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by:  Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, International Medical & Health Writers Ltd.
"You are the Writer, Director, Producer & Leading Actor of your life." Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
January 16, 2017

Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind


By now you know the beginning routine of getting ready to Journal with your Creative Subconscious Mind. While you can Journal without this preparation, you will be cheating yourself. Today I'd like to discuss something I call "fractionation." This is a powerful tool that will allow you to enter your subconscious library in 1/200th of a second and plant active images, or utilize images you have already planted. While it is a big word "fractionation", it is a simple process.

I'd like you to post a sticky paper, perhaps near your phone if you work in the office, or on a kitchen cabinet if you stay at home. Write whatever word will remind you to go to your belly breath...stay with the belly breath for five or so breaths, then turn your eyes up slightly, and look to the right. This is where your mind screen is located. Get good at this because once you do, your inner programming on the "mind screen" will allow you to make all sorts of changes.

Today I'm going to give you a download for an Interactive Self-Hypnosis Session for Managing Thoughts. We'll discuss this in our next Session. Today in your Journal I would like you to describe in detail a goal you would like to achieve or something you would like to change "as if" it were already accomplished. Remember to slow your brain waves FIRST.


If we were working in my regular workshop we would be doing "body scanning" or "mental biofeedback" before Journaling, the reason being, the slower the brain waves go, the deeper we go. It's important to know that when we are in our regular waking life we do not stay in the "deeper state." We travel "up and down." But, we can choose to go deeper down in 1/200th of a second once we are well trained, thus the reason to learn "mental biofeedback." So, I will give you a link to a download session for this tool.

Our body holds lots of stress. Some of it we can feel, but we don't feel all of it. Right now as I scan my own body I feel aches in my left shoulder, on the top of my head, behind my eyes, in my jaw, my lower back and left thigh. I do want to release these before I begin Journaling because I always want to write from very slow brain the library of the mind. Because I am well practiced at these tools I can scan my body quite to bottom and bottom to top. Then I will place myself inside a golden egg shape that will keep me at a slower brain rate. You will learn to do this on the download I'll give you. This Session is from my regular mp3 called Mental Biofeedback or Body Scanning. I suggest you practice this particular tool for at least 20-30 days to bring your body to a lesser stress level. We can correct our "norms" and if you are like most people, your norm is a high level of tension that is not noticeable unless your have "screamers" like I have right now.

Your will learn from the mp3 that it's easy to release. These are focus and flow exercises. They also allow us to notice our screamers at lower levels.

Mental Biofeedback Session 1

After you have released, tilted your closed eyes, found your mind screen, and allowed your body to become heavy in the chair where you are resting and waiting to write, open your eyes, open your journal, date your page and empty your garbage. These are thoughts, emotions or experiences that have been filling your consciousness and blocking your route to your subconscious library. Write for as long as you need to. Pretend you are having a conversation with your "Higher Self or Power" or someone you have chosen to be your Inner Coach or Master. For me, I utilize all of these depending on "who presents himself or herself." When you have finished writing we are going to work with a powerful image. Your Master or Higher Self will be present reading as you write.

Start a clean area. Perhaps you will want to skip a few lines to make a distinct change between the emptying of the garbage to the moving forward area. I'd like you to draw a box. Under the empty box I would like you to describe something you desire to achieve "as if you already had it in your possession." Remember you are in your "creative mind" and this mind works backwards. Practice being very specific. Write "as if" you were describing this to your Higher Self or Master.

Here's an example:

Wow..let me show you what I wrote today. Here are the first three chapters of my book. (Feel them in your hands...pass these to your Master and sense the passing of the pages). It was so easy to concentrate and to find the words that truly express what I wanted to say. It felt so good ( feel the feeling ) to write so well again. Let me read the first paragraphs to you. ( Go ahead and read as you continue to write.)

Here's another example:

I went to the market today and had a fabulous shopping experience. No junk foods entered my cart at all. I had no interest in anything that wasn't on my shopping list. My plans are exciting ( feel the emotion ), I planned meals for the week including breakfast and lunch. I could taste the choices I made. My eyes fell on other healthy foods that I'll consider for next week. On the way back I stopped at the YMCA, picked up the applications, made an appointment for tomorrow and entered this on my schedule. Everything is in place. My refrigerator has a new light bulb that makes my new foods even more appealing. I'm so happy. I feel my body moving easily, my breathing is regular even with the exercise and I'm so excited about my progress. I met up with my future self of six months and she gave me a big hug!

Now...your Higher Self or Master wants to speak to you. Listen and write the message you receive. This comes directly from your Creative Center.

Remember to show "gratitude" and go on with your day.

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January 13, 2017

Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind


Please begin with Day One...if you are just reading through the Workshop and not doing the work, you are truly missing out. We are all in a hurry to achieve our goals, but this workshop is not about your goals, although you will achieve them. This is about contacting your "creative genius" and I do not use that word loosely.

