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Aydin Akgun

A recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins Creative Writing Program, I write both fiction and poetry. I just finished writing my first novel, The Stage, which takes its name from a fictional bar in Washington D.C., one of those bars that can only be described as a place where people go to die. Among its regulars – a popular prostitute, a depressed lawyer, an old postman, and a bitter waiter – are two who stand to escape its insidious grasp – Katya, a Russian émigré struggling with the realities of finding herself as an independent woman, and Josh, an all-American-small-town boy learning how to survive in a big city full of temptation. The failed suicide attempt of one of the regulars triggers a series of events that lead both Josh and Katya down parallel paths of self-discovery and self-destruction.

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Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Poetry
Poetry publications in the Potomac Review, The Chicago Literary Review, and The Brush Fire.