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publisher :
Rohan Vij
Vij Books India Pvt Ltd

We are a publishing company based in New Delhi. Our main focus of publishing is on books related to Geo-Politics, Security Issues, History and Military Issues. You can view all our published books on

You are free to contact me on the given email id for any further clarifications or query.

years experience: 11
Biography, History, Political Science, International Relations, Security Issues, Military Issues
ISIS - Race to Armageddon by Dr Adil Rasheed
China's Role in the Indian Ocean - Its Implications on India's National Security by Dr Saji Abraham
China's Maritime Ambitions and the PLA Navy by Dr Sandeep Dewan
Assassin's Mace - A Chinese Game Changer by Saif Ul Islam Khan
A Peace History of India : From Ashoka Maurya to Mahatma Gandhi by Klaus Schlichtmann
Soldier Mountaineer - The Colonel who got Siachen Glacier for India by N Kumar & N N Bhatia
Killer Robots - Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems Legal, Ethical and Moral Challenges by Dr U C Jha
The Cassandra Effect: Future Perceptions on Air Power by Dr Sanu Kainikara
Pivot To Asia: Russia's Foreign Policy Enters the 21st Century by Alexander Lukin
The Law of Armed Conflict : An Introduction by Dr U C Jha & Dr K Ratnabali