Today I'd like to discuss working with the breath to slow the brain waves. We talked about this yesterday, but this is KEY to being able to move in and out of your "subconscious library." As you become more adept at doing this, it will only take you 1/200th of a second. So, just as with any other exercise, practice is KEY. I know many people meditate twice a day for 30 minutes. I do practice TM, but that is no longer my main practice. I've trained my mind to do several important things. First, I slow my brain waves quickly, I tilt my eyes up gently, looking slightly to the right for this is where I program my future, which can be in the next minute or next year...which ever I choose. I communicate with my Higher Self and Power, show them the end result I want to achieve and "ask for this or better." Then I ask to be "shown the way."

The mind works backwards...whether we take the spiritual approach or follow any other set of beliefs, first comes the image of what we want and then the mind or spiritual guidance works backwards. There is no efforting.

Practice slowing the mind. Then I'd like you to open your journal and begin by emptying any garbage you may have hanging around. These are thoughts, emotions or experiences that you are playing over and over. These re-plays are useless and block your entrance to the "library. Next, contact your Higher Self about what you choose to do. Perhaps describe an end result. Make it powerful!


If you want to ask me a direct question, here's my email. If I think your question will benefit others, I will post my answer but without your name or personal information

QUESTION: Will we be working with "imagery?"
ANSWER FROM EB: YES, all'll be surprised!

Here is where we are going to begin...

Who is your MasterMind? Where does your Creative Genius reside? What if you believe you are not "creative"? After all, you can't draw a straight line. Of course, this is not what we are about to address here. Creativity is not just reserved for artists or writers. Every single person is creative and this is a gift given at birth. We were all born with "genius capability." What happened is that we forgot and others stepped in to program us, but that does not mean we cannot go back and retrieve what is ours. This is a special kind of "recovery." We are mining for "gold"...that we already own. Then, we will be guided to our highest achievements and desires.

The image on the top indicates the speed of brain waves. The faster the brain waves the further you are from the "library of your mind" and your connection to your Higher Self. Think for a moment about prayer. When you pray you become still...quiet. Stop for a moment now and listen to what quiet sounds like. Even if there is noise or simple sounds in the room where you are there is also spaces of quiet. Even music has quiet places between the notes.

Today is Day 1 of our Workshop. Here we will learn to find the quiet. You can do this in many different ways. It's good to experiment. You can do so in your mind, by asking assistance of the "inner librarian" or by watching or touching your belly breath. Just stay in this quiet place for a minute or so. Pay attention to the difference between this space and where you spend most of your time during your day.

I'm opening the Journaling Workshop with some notes to you. As I sit here writing I'm imagining you with your Journal opened, pen in hand, perhaps wondering what comes next and if the answers you have been looking for may live between these blank pages in your Journal.

I'd like you to close your writing hand over the outside cover as you sit quietly with it on the table or desk in front of you. This is going to be where you will be communicating with the deepest part of your Self. Perhaps you believe you know yourself well, but I believe you will find that the pages inside this front cover are going to introduce you to deeper areas within you...for this is where your creative genius lives and has been with you from the time of your birth, perhaps before depending on your beliefs as they currently stand. I say this because as you work through your Journal your beliefs may change a little or even a lot.

Perhaps you have been looking for answers for a long time and it is possible that you didn't even know the questions to ask, nor who to ask them to because deep Knowledge or Inner Wisdom is not something another person can give you.

Only the deepest parts of you, yourSelf can offer these answers to you. As you open your Journal, notice the lines across the pages for it is on these lines that the answers you are seeking will appear. You may wonder when that will happen, but this I cannot tell you because only you going to be in contact with your deepest Self, and your Highest Self.

The answers may come quickly or slowly, depending on the right timing for you. All of this is already known. These deep parts of you have been waiting for this moment when you are to begin your inward journey.

Please open your Journal now to the first lined page. I'd like you to write the date, including the year. Now, put your pen down. Please make sure you will not be disturbed. Turn off all phones, etc. and if others are around, please be in a private place for you. You may need to choose a different time, depending on your life schedule, and it may even be necessary for you to be outside your home if there is no way for you to have 30 minutes of private time.

Many years ago...yes, I've been doing this for several decades, I had to sit in my car with my Journal. I would choose a special place to park. I remember sitting by the ocean, on the side of a park, and yes...even in a cemetery. Can't find any quieter place than that! I actually found that to be the most spiritual place, as if the spirits came to help me find my way back to my true Self.

We all develop our own methods for quieting our mind, for this is what we must do first before writing. For me, I place my Journal aside with the pen ready to write. I then close my eyes gently, tilting them up slightly behind my closed lids.

