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Therapist'sCOUCH - Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder - Skype
by:  Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, International Medical & Health Writers Ltd.
"You are the Writer, Director, Producer & Leading Actor of your life." Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
April 19, 2014

Emotional & Secret Eating

Happy Holidays & Welcome Spring to all of you.

Just came back from a very early jaunt with Toulouse, my Yorkie puppy. It is a beautiful Easter morning. I practiced "walking meditation"...another way to touch my Higher Self. No thinking of anything other than the gifts of nature. So many ways to find peace & to open the "creative space" for growth & healing.


Skype Session - I was doing a private Interactive Self-Hypnosis session for "disorderly eating" with Sheri, one of my online Skype clients. (name change)

Sheri, like many other people ( myself included ), have supermarket issues. Sometimes it seems that the car drives itself into the parking lot, especially after a stressful day at work.

Sheri not only has a supermarket issue, but she also binges in the car on the way home. Then, she hides her remaining stash & empty bags under the seat of the car, sometimes needing to stop to brush the crumbs or other evidence off of her clothes before entering her home. Sheri is not alone in this behavior. I've worked with hundreds of clients who have done the same...different versions, but basically the same. Emotional eating is often "secret eating.

Here's a story/image I used with Sheri. This is actually a true story with the main actress being "myself." If often helps clients to know that "I've been there, done that and I'm free." They then realize that they can be "free."

Here it is....Sheri, let me share something with you. Just relax back in the chair and listen. Close your eyes if you like, allowing the story to enter your own mind. Come walk with me....

The mind screen is one of our most powerful resources for it allows us to view what's going on in our moment to moment life without "being in it." We are the observers and not the participants. Certainly, one could argue, that we are doing whatever it is, but when we take the position of "observer", we hold the power for change. It's like being the writer/producer/director of a movie or play. The "director you" sits in the audience seats observing the scene on the stage. For that position it's easy to see the big picture and to make the changes that will make the production better. This is exactly what you are doing.

A powerful image in the awareness flashlight. It works in the same way as the theater in the mind. When you hold the light and point it at something, you are also the "observer." The name of the game is to bring everything to the light. Some aspects need greater introspection. For example, if you find yourself in the supermarket placing cookies or ice cream in your cart, you want to shine that flashlight on that scene. The observer wants to ask some very pertinent questions. "What's going on here? What were you thinking? What was the motivation? What emotions are present? How hot are those emotions? Who is in charge? Now...a very important question. What were you NOT thinking? What is missing from this scene?"

So, your actions are not just simple little meaningless things. Without stopping the action with the flashlight, you miss out on the most important information and it is this information that will bring you to a higher level of self-management.

Every moment holds the opportunity for getting better and better. I used to ask myself, "How well can I do my supermarket experience?" Another question, "What will my shopping cart look like when I get to the check-out? Will I need to make any corrections before I empty my cart? If so, how did those things get in my cart? What was happening in those moments?" Here's another opportunity to take out the flashlight. In other words, it's not over until it's over.

It's both interesting and powerful to pay attention to the workings of your mind. Look and listen. Your inner chat and mind images are your teachers. They show you your truth and then, give you the opportunity to "ask for the answers."

Let's go back to my supermarket experience and the questions I asked myself regarding the cookies and ice cream. That particular day my emotions were running "very hot." My emotional child was completely out of control, not wanting, but demanding a reward. The inner dialog went something like this. "You never give me anything. I work very hard and I deserve this. I want it. I want it. I want it. Give it to me. No? Well I'm taking it."

On this particular day I found myself with a pint of Haagen-Daz in each hand. My emotional childSelf relaxed. Then, I became aware of what had gone on. As I shined the flashlight, my emotional self tightened up. It was difficult to move my body and my hands refused to open so I could release the two containers of ice cream. Another woman was standing behind me, "Take as long as you like, " she smiled. "It's so difficult to make a choice." OH....yes, how right she was, but I made a choice right in that moment. I put the ice cream back on the shelf and took my screaming childSelf to the car. I moved the seat back and began to meditate. I needed to get to a place where I could ask the right questions because this was a very big teaching moment.

As I went deeper down into the place where my very best flashlight is located, I noticed an image of my emotional childSelf waiting for me. She was wearing a very big wristwatch. I asked her to show it to me, then asked her why she was wearing it. "It's the hurry up watch. The hurry-hurry-hurry-hurry watch."

