns, Moons, and Risings. Eclipses are, in the words of my late friend Wanda Perry, " the release of suppressed energy". ( I must admit I am trying a Ganesh mantra to remove obstacles and will let you know if it moved the energy along....ever the Optimist, Me. ( sep. 17th: yes it did move, somewhat)

A NOTE: Do not push people between eclipses.

And now, Know Your Chart:
An astrological chart has twelve "Houses", one for each sign. The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, tells which House is in first place, and each sign follows thereafter, house by house, a sign on each. To know your power, you need to know your sign and house placements, so that when you read about planets moving, you know where they are the most influential for YOU.

And for publishing, knowing where Jupiter is is VERY VERY important, as publishing is Jupiter's business. And secondly, knowing where Mercury is for where/when/how to put your words, and thirdly, where Venus is to snag a deal.

Your Sun sign is important, of course, but alot can slip through your writerly fingers if you ignore where all the other action is.

So, KNOW YOUR CHART. Not knowing your chart is like having a burger without anything else on it. It's a burger, but it's not at all a complete experience. Bread. meat, that's it. Boring.



For the tide to turn??? CHeck out the last post as it still has legs, but now you mush examine your conscience for tics and all dark thoughts about not refining your current work. There is no time like the present to take a critical look at your work and see how it could be better. I know I said take August off, but if you can squeeze in the thought time, do so.

Virgo's have it easy, or will. Do not sit back and relax, Virgo, which you probably never do anyway.


Note to Wordbrokers: END OF THE TOUR is wondrous indeed. A superb film about writers and their lives, punctuated by so many words and phrases worth remembering. Thank you David Lipsky for going public with your life as well as DFW's.

Leo planets or Leo Houses, both are fired up in August and beyond. Do you know what house is ruled by Leo in your chart? That's where the action is for you. Not knowing that sets you back into fair to middlin' effectiveness.

If you ARE a Leo, then all guns are blazing. You might find it hard to concentrate on your projects when so many doors are swung open. Leo is about attention from others, so your life is not solitary or without feedback in your Leo House. Or your Aries, Sadge Houses either, since all Fire Signs are, well, fired up.

If you are Taurus or Scorp, you have some opposition to your plans. If you are Gemini, there is alot of movement in your neighborhood--celebrations of something. Aquarius has cooperation but at others' taste level. Pisces and Cancer have a load of activity and energy for now. Permanence is possible besides all the discussion. Capricorn still fights with the non-planet Pluto. In case your life is awash with change, Cap, then know that Pluto is still a planet in the view of astrologers, many of whom are quite scholarly, and Pluto messes with you.

Dr. De Grasse-Tyson, please put the brakes on the insistence on Pluto's demotion. If you need proof, ask a Capricorn or Cancer, or both, how their life is being permanently, inexhorably changed, and beyond their control.
Only PLuto can exert that kind of unwilling upheaval.


Venus and Pluto revitalize old projects. Since Ed. Boards are not working as hard right now, it is the PERFECT time to look at your work and make it new again. Old projects can be revitalized until Sept 6, plus or minus a few days.

Speaking of making old things new.. Harper Lee's current story is this experience at the far end of the writing experience. Note that other ms. have been " discovered" too. Wonder if any of them will withstand the test of time.

My high school valedictorian contacted me and told me the new Lee book is " slow". Sorry Harper, but it probably won't make a huge dent in the sales figures anyway. Everyone is curious about something that has been buried that is attached to a household name. ( Bill Cosby?) And the first rush of copies is often the best and biggest sales spike.

So get out old projects and see if you can make a new case for them. Your platform has no doubt grown, and that is never a negative. Add your glow and see what sticks.

Planets ease for most of us. Editors and Ed.

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June 28, 2013

With Effort

The venerable Indian astrologer Chakirpani used to admonish students that no success comes without effort. Though it may appear in publishing that titles just come out of nowhere to become sucesses, I can assure you that it is not the case, ever. Placement, timing and promotion always make the book's soar LOOK effortless. One day on Oprah never made a mediocre book a classic.