The area in front of my closed eyes is my "mind screen." We will be utilizing the "mind screen" often during our inner work. If you are like me, thoughts will race across your mind, like traffic in Times Square. Just notice it...thoughts are things.

We can just notice them and not be involved with them. Later on we will work very specifically with thoughts, utilizing them and editing them along with our subconscious mind.

Now pick up your pen and write whatever comes to you. Forget sentences, spelling, judgments...just write what the pen wants to say "as if" you were speaking to the deepest part of you. If you have nothing to say, then write that you have nothing to say. Listen in the quiet space between the "notes" for answers. Write them. This is your first inner conversation on paper. You have had these self-talks many times in your mind..perhaps while driving, in the shower, whenever you have been alone or even when someone else is talking to you...your mind wanders, but now you are writing this down. When you have finished, say "good-bye" for now and close your journal.


The other day I was writing about how negative energy or experiences, including grieving can connect to this place in the subconscious mind, then transmute the pain into this very high level of creativity. This can happen following any loss, big or small. Transmutation is something I discuss in the books and programs I've written and certainly in my new book. This is not to be missed!

I'm asked if one can get to this special place without the above, and my answer is "yes", but one needs to develop certain skills that will allow the deepening into the under-recesses of the subconscious mind. If you visit my website you will find programs that will teach and program these skills for you. It takes desire, commitment and time, but in return you will receive a gift of the highest level of creativity and achievement that is impossible to achieve without venturing down.

Working through the window of "eating issues" is a powerful place to begin to open the door to high level performance and creativity. I know this both personally and professionally. As you read my blogs and books, you will be making your own changes right in the moment. I look forward to taking you on this journey with me, and invite you to share your personal experiences.

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February 1, 2016

Browse the BookShelves

Complimentary Interactive Self-Hypnosis Session. OK...I keep my word. Each week I will offer you one free Interactive Self-Hypnosis Session. These are YOURS to keep FOREVER. When you click the link please download it....don't click SAVE. Once you download it you will be able to save it anywhere on your computer or to the Cloud. This week I am offering you "High Level Achievement" Session One.

Why am I doing this? Several decades ago I made a promise to my Higher Power to help as many people as I could to improve their lives...I have continued to do this and now I commit to expanding my promise. God Bless!


Weight Loss & Management
Medical Hypnosis
Self-Development & Achievement
Adult & Kids Sports
Kids Achievement & Habits
Kids Medical Hypnosis & Oncology
Phobias & Habits
Learning Self-Hypnosis
Inner Exploration

I'm working on setting up the "shelves" as if you were in my "bookstore." Please feel free to ask me questions about the best choice for you. My goal is to show you the the power of the mind/body connection, as well as the "pathway" to get to where you want to go!

Want a complimentary mp3 Interactive Self-Hypnosis Session? Visit our "online bookstore."

"I am shy & let people run me down, even if front of others. Secretly, I'm enraged, but I let it happen without responding. I'm afraid of my anger." Linda from Delmar, NY

EB - If you follow me on FB, I addressed my own issue with this yesterday. It's time to step up to the plate. The programs I suggest are "Self-Image, Self-Esteem & Dealing with Conflict."

"My dreams have passed me by. I don't even like to think about them anymore. It's not that I'm not happy, but I didn't achieve what I wanted!" Ella from NYC

EB - We all have dreams that never materialized, but we still have matter what our age. You might also think about what you achieved that wasn't in your dream category. Have a look at some of my positive programs!

"My life stopped when I married & had kids. I've lost myself!" Karen, Worthington OH

EB - Things do change when we marry & have kids, BUT you own your life & you are responsible to that part of yourself. You just need some guidance. Have a look at my program called Becoming Self-Responsible & Merging Work & Personal Goals.

"My mind wanders & my thoughts go so fast that they make me nervous. It's worse at home than at work." Julie from Albany, NY

EB - The mind must be trained just like anything else. It's like an over-active child with no discipline. Have a look at my programs for Thought Management or Heightened Awareness.

"How do I get my subconscious mind to show me my "triggers." I want to control them." Talia from RI

EB - I have several programs to teach you these skills. Have a go with The Hypnosis Workshop. You will not need to CONTROL your triggers. Your mind will do this for you IF you ask it properly.

1. "What mp3 book should I begin with? I need to change plenty of things?" Jennifer, Providence, RI

EB - I suggest you begin with something fun! Have a look at the Self-Hypnosis Workshops, especially Miracle Making. Open your eyes to what is possible. You will love it!

2. "I want to stop smoking. How long will it take?" Susan from Albany, New York

EB - Stopping an embedded habit is an ongoing journey. You may stop immediately after listening to my hypnosis program, but you will need to keep re-enforcing until the pattern finally breaks & the triggers dissolve. will stop & your body will thank you for years to come.