Identifying stressors is not always what it seems on the surface. Some are buried very deeply, others are multiplied making them appear "normal", but they are not. The hurry-hurry watch is one of these. If you keep an eye out for people zooming around life, you don't have to look far for those wearing this time-piece.

Relax now...go to the Workshop of Your Mind...pick up the book called "stressors" and ask your subconscious to show you what's going on. Throughout your day your thoughts will register the answers to this question, so stay alert.

If you would like to work with me directly, please send me an email. I prefer to work with Skype, so it is like having you in my private office where we can take things apart and then put them back together in the theater of your mind. If you would like to review my credentials or learn more about my work, please visit my websites.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Clinical Medical, Sports & Self-Development Hypnotherapist

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April 16, 2014

Therapist'sCOUCH - Sugar..the Hidden Eating Disorder is the link to the PDF ENTIRE PROGRAM for Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & Hot to Lick It Hypnotically. This can be ordered through me directly. It comes with or without mp3 hypnosis sessions. You can also work with me through Skype. Do is time to get your mind & body in order regarding food, addictions, compulsive & emotional eating. Your body is like a cash register...what you do today is deposited in each & every organ. Eventually, you will pay the price.

I've had so much email & questions about my major work on Sugar Addiction & Disorderly Eating that I decided to post a few video programs from some online webinars I did a few years ago. I guess we are entering the "I want to lose weight season." Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that while one wants the scale numbers to go down, that might not be a good thing.....unless you are eating correctly to burn fat & build lean body mass. Going about this in the wrong way can cause BIG PROBLEMS that may not be seen as that big, except for not liking the scale number. I often tell my patients that I wish they had a zipper that went from their neck to the bottom of their feet so they could have a good look inside & see the effects of poor nutrition & on again/off again dieting.

The first webinar is about avoiding Adult Onset Diabetes.

The second webinar is an Introduction to one of my ebooks...Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It.

I've been asked if I am accepting new patients to work online. If you are interested please send me an email & we can discuss this. I like to work on Skype. This gives me the opportunity to work face to face, just like in my private practice & also to do the clinical hypnotherapy with you "right in the moment." I do not have a lot of availability, but we can discuss how I can help you, even if I'm fully booked.

Personalized Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions via Skype. Addictions, Self-Development, Managing Anxiety, Sports Enhancement, Writer's Block, Telephone Sales Anxiety, Test Anxiety...Medical Hypnosis, Symptom Control, Oncology, Disease Prevention....programs for adults, executives, mature kids & athletes. All personally designed & delivered "in the moment", just like being in my private office.

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April 14, 2014

Therapist'sCOUCH - Excuse Bag

I'm using this blog space for some personal growth work & have invited those who would like to look over my shoulder to do so. I decided to do this because I find myself in a big transitional part of my own life. As I recover from a few devastating blows including the untimely death of my oldest son, fighting for almost a year to get his remains returned, my husband's cancer diagnosis and a move from Florida to Rhode Island, coinciding with retiring from my private practice, I look in the mirror wondering who I am and when the next brick will fall. This is not healthy. My thoughts are tainted. I'm finding that while I'm not returning to any old addictive patterns, this is not the way I want to live. I'm asking my "inner guides" to show me a different route. Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I use the tools I know best, knowing they will work for me if I stay dedicated to them. Having written & produced over three hundred programs, I have plenty to listen to, but for me I choose to write & communicate with the deepest parts of me.

I write with pen & paper, then share it here. The original writing is through what is called "automatic writing." It is a communication with the deepest parts of Higher Power, Guides...that exist within my inner structure that has been forming since my birth...perhaps before. I'm not completely sold on that, but I think it's coming.He

Here I go...
We all have "inside" work to do. Even if we don't realize it, we are doing it all the time. Proof...we are thinking....we are expressing emotions in thought, with our body responses, as well as verbally. Most of this is on automatic pilot, which is normal. After all, we can't be "awake in the moment" all day long. This last sentence is one that lives in my "excuse bag." Yes, I am a therapist, but I'm also a human being & I have a huge "excuse bag."

I've been told that one of my faults is that I am "too truthful." Hmmmm...So, I look at this criticism through my "fault glasses." I might mention that they are thick with many scratches. If I remember correctly, they were given to me very early in childhood. Some scratches are very old, while others are more on the surface, having arrived as recently as this morning. Some scratches came from family, others from mySelf. I am my worst critic, although some people do compete for this prize.