I recently met with an author friend of mine, who had a pretty successful niche book in the 80's. Her brother wrote a colossal seller, and you'd think she'd know the above facts. But people's original opinions have a way of sticking around in their minds. Cinderella remains the parallel.

The planets favor Cancer and Capricorn now, and their efforts will not go unrewarded. Capricorn will have more sweat and tears, but the payoff will be good. Pisces and Scorpio will also have things fall in their lap, and the temptation will be great to think all will be well as long as they own a glass slipper. Even Cinderella no doubt had to work after the Ball to keep her lucky streak from going thud the day after she danced with the Prince. Again, effort is key.

Libra and Aries are in for some very hard work, but that's probably ok with them as their work ethic is fantastic.

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February 6, 2013

Aquarius and Aquarius Risings, some notes about Editors

Aquarians: Decisions are hard, circumstances forcing you into them may be even harder. Do not bend or break any rules, which I gurantee will come back to bite you. Pluto in your Solar 12th, with a tense aspect to crazy Uranus, is ruthless, so don't be.

Imperiousness is one of your shortcomings, and it will get you in BIG trouble.

It's best not to focus too much on money now, but the art of your work. Venus and Jupiter are Trine..good news for Gemini and a slight break for Aquarians. A few weeks and just Gemini will get the goodies. Good news for Writers and Editors all this year as most writers and editors have a Mercury long suit.

I must admit, it is hard to tell the charts of writers from editors. I have seen some of the best editors' charts, and they could be writers themselves without the slightest push.
Trouble may be that they see the pitfalls and want a steadier paycheck. Sometimes, they are just waiting for the market to show that their personal ideas will sell.

Editing is such a hard job. Love your Editor today. Send candy on the 14th. They'll remember your thoughtfulness for years to come.


Time to begin something new? Almost. New Moon in Capricorn on Friday is normally the time for new starts in the sky, but Venus and Uranus are acting up, so I'd wait until post-Saturday to conceive of and put out new projects.

Speaking of Venus/ Uranus, my 2013 Forecast seems to have slipped into nowhere. Hope you caught it before it disappeared.

Note to Taurus: let go, let go, let go. Aquarius and Leo too. 2013 is more for goodbye than hello.
old posts, but still worth taking in:

Few writers like to hear this, but writing for your entire living happens to very few. You'd think with the time and dedication it takes to write something publishable, the money to pay the rent would follow. But many are called and few are chosen, and even the chosen have times when they have to take in a boarder.

It's very much like being an actor or a musician. Unsteady, sometimes richly rewarding, but sometimes " between gigs". At least agents and publishers have the steady stream of many authors, so if one is " between gigs", others are producing income.

Grim pic? Well, best to know that having more than just books to feed you is the best idea. Writing for Yahoo, Google, and even print media can be great supplements if doing something non-writing for your bread and butter seems just too much.

Of course you can always marry money. With Jupiter in Taurus, some of you will do just that. Earth signs( Taurus Virgo Capricorn) have the best chance of buddying up with someone else's funds, tho Water
( Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) can talk their way into being someone else's fiscal responsibility too. could happen..but it is more likely that you'll make your own windfall without help.

Quitting the whole publishing idea is best suited to Libra. Other air signs
( Gemini and Aquarius) are so busy flitting from place to place that making a living doing anything is a total bother. They just want to be free.

Soon, the air signs will have all the luck, AND all the money they need. After mid June, for a year hence, the gates will be unlocked. In the meantime, live scrupulously.

The Scorpio Full Moon will be at its zenith late on the 5th, at 16 degrees of Scorpio. The fullness, as it were, of Scorpio's gifts, is insight. For Scorps, it looks like you will see a partner for who she/he really is. Sign nothing until this Full Moon is past..say like..May 9 or so. Water signs( Cancer, Pisces) will get good surprises, and Fire will continue to get aggravation( Sadge, Aries, Leo).

Taurus buffet plate continues to fill. How good can it get? Think back 12 yrs. You had to have had a great experience or gift then, and now, another memory in the making. If you are a fiction author, some new character might occur to you, one that survives the test of time and competition.

