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Astrology For Writers (and Editors too)
by:  Julie Hill, Agent and Astrologer, Julie A Hill and Assoc
Were you born to be a Writer?
April 1, 2015

Totally Eclipsian

Two eclipses, one on March 20 and the other 14 days later, show you that you are just a little speck in the Universe. When God wants to show you who is in charge, he/she acts on an eclipse and takes away most or all of your power over events. That's what it feels like. BUT..: THIS CAN BE A GOOD THING. One of the things I have seen over the years is people making fortunate alliances exactly on an eclipse. Though the eclipses are known to be unstable, it is the type of instability that allows for fateful events.( Anyone who has fallen in love knows the feeling of elated powerlessness. That's one effect anyway)

But I digress.

Writers and Editors will find that this sweep of power can bring ohmygods of all types. Just know that Bolts of Inspiration, new contracts and contacts, and accidental happenings are all eclipsian. Lottery wins too.

So allow for surprises. Don't be shocked but do be careful. Eclipses can be fender benders and existing relationships tested.
Short answer: Look for joy, surrender resistance, and try to be of good cheer.

And oh--Saturn is now retrograde. Cleanup time.

FULL MOON ALERT: Today is the day. If you have not had a significant breakthrough yet, it is in the wings. In conversation, be careful what you say....invite others to spill their innermost thoughts instead. But write away to your heart's content. Have you ever read WRITING DOWN THE BONES? Perfect for now.

We are currenlty enjoying Venus and Mercury travelling together...good times for writing, creating, partnering. Mars is in good asepct to Saturn: good again for rising early to write words and create scenes that last.

Editors may find their job smoother than normal..but not for long. As we edge closer and closer to the Full Moon of March 5, peace crumbles and objections rise. Hold your tongue if you are not the diplomatic type. The fallout could stay with you for some time forward.

And take time to take a sunbath, even if it is online. You will feel as if the gods themselves have passed to you your next great idea! The Sun holding hands with Neptune never misses. ( Musicians...take note...this is especially true for you! AND religious authors and practitioners... Neptune casts a wide net.)

Time to plan to go to BEA, even if you've never been published.
If you do go, plan to stay as close as you can to the action. Getting a cab to other neighborhoods can be really frustrating, especially in the PM.


Congratulations if you did not claw anyone's eyes out on the last Full Moon. The next Full Moon will take some prep. I know it is 20 ish days away, but prepare your brain for onslaught.

***Note here: one of my very anal clients has been taking me to task for incomplete sentences. If you noticed same..think of this as a conversation. Frame incomplete sentences in your mind as bursts of emotion.***

OK back to the planets and writing.... This is more of an editing time than a writing time. If you are a member of a writing group, and I hope you are, now's a GREAT time to refine your copy WITH GROUP ENERGY. It is also a good time to learn to take worthy criticism and adjust one's thinking.

There will be and have been miscommunications, no? I can tell you here about the large number of snafus that have occurred at my desk: fractured computers, absent assistants,emails gone awry, text that was considered completed all of a sudden needing major overhauls. The list is longer, but you get the idea. The advice is: BE PATIENT. You must stay patient until mid-March, when you can lash out at all the jerks who came down on your between now and then.

If you are an Aries or have any Aries signatures in your chart, be prepared for Big Change. Libras are a close second. Virgo and Pisces will not forget March of 2015 either. If a Taurus, get your rest, take your vitamins, avoid difficult people.

Accept the nutsiness of now. That attitude will take you through the next month of crazy, whatever sign you are.


I hate to take the Dec 25 post down. It's such good advice. But the planets move on, and thus the timely advice must too. But as an addendum. Paste the previous on your refrigerator.

Jan 15: Prepare for the next Merc retro, but since it travels with Venus, Lady of Grace and Favor, what happens will be ultimately very good, writing wise that is. The world, well, things aren't so good. Duh.

Mars is in Pisces, so Pisceans may be pissy, and Virgos crankier than usual. Libras fall into karmic action. Aries wonders why everyone else is so erratic. (May not be their fault of course). Aquarians get late xmas presents, Leos
write new and winning works. Capricorns get travel assignments. Cancers' lives are forever changed by partners.

Everyone hold your powder until after Feb 15, if you have a choice.


The planets want you to not be alone, and not just for the holidays. Until Jupiter enters Virgo in August 2015, it is to your benefit to join things of the publishing persuasion. The Authors Guild is my top recommendation, but even a wine and cheese small group to talk about your work is on the docket. Writing can be lonely. In fact, I often meet writers who take it up, or took it up, just to be away from the demands of interacting on a daily basis with coworkers. Some people are not meant to be 9-5'ers, of course, but writing can be a place where people run away, not always to their fiscal benefit in the longhaul.