3. "I suffer from anxiety/panic. It begins when I wake up. I fight it all day long. Sometimes I forget about it, but then "it" reminds me to return to it." Peter from Queens, New York

EB - I don't know if you have talked to a therapist. This may be helpful. In the meanwhile, think about working with my program "Mental Biofeedback." This will release your patterned stress-chemical patterns.

4. I begin changes, but never follow-through. In fact I get worse. The only thing I'm good at is failure. Karen from Tampa, FL

EB - Negative thought patterns can be habitual. It is as important to stop them AS IT IS to stop the actual thing you want to change. I suggest you begin with my program on "Thought Management."

Welcome to our Online Digital Download Store. Here you will be able to browse the bookshelves on this blog, ask the Therapist and Author questions, and choose the best program or eBook for you....all on Download Now. All of these things are now available on our the opportunity to register for free mp3 downloads each month.

Some BookShelves you might enjoy...

1. MasterMind High Level Health

2. MasterMind Working Through Addiction, Nasty
Habits and Phobias

3. MasterMind Working with Disease and Prevention

4. MasterMind High Level Performance

5. MasterMind High Level Sports Performance

6. MasterMind Weight Loss and Management

7. MasterMind Kids Programs

8. MasterMind Affirmations for Self-Growth

9. MasterMind Amazon eBooks


QUESTION - "I have many things that need changing, but where to begin?" Jana from Chicago

EB - We all have a "Therapeutic" or Balanced Self and an Unbalanced Self. We come to understand that the Balanced Self is much stronger than the Unbalanced part of us, even though at times it seems to be the opposite. The good news is that the Balanced or Healthy Self is ready and willing to assist the Unbalanced Self, making the journey to High level Health and Performance an easier trek.

Jana, I suggest you check out the books in the Catalog. Your subconscious mind will lead you to those parts of yourSelf that need attention. Also know that focusing on one part will assist all the other parts. All books work with the "unbalanced Self."

QUESTION - "I am very unbalanced in how I care for myself. I'm organized at work, even with my family, but when it comes to what I need or would like there is never enough time. I am depressed & even angry. What can I do?" Ella from California

EB - Being overwhelmed & time-constrained is a problem experienced by so many women. Men also feel this, but in my experience not to the same extent as women. I would suggest you begin with programs focusing on Self-Esteem. Realizing that you deserve the best & when you care for yourself you will be able to give better care to your family. Then move on to the Cluttering or Time Management programs. These are not the same as regular time management programs. These open your Creative Mind in different ways.


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May 18, 2015

Your MasterMind


What if junk food is the only available food at a party?

EB - Always eat healthy before you go out. Never give others the power over your body & mind health.


I can't seem to decide on what I want to's not that I don't have things that need changing, but I "stall" when thinking about it. Then my thoughts go "wild" & I just want to escape. Is this a common reaction?

EB - You describe this phenomena so well & this is good news BECAUSE you cannot change what you can't see. My suggestion is to stop trying to choose what to change. Let your inner mind guide you. When you notice this happening, relax your body deeply to slow your mind. Then, go on with your day. Watch what happens!

Author - Sugar..the Hidden Eating Disorder and How to Lick It - Available on

Author & Producer of +400 eBooks & Clinical Self-Hypnosis Sessions


Plan your "new story." Write out the details of exactly what you want "as if" it is already present. Then, walk into it and feel the excitement! Emotions help to anchor the scene! Make the glue stick!


Choose one little thing to change...just one. Watch what happens!


Each day we step into patterns that we have carefully crafted...often with the help of others. Some patterns are helpful in part, but not in the whole. For example, we have "eating patterns", but they have changed over years. We no longer eat "baby food." Some of us have segments of patterns that need to be discharged..perhaps some going back as far as our teenage years.

Food issues are certainly not our only patterns...look to other habits & behaviors. What areas need cleaning up?


We live on "auto-pilot". Our patterns are complex. They are re-enforced each time we repeat even a part of them, for all parts are connected. When we work hypnotically we can "mind-edit" entire patterns by changing even a small segment of the pattern.


We learn through the process of RELEASE and the DESIGN OF IMAGERY. We search our LIFE for things to release or to let go. They are all around us. Pay attention. Practice the "art of noticing." It just takes a few seconds woven into your day to practice. "In this moment I NOTICE......" Fill in the blank. As I write this I find myself practicing. I choose to NOTICE my shelf of cookbooks. I choose to NOTICE my emotion of "impatience." It speaks to me. "Stop writing and stand up," it says. I simply NOTICE.


"I have a habit of procrastinating. It covers a wide spectrum. I don't know how to stop."

EB - Habits are habits. We have good ones & others that trip us up in life. Locating a "tripping stone" & correcting it hypnotically is a powerful beginning. You will be able to transfer your success to other areas. This is the way the subconscious mind works.



"Learning how to design my own "inner world" has been an exciting experience. As you suggested in your books, I map out the life I want, just as if I