If you were born in 1964, 1976, 1988,you are having something called a JUPITER RETURN. The very least of that position is a lack of worry, but other goodies may present, and if you can get off the easy chair long enough to actually pursue something, you'll get top dollar for it, plus top treatment. This lasts until July. Push yourself. Dial friends and strangers. Leave messages. See how many people you can drum up before Jupiter moves off this magic place.

Capricorns and Virgo's get some royal favors too...say thank you, and Virgo's :don't piss people off doing it. Mars gives Virgo no tact at all now.

Pisces caveat: you are still in a tough spot for lies and deception. Sign nothing unless you've paid a professional to read it first.


Aries: get ready for exciting breakthroughs as well, but for different reasons. The New Moon in Aries has a lotta action, and Aries cannot help but be getting friendly with a new way of being. Libra: look out for partners who don't see things your way...try and make your thoughts clearer and more emphatic and maybe you'll triumph. Mars in Virgo makes some Virgos total whackjobs. Excercise more, worry less. The cure for Mars is always to get moving. And since Mars is retrograde now, it can really be an extra annoyance. Write about anger and frustration. And get away from the computer screen at least an hour of your work day.

Taurus still has GREAT WONDERFUL INCREDIBLE luck. What your dreams have promised comes true now. Scorpio gets some of that too. If you( Scorpio) are agent shopping, you could score.

But you cannot know more than your Sun Sign without getting your chart done. Email me, get all the pertinent info to getting your work rewarded.

You may have looked at the sky and seen 2 planets near each other, bright as bright can be. Venus and Jupiter are together, and very close to the earth, and this means LOVE MONEY and GOOD publishing times, especially for Sadge, Taurus and Libra. If you have these signs and planets well aspected in your chart, it means you too! (Of course you've had to have your chart done to know if this means you.)

Probably the good offers will come from someone in your past..not a new colleague. Knock on those previous doors and see what comes to you. Ask for what you want and then a little more...push a bit..don't hold back...

I had SRO at my presentations at the Tucson Festival of Books this past weekend. 125,000 people attended the Festival, making it the fourth largest in the country. Seems alot of people are interested in how Astrology can help a writing career. How about you? Be fascinated. Take care of your career. Email me for details!

and oh---if you are a Gemini,your great year is on the horizon, literally. June is the dawning of your paydays, but now is the time of preparation and inspiration. Write now, get paid well soon.

Virgo: Drive Carefully and watch your mouth. Tactless does not even cover it.

The Full Moon on the 8th has some very staid energy. Staid meaning "if you just push yourself a little your work will have lasting value." Whatever you force yourself to do this week should pay off. So turn off the TV and get off the political sites, and do some real writing and promoting. More books sell at the Full Moon than any other lunar phase.

It is kinda funny that Super Tuesday is near such a heavily aspected Full Moon. Pisces natives( Mitt Romney, e.g.) will have a boatload of energy coming at them. Virgos too. Haven't looked up Santorum and others but may if I push myself....

more: santorum is a taurus..predictable. ron paul a leo. likes to spread joy. really?)
gingrich a but all over the place.

I have had a couple of authors recently who wanted a planetary map of their future, which turned out to be very helpful for them. Yes this is what I do, and it works. Or as Michael Lutin( says " This Sh*T Works".

One author has had a novel in circulation for over a year. He's a Libra, and tho some interest has been generated, no one has offered the high amounts he is used to. I told him that as long as Saturn was in Libra and Scorpio, his revenues would be thin, tho the work would have lasting value. Saturn has endurance, but not excitement. And that is exactly how the journey has gone.

Another author, a Scorpio, has had offer after offer, and I told her to hold out as Jupiter was marching on through her House of Partners and more would join the bandwagon. Sure enough, her auction is underway.

Another author, a Gemini, wondered if he should lean totally on his writing for income, and I told him to diversify, but that writing would always be a steady identity as well as income source, though not his only one. He has taken an online teaching job that pays him handsomely, fills his need to be near a computer most of the day, and rewards his vast knowledge. ( Geminis like to be experts, and most are, at more than one subject area).

So have your chart done. Find out if you are spinning wheels or if you are born to be a Hemingway, Hawking, or Fe

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A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R

Julie Hill is a Literary Agent and practicing Astrologer.