Knowing other writers and editors can only help you advance your work. And it can be fun as well as constructive. Agents don't have time to be pals, and I see some authors disapppointed by that fact. An agent is not your writing buddy..they are there to find you a deal and to make sure your work is handled well once sold to a publisher. Of course the latter is sometimes not easy to finesse. Pubs have their own agenda, driven by costs and market demands. Agents can cajole and suggest, but not override what pubs think is best.

Find a writing group, an editors' wine hour, a hiking group of writers only. If you cannot find one, start one. Being alone with your writing 100% of the time deprives you and others of valued information and encouragement. Mars in Aquarius groupiness that a sure thing.

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June 28, 2013

With Effort

The venerable Indian astrologer Chakirpani used to admonish students that no success comes without effort. Though it may appear in publishing that titles just come out of nowhere to become sucesses, I can assure you that it is not the case, ever. Placement, timing and promotion always make the book's soar LOOK effortless. One day on Oprah never made a mediocre book a classic.

I recently met with an author friend of mine, who had a pretty successful niche book in the 80's. Her brother wrote a colossal seller, and you'd think she'd know the above facts. But people's original opinions have a way of sticking around in their minds. Cinderella remains the parallel.

The planets favor Cancer and Capricorn now, and their efforts will not go unrewarded. Capricorn will have more sweat and tears, but the payoff will be good. Pisces and Scorpio will also have things fall in their lap, and the temptation will be great to think all will be well as long as they own a glass slipper. Even Cinderella no doubt had to work after the Ball to keep her lucky streak from going thud the day after she danced with the Prince. Again, effort is key.

Libra and Aries are in for some very hard work, but that's probably ok with them as their work ethic is fantastic.

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February 6, 2013

Aquarius and Aquarius Risings, some notes about Editors

Aquarians: Decisions are hard, circumstances forcing you into them may be even harder. Do not bend or break any rules, which I gurantee will come back to bite you. Pluto in your Solar 12th, with a tense aspect to crazy Uranus, is ruthless, so don't be.

Imperiousness is one of your shortcomings, and it will get you in BIG trouble.

It's best not to focus too much on money now, but the art of your work. Venus and Jupiter are Trine..good news for Gemini and a slight break for Aquarians. A few weeks and just Gemini will get the goodies. Good news for Writers and Editors all this year as most writers and editors have a Mercury long suit.

I must admit, it is hard to tell the charts of writers from editors. I have seen some of the best editors' charts, and they could be writers themselves without the slightest push.
Trouble may be that they see the pitfalls and want a steadier paycheck. Sometimes, they are just waiting for the market to show that their personal ideas will sell.

Editing is such a hard job. Love your Editor today. Send candy on the 14th. They'll remember your thoughtfulness for years to come.


Time to begin something new? Almost. New Moon in Capricorn on Friday is normally the time for new starts in the sky, but Venus and Uranus are acting up, so I'd wait until post-Saturday to conceive of and put out new projects.

Speaking of Venus/ Uranus, my 2013 Forecast seems to have slipped into nowhere. Hope you caught it before it disappeared.

Note to Taurus: let go, let go, let go. Aquarius and Leo too. 2013 is more for goodbye than hello.
old posts, but still worth taking in:

Few writers like to hear this, but writing for your entire living happens to very few. You'd think with the time and dedication it takes to write something publishable, the money to pay the rent would follow. But many are called and few are chosen, and even the chosen have times when they have to take in a boarder.

It's very much like being an actor or a musician. Unsteady, sometimes richly rewarding, but sometimes " between gigs". At least agents and publishers have the steady stream of many authors, so if one is " between gigs", others are producing income.

Grim pic? Well, best to know that having more than just books to feed you is the best idea. Writing for Yahoo, Google, and even print media can be great supplements if doing something non-writing for your bread and butter seems just too much.

Of course you can always marry money. With Jupiter in Taurus, some of you will do just that. Earth signs( Taurus Virgo Capricorn) have the best chance of buddying up with someone else's funds, tho Water
( Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer) can talk their way into being someone else's fiscal responsibility too. could happen..but it is more likely that you'll make your own windfall without help.

Quitting the whole publishing idea is best suited to Libra. Other air signs
( Gemini and Aquarius) are so busy flitting from place to place that making a living doing anything is a total bother. They just want to be free.