My "excuse bag" has gotten heavier over the past three years. I'm almost embarrassed to bring them out. Certainly, I could stop working, stop writing & as some have suggested to me, "just sit in the garden & enjoy the flowers, birds & the antics of the squirrels." My reply, "Yes I could OR I could slit my wrists. That might qualify me for an inpatient program." Of course, I say this as a joke. I have some sick humor that comes from working in the mental health field for so many decades.

So, what to do with my excuse bag. It is painful, both emotionally & physically. I am climbing the ladder out of the black hole, but I'm still hoisting the bag with me. Why? Well, I might need it. That is my automatic response. My excuse bag has become my defense, just in case someone, even me, pushes too hard. There is a part of me that is unduly pushy and competitive. It served me well during parts of my life, but right now I would like it to go somewhere else. That's right. There are parts of me that I don't want around any longer....forever? says my pen? Well, maybe answers my pen. So let me get this straight. You want to take yourself apart like a puzzle & get rid of some of the pieces?

I see where this is going. We're having a conversation about wholeness. The whole me....accepting the pain while letting go of it. While this sounds like an oxymoron, I can agree that the moron needs to change some things. I do not have to dispose of everything in my bag, but I can clean things up a bit. Am I willing? Oh, I can sense the fight inside of me. I call for protection & counseling from those parts of me that are "wiser" & "whole." I'm amazed at how many parts step forward, taking my pen & writing some simple suggestions. Kind words...compassionate, but tough love. will bring some changes. I decide to give some things away. Purpose is flowing back towards me. I am grateful.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist
President & Program Designer
International Medical Health Writers, Ltd.

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April 13, 2014

Therapist'sCOUCH - The End of My Pen

A few updates & answers to questions..

I've been asked if I have an mp3 program for working with the Inner Child and/or Automatic Writing & Journaling. Yes...I have both. You can find them in my catalog. They are "Downloadable Now."

I've also been asked if I work with my own programs. Yes, I do. When I listen I travel into my own subconscious mind where the inner work is "always new." That is "creativity in action."

Questions about my "sugar & disorderly eating programs." They are all on my website in the catalog. All Downloadable Now. What's the most popular? I'd have to say Sugar Addiction & Staying Motivated to Lose a Large Amount of Weight.

For now, I'll continue to share my own "inner journey" as I look to "inner Spring Cleaning." It's not just about my chaos, or what I've let accumulate over the cold, long winter. It goes way beyond that. I know there is a positive aspect to my chaos that is connected to my creativity that sits dormant underneath. The uncomfortableness I feel is the pressure of that "part of me" wanting to breathe freely.

Years ago I would feed that part, often secretly, hoping to shut it up. Sometimes I succeeded, but it never lasted for long. I always needed another fix or one sort or another. For years I rambled around different addiction gardens, but never really settled down into living a day by day peaceful & productive life. I thought I had achieved that several years ago. I was free of addictions, successful in my work, enjoying my day to day life & relationships. Then....everything fell apart when the phone rang & I learned of my son's accidental death in a far away place. As I look back to that moment in time, I fail to grasp the totality of what happened to me. That was almost three years ago & I'm only coming to some sort of clarity about where I've been during this time. It's an awakening from a painful, but very peculiar type of sleep. I say "peculiar", because I've brought back unusual gifts from this place in time & for some reason I'm being led down a path quite unfamiliar to me. The pull is strong even though I don't know where I'm going with this & so I do what I do best....I write what comes off the end of my pen. This writing is "automatic", coming from somewhere else. It is often called "right brain writing", but for me, it is not from my brain at all....right or left. I believe it comes from the unfamiliar path & the spiritual guides or the power that is pushing me to move along.

Although I'm writing this online, my main writing is with a real pen & journal. What I'm writing here is actually "writing about my writing." If you are still following me, do know you are along for the journey. I have no idea where we are going.

I had made plans for this year, but it is now the end of April & I find myself with little to no interest in them. They hold no appeal whatsoever. I've been fighting this, but to no avail. Now, any energy they contained is gone & all I sense is this new path & the pushing. My pen has told me to be patient & what will come will come on it's own. I am afraid of procrastination. I've been there before during my addictive experiences, so it is normal to be uncomfortable with not knowing what this is about. Addictive people tend to be compulsive & want control. Now my pen is telling me to let that go. I've agreed. I'm tired & really feeling the fatigue of the fight of the past three years. Just agreeing to stop has made me feel better. Something is opening. It's like the path is clearing itself. I don't have any tools, no brambles with thorns to tear my skin....I'm just awakening to some sort of a opening.