Soon, the air signs will have all the luck, AND all the money they need. After mid June, for a year hence, the gates will be unlocked. In the meantime, live scrupulously.

The Scorpio Full Moon will be at its zenith late on the 5th, at 16 degrees of Scorpio. The fullness, as it were, of Scorpio's gifts, is insight. For Scorps, it looks like you will see a partner for who she/he really is. Sign nothing until this Full Moon is past..say like..May 9 or so. Water signs( Cancer, Pisces) will get good surprises, and Fire will continue to get aggravation( Sadge, Aries, Leo).

Taurus buffet plate continues to fill. How good can it get? Think back 12 yrs. You had to have had a great experience or gift then, and now, another memory in the making. If you are a fiction author, some new character might occur to you, one that survives the test of time and competition.

If you were born in 1964, 1976, 1988,you are having something called a JUPITER RETURN. The very least of that position is a lack of worry, but other goodies may present, and if you can get off the easy chair long enough to actually pursue something, you'll get top dollar for it, plus top treatment. This lasts until July. Push yourself. Dial friends and strangers. Leave messages. See how many people you can drum up before Jupiter moves off this magic place.

Capricorns and Virgo's get some royal favors too...say thank you, and Virgo's :don't piss people off doing it. Mars gives Virgo no tact at all now.

Pisces caveat: you are still in a tough spot for lies and deception. Sign nothing unless you've paid a professional to read it first.


Aries: get ready for exciting breakthroughs as well, but for different reasons. The New Moon in Aries has a lotta action, and Aries cannot help but be getting friendly with a new way of being. Libra: look out for partners who don't see things your way...try and make your thoughts clearer and more emphatic and maybe you'll triumph. Mars in Virgo makes some Virgos total whackjobs. Excercise more, worry less. The cure for Mars is always to get moving. And since Mars is retrograde now, it can really be an extra annoyance. Write about anger and frustration. And get away from the computer screen at least an hour of your work day.

Taurus still has GREAT WONDERFUL INCREDIBLE luck. What your dreams have promised comes true now. Scorpio gets some of that too. If you( Scorpio) are agent shopping, you could score.

But you cannot know more than your Sun Sign without getting your chart done. Email me, get all the pertinent info to getting your work rewarded.

You may have looked at the sky and seen 2 planets near each other, bright as bright can be. Venus and Jupiter are together, and very close to the earth, and this means LOVE MONEY and GOOD publishing times, especially for Sadge, Taurus and Libra. If you have these signs and planets well aspected in your chart, it means you too! (Of course you've had to have your chart done to know if this means you.)

Probably the good offers will come from someone in your past..not a new colleague. Knock on those previous doors and see what comes to you. Ask for what you want and then a little more...push a bit..don't hold back...

I had SRO at my presentations at the Tucson Festival of Books this past weekend. 125,000 people attended the Festival, making it the fourth largest in the country. Seems alot of people are interested in how Astrology can help a writing career. How about you? Be fascinated. Take care of your career. Email me for details!

and oh---if you are a Gemini,your great year is on the horizon, literally. June is the dawning of your paydays, but now is the time of preparation and inspiration. Write now, get paid well soon.

Virgo: Drive Carefully and watch your mouth. Tactless does not even cover it.

The Full Moon on the 8th has some very staid energy. Staid meaning "if you just push yourself a little your work will have lasting value." Whatever you force yourself to do this week should pay off. So turn off the TV and get off the political sites, and do some real writing and promoting. More books sell at the Full Moon than any other lunar phase.

It is kinda funny that Super Tuesday is near such a heavily aspected Full Moon. Pisces natives( Mitt Romney, e.g.) will have a boatload of energy coming at them. Virgos too. Haven't looked up Santorum and others but may if I push myself....

more: santorum is a taurus..predictable. ron paul a leo. likes to spread joy. really?)
gingrich a but all over the place.

I have had a couple of authors recently who wanted a planetary map of their future, which turned out to be very helpful for them. Yes this is what I do, and it works. Or as Michael Lutin( says " This Sh*T Works".

One author has had a novel in circulation for over a year. He's a Libra, and tho some interest has been generated, no one has offered the high amounts he is used to. I told him that as long as Saturn was in Libra and Scorpio, his revenues would be thin, tho the work would have lasting value. Saturn has endurance, but not excitement. And that is exactly how the journey has gone.

Another author, a Scorpio, has had offer after offer, and I told her to hold out as Jupiter was marching on through her House of Partners and more would join the bandwagon. Sure enough, her auction is underway.

Another author, a Gemini, wondered if he should lean totally on his writing for income, and I told him to diversify, but that writing would always be a steady identity as well as income source, though not his only one. He has taken an online teaching job that pays him handsomely, fills his need to be near a computer most of the day, and rewards his vast knowledge. ( Geminis like to be experts, and most are, at more than one subject area).

So have your chart done. Find out if you are spinning wheels or if you are born to be a Hemingway, Hawking, or Fe

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January 31, 2013

2014 Crazed and Wonderful

We had started looking at the charts of famous writers. Hemingway is next, a Cancer, and a perfect example of a male Cancer...soft on the inside, hard on the outside. He more than likely had a hundred more books in him, being the permeable membrane of inspiration that Cancers can be.

But I really want to talk about 2014. Even tho the site won't let me choose the next yr...pardon the 2013 in the heading. Blame PM.

Three tough planets are off their leash in 2014. For writers and editors this means more bouts in the ring, no simple victories and lottery tickets that put you on the receiving end of favors and luxuries unearned. So put on your boxing gloves and keep your tissues in every drawer in case you lose a round here and there.

Mars, Pluto and Uranus( most affecting Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius)are just kids on drugs the entire year. Not your kids, but the metaphor of energies out of control in the Universe. I would forecast earthquakes in the West and hurricanes in the East if I were a forecaster. This is the year to increase your Yoga classes and increase your meditation practice. It is not a year to solve your shit by drinking and running away.

I can suggest looking for love. Yes, that's right. Though all else will be weird, 2014 can be a breakthrough in your previously unfruitful look for love and partnering: good for new jobs, good for new bosses, new agents, and new publishing deals, and NEW LOVERS. You'll look at the new liaisons and say " I would NEVER have known this could turn out this way"...well sometimes it takes a thump in the head from the planets to get you to change your approach, to consider people you'd NEVER consider EVER, and to just plain stop being so fucking picky. You aren't perfect either.....why do you expect the other person to be?

So accept the heretofore unacceptable, and hang on to your hat.


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January 8, 2012

2013 Forecast and New Moon in Friday

I am leaving the 2013 forecast up, but know that Venus and Uranus are making faces at one another this weekend. So even tho we have a charming New Moon in Capricorn on Friday, I'd wait until Sunday to take advantage. For those of you who need to know, New Moons are usually the time to begin new adventures. Sunday and beyond..hold on until then. Earth Signs will benefit the most from this New Moon Energy
( Cap, Virgo, Taurus).

Gemini and Sagittariushave the luckiest 2013. Taurus can also have bigger checks than normally accrue because of Jupiter's position in their Second House of Personal Income. Taurus can also be more creative and more inventive than ever before.

Aries and Libra, also Capricorn and Cancer, have stressful aspects, but tough times can reveal new dimensions of one's talents. Being discouraged by setbacks is normal, but after the shock wears off, push yourselves to try new things. New talents come forth. New strengths take over.

and Aquarius find new frontiers and new support. Job offers and new supporters come out of the woodwork. Say yes to all interviews and all invitations. Meet as many people as you can. One more writing group, and more speaking engagements, are yours for the taking.

Virgo is also bolstered by the position of Jupiter. Large advances, serialing one's existing book, increasing distribution, are all on the table. Ask questions of everyone who handles your work....can more be done? Could you meet more sales and marketing people within and outside your publisher? Are foreign sales being totally explored?
Non-domestic sales could boom now.

Scorpio feels the most responsibility of anyone in 2013. Work takes the front seat. When Jupiter moves to Cancer the end of June, new offers will be the most tempting. Until then, work out the kinks of whatever arises. It's all about being very adult now.

Pisces will really flourish come summer.
Innovative ideas abound, but the $ for them will be bigger if you can wait. Do look into new types of e-formats for your work. It's a brave new digital world. The only kink I see is keeping track of royalties since digital offerings have different prices on different days. How does one keep a publisher honest? Good question. Most are, but then it's also about who that person is in acct'g keeping track of what costs what when. Tricky biz.

The eclipse favors surprises, as do all eclipses. But this one may be as subtle as a shift in sentiment, attitude. You get to surprise yourself that you feel differently about some important matter than you did, say, a week ago. Note that eclipses ahve a 6 day window usually, 3 days on either side of the event. So don't expect an instant shift. It could take until Dec. 1 or 2.

This is a good time to throw out an agent who has been more of an irritant than a champion.
Good time to throw out characters that aren't getting good reviews from your writing group. I'd say it's a good time to ask for a change of editor too--but that's not easy. Who bought you, gets you, for the most part.