On a practical note, I'm noticing clutter around me & finding myself "wanting" to get rid of it. No energy needed. It's like the wanting is enough. Several projects put themselves away & several bags are packed for donations. My work is rearranging itself with things being both added & subtracted. A few new people have come into my life asking for things. Some I've agreed to do, others not. This is a change for me because in the past I would do whatever I was asked to long as it fit with my values.

Being someone who loves control, I made a "list" for my pen. OH OH....I just threw it away. My pen will guide me. This is not mine to control. Both scary & exciting...

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist
President & Program Designer
International Medical Health Writers

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April 11, 2014

Therapist'sCOUCH - Wings of Chaos

I invite you to look over my shoulder as I travel back in time, visiting the earliest gardens that I believe hold the origins of my eating disorder. I've been here before, but this time I am going to dig deeper down. My eating issues have been managed for several decades, but not my deepest anger and rage. It seems that they are stuck to my fingers, like chewing gum. I want to be free, to live my life without this level of anger and especially the old rage. I believe the roots of those toxic emotions live in this very same garden....perhaps "off-shoots" of those roots. You might wonder why I believe this, especially since I can't really connect. Is this an educated guess? I don't think so. I've been meditating on this for quite awhile now & the "powers that be" have told me to "meet them there."

In this very moment I am readying myself for the journey inward. I sit quietly before typing further. The room is completely quiet. Even my puppy has gone to the back of his kennel, as if he can read my energy. My first breaths are high in my chest indicating tension. I decide to do a body scan, even though I'm anxious to get to the garden. If I take the time now to release the tension, both big and small, throughout my body, I will be able to be more receptive to the "powers that Be" and go go deeper down. If you have never done a body scan, I suggest you work with an mp3 on my website designed for this purpose. The top of my head is buzzing like a shoulders are tight, as if attached to my "main-frame" with screws. As I visit my lower arms and fingers, I notice rigidity in the small tendons. I'm not surprised at any of this. I decide to do a very detailed body scan, also called mental biofeedback, and enter my inner organs. My stomach has been complaining lately, so I pay particular attention to it, as well as my gallbladder "space." I had surgery several decades ago, but this area can still be compromised by tension. Oddly enough, my knees report in with tight tendons, even my ankles sending back some complaints.

I surround myself with a large circle of light, as if drawn with a giant marking pen. I sit inside this area, allowing any left over tension to drain out like black drops falling off the ends of my fingertips. I look to the right side of the circle of light, noticing a giant butterfly. I'm drawn to the chaotic coloring of it's wings. A message flows through my mind. "There can be beauty in "chaos."

I remember a program I wrote many years ago on "Creativity." It still lives on my website. The origins of creativity begin with disassembling, often looking like complete chaos. It's like knocking down a pile of blocks and them beginning to build from scratch. I look back to the wings of the butterfly, and honor the chaotic pattern. The wings move up and down, then the monarch takes flight. I find myself in flight, relaxing deeper than before.

I recognize the garden of my early life. It is on my "past path." The three year old child is waving to me, as if expecting my arrival. I know her well, but this time she holds some sort of digging tool. I've never seen one like this before. Perhaps it only exists in the Hereafter. I notice the chaotic butterfly sitting on the shoulder of my three year old child. The symbols are very vivid and I'm drawn to them, or should I say "through them" with high intensity energy. This is a good sign for me. I feel I'm in the right place.

I want to go underneath the eating disorder and my other addictions that have been brought to order over the past decades. I'm looking for something else that I believe is under these behaviors. I notice the child is digging with the strange tool, as if she is doing this for me. I go to take it from her, thinking that this is my job, not hers, but she wants to do it. I sit down next to her, supporting her as a good mother should do, for indeed, I am her mother. I love her and she can sense this. When I send heartfelt love, I can see her sparkles. She digs with positive energy, the chaos moving aside, as if making it easier for her to get through the previously caked dirt. Little roots are emerging. She pulls on them, then hands these to me. I don't know what they are. I find myself bothered by this, but then a message flows through my thought channels, made clear by the deep access to the earth below.