The eclipse is in Gemini, so Gems are the most likely to feel this one, tho Sadge, Virgo and Pisces may also feel its shift in a marked manner.

It's arm in arm with Jupiter, who magnifies everything, SO THIS COULD BE A BIG CHANGE OF HEART. For Taurus, it's in your House of Personal Finances. And for Scorpio, it's in your House of Shared Resources. So expect a change --maybe not of your own doing in those areas.

Cannot wait to see who wins Powerball. I'm not much of a gambler, even a $2 ticket seems foolish to me. Still, cannot wait to see who wins some big dollars. I hope it is a Scorp..they need a boost emotionally if not financially, and the the eclipse could spell a windfall for them.

Storms of all sorts are sweeping through the writing biz. The proposed merger of Penguin and Random House may engender a " take it or leave it" climate of offers to agents and writers, once P and RH function as one entity. Their desire, it would seem, is to be stronger against Amazon, who is dominating the writing world, whether we like it or not. Jeff Bezos has a vision that the written word is only a small part of, but his power, no, dominion over writing and books may be the wave of the present and the future.

One function of this Uranus Pluto square( now thru 2015) is to see old form topple, and publishing giants must respond somehow to their business models being challenged.They must become more like Uranus, innovative and nimble, and Plutonian, which is phoenixlike...but the destruction comes first and then the triumphant rise. Can they do it?

Culturally, the book as artifact is also being challenged. Ebooks are bought in larger numbers and quickly deleted in favor of disk space, distraction, and lack of really caring if this book or that remains in our consciousness. Without a physical record of that book, it is more than likely forgotten. Not what writers had in mind when they chose the profession.

Did you get into the writing business to leave a legacy of your thoughts and creativity? Sadly, who survives electronic tranformation of the Old Book Publishing Biz may be the writer who can also do the video portion of our,youtube, and their cousins. AND they must have constantly revising ideas that hook to current events and sympathies.

The developments run across all Sun Signs. Sometimes we must think collectively instead of personally.

The eclipses last week and the 28th do not favor writers and their colleagues. If you've not made your deal by now, wait until December, unless your discussion was started some time ago. ( The charts for deals begin with the first offer, not when the contract is signed.)

Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, also Sadge, are under a bit of a cloud. Scorpio and Taurus will have lifechanging Novembers. Pisces: the truth is something you should cultivate. Look at what transpired this past month or two and see that fudging the facts just gets you in trouble. Also only doing half your job....what happened to the perfectionist everyone could rely on? Should you retire to your ( west coast)beach house like Mitt? Perhaps. In any event, you should muffle your output for awhile.

And for the record: Petraeus is a Scorpio, and The South Node
( karmic debt) is going over the most sensitive part of the chart of Israel.

Wish I had a chart for the merger announcement of Penguin and Random House, but I don't. Anyone have the announcement time?



I am quoted today in the above post by BJ Gallagher, author of 20 plus books, on An upside happening of Venus!



With the Sun and Mercury joined, square to Mars, we can find oursleves so busy that we make rash decisions. (But for plodders, rash is better than none.)

Aries, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Sadge and Scorp are the most likely to be heading into troublesome quagmires, or for Taurus, finally getting off the dime. Writers especially will have a rush, (rash?), of ideas and action. Make notes. One cannot possibly recall all the ideas one has now. Reserve space on your word program for ideas that come through the ethers, related to your current project or not. They may not make sense now, but be invaluable later.

We are still in Eclipse energy and anything can happen. Push for editorial attention and decisions. Even tho Book Expo is nigh, don't let eds and agents use that as an excuse to not give you answers, or promises of answers at the very least.

I have always found it curious that Book Expo chooses its timing during Gemini, the Busy Wordsmith and Negotiator, and adept Liar. It's also graduation season, so many of us have to duck out of Book Expo to see family in cap and gown.

Three or more days of Book Expo is a high not to be matched. Such a rush. (We all have our drug of choice!) But family obligations must be met. And often they are the better choice in the longrun, given that those grads will probably be the ones choosing our nursing home.

AND the Sun is on the Eclipse point for a few more days, so if there are not lifeshaking events that happen to you, you must be asleep. Karmageddon for some, karmajackpotwinthelotteryfallinlove for others. If you are a Sadge, email me your events. It just had to be a realization of the largest kind.

Taurus and Scorp, money involved. Have al

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Julie Hill is a Literary Agent and practicing Astrologer.