"The identifying name is not important. Not everything needs to be identified. It is the process of clearing that is important. Keep digging, even deeper." The child follows the thought, even though no words are spoken. Perhaps she has received an identical message, but it is difficult for me to accept that she knows what this means. After all, she is only three. Another thought enters my thought channel. "The child is ageless. She is closer to the Hereafter than you are. She is filled with Wisdom." I ask, "Then why does she need me? Why didn't she just take care of this on her own? Why was I brought here?"

The answer is quick to arrive, as if no time was needed to formulate an answer. "Because you are her mother, and she is one of your inner teachers and guides. She knows the answer to so many things you have forgotten, but she needs to have you present in order to bring the roots to you."

My eyes look to the butterfly. There is less chaos now. It rests peacefully on a big yellow flower that caresses it's wings.

I am deeply relaxed and grateful. The child sits by my side, placing her delicate hand on my old hand. Both hands are smooth, although the older hand has tougher skin. I sense this as a "good thing." There is no "gum". This is a moment of crossing. Whatever caused this, has dissolved.

Suggested Self-Work mp3 Sessions

Managing Thoughts
Mental Biofeedback or Body Scanning
Hypnosis Workshop - Miracle Making

Check out my Catalog If you need help in choosing a Session for yourself, please send me an email. Also, sign up for free mp3's on my website.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist

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A R C H I V E / H I G H L I G H T S

Therapist'sCOUCH - The Roots of Emotional Eating
originally posted: April 5, 2014

Telling our stories takes courage. Taking off our masks takes courage.

As I prepare for Spring, I find myself traveling back in my own personal work, wanting to dig deeper into myself...find out some truths that have been hidden for decades. Yes, I've cleaned up a lot of this over the years, but as I was working in the garden today, my mind began visiting one of my most important "inner gardens"....where my original emotional and compulsive eating was "seeded." It popped into my mind that IF I went back there and dug deeper into the soil of these origins, I would find some golden truths that would lead me to a place I had never been before. It always amazes me how the subconscious mind works....OR is it my Higher Power or those pesky little Angels who want to take me to exciting places as I become older. Whoever...whatever...I always follow my intuition. These thoughts were accompanied by feelings that "tingled." When a thought comes dressed in such a way, I know I am about to have an incredible adventure.

I thought I was finished with this part of my life. I've written several books on the subject, had a big private practice and designed many therapeutic mp3's for my patients that are available on my websites. But now, I was being invited back to my seminal gardens for something more. I secretly wondered what that could be and why "now"? I asked the questions to my Guardian Angel, but nothing was forthcoming. That's the way with certain Angels. No answer is usually a big answer.

However, I did need some further information, especially about my mode of "travel." Was I to meditate? Journal? Just sit in nature? Walk the dog? Dig in the garden? Plant bulbs that have been waiting for the hard ground of such a long winter to finally thaw? For some reason I found myself in the garage rummaging through bags of bulbs I had bought in the fall and never found the time to plant before the ground froze. There they were, sitting....forgotten on the shelf. I have no idea if they will bloom if I plant them now, but for some reason I went to rescue them. Was this the answer sent to me? I really don't know. Once again, the Angels remained silent.

I also found myself on this blog, and also bringing up the subject on my FaceBook Page. Again, I don't know why. As I said before, I thought I was finished, but obviously I'm not. So, here I am .... uncovering some old secrets that are difficult to look at as they remind me of that part of me that can be very frightening and quite frankly, dangerous.

I just realized that this may be the reason I'm being brought back to this "inner place." When we have emotional eating issues, the part of the Self that is involved is NOT just involved in eating issues. If the roots are placed under the "subconscious mind microscope" much more can be seen. Emotional eating is NOT what the root is about. It is what we do to manage the make-up of the root. Now, I thought I had dealt with this, but now I'm thinking that the root consists of more than I have uncovered.

I find my head shaking in the "yes shake." So, my Angels are responding. As I look at the past months when the ground was frozen and just before the freeze when I didn't plant the bulbs, I realize that I've also been frozen. I haven't been working at my usual pace. I've been lost in some sort of negative landscape, perhaps left over from my grieving process following the death of my son. I've not wanted to look in the mirror ( strange confession ). I've not returned to emotional eating, but the roots want to address something with me.

You might wonder what I'm talking about..."roots addressing me?" Yes, this is the way to work hypnotically and to communicate with very deep parts. If you have followed my work, you might have come across some of this, but now I'm inviting you to travel along with me as I go inward and explore the areas where I'm being directed.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Clinical Medical & Self-Development Hypnotherapist
President & Program Designer
International Medical Health Writers Ltd.

Have a question? I'm right here!

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Therapist'sCOUCH - Games - Hiding Out
originally posted: March 31, 2014

Work with my mp3 Download Now Sessions...all in Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Try one for free. Then, receive one each month. Build your own Self-Help Therapist'sCOUCH Library.

The first meeting with a patient or client is always a bit unnerving. Once seated, the next step is to begin. With my patients, beginning started long before this moment in time. For most patients it began long before the appointment was scheduled. Upon self-examination, it's rather like a tennis game with the Self. "Should I go?", "I don't really need to go?" "Going is ridiculous." "I can take care of this by myself." "I don't want anyone to know I'm going ( especially my husband, wife, mother, boyfriend, children, etc."

My patients, clients or those working with my programs come for a large variety of reasons.....weight, addictions, smoking, anxiety, relationship issues, sleep disorders, depression, concentration, focus, discipline, sports performance......oh, the list goes on & on. Rarely are the true reasons brought in "by the hand." Instead they are hidden in their pocket or purse. You might think that they would be left at home....for safety reasons. After all, these are things we don't want anyone to know, perhaps even ourselves. Some are coated in shame or guilt, or at the least too embarrassing to introduce at a first meeting, if at all. But, somehow these things "know to come"...even if they come "incognito." I call this one of our games...."Hiding Out." It's similar to the childhood game of "Hide & Seek", but in this instance it's just about hiding & not seeking.

Why are we so frightened? Why do we feel the intense need to hide our true Self? What will happen if we just allow ourselves to know that part of us?

This is what I was about to explore with my therapist, Rosella. Come sit next to me...I'm happy to share my journey with you.

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R E A D E R   C O M M E N T S

Re: The Magic Inside Question Asking...!! (June 13, 2012)

Like what I am seeing about your Book. We seem to share a lot in common regarding belief. Looking forward to the completed book

Re: Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder - Excerpts (December 4, 2011)

Wonderfully insightful and beautifully written post. I struggled for over 40 years with eating disorders and disordered eating and what you've written is so true, especially the part about being an information-gatherer.

Re: 'Tis the Season - The Biggest Gift Ever! (December 18, 2010)

I dont have a lot of words right now i just came across youre material. As i read this i am just sitting hear crying my eyes out something is defenetly going on. This material that you write about is obviously hitting a cord with me.

Re: The Art of Self-Tweaking (May 20, 2010)

I love your blog regarding the art of tweaking! I've enjoyed a number of your tapes (way back when) and now mp3 recordings. Your imagery is deep and rich; it resonates with me. I really enjoy reading your creative thoughts and ideas!

Re: The Art of Self-Tweaking (May 20, 2010)

Thank you Elizabeth for this article. I was reminded of a talk I used to give several years ago, particularly to business people, but it also (I believe) has a message for people in general, except that the image I used mightn't be meaningful for them.

The message is simple and is contained in its title "You are your own product manager." When you know the responsibilities and role of a product manager, the message is quite clear. But what I wanted my audiences to understand and believe, is that their future is their responsibility.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Re: Brick Throwing & Ducking (May 18, 2010)

Once again my comment arises from my business background. In sales your prospect (customer) will always offer some objections. It doesn't matter whether the objection is valid or not, or significant or trivial. What it is - is something to be dealt with. Each objection you treat seriously and overcome, becomes a new selling point for whatever your product or service is. The customer might be objecting simply to show that s/he is in command. Your treatment of it validates the customer's self-perception, and increases your acceptance value in his/her eyes. But whatever - an objection requires you to consider it, and if necessary to take some relevant action - requires you to react positively.

A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht has been working & writing in the field of mindbody health, self-hypnosis, addictions, creativity & optimum performance for over 30 years. She is a graduate of Rockland Psychiatric Center, SUNY; Graduate Nurse Intern, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cornell University, N.Y. She is President & Program Designer, Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute, Sarasota, FL & online at &

She has written & produced +350 audio CD programs for adults, children, students & athletes, as well as several books in original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. She specializes in the food connection to addiction, optimum health & performance. She is the author of Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, as well as Beyond Disorderly Eating...the Truth About Sugar & Binging & How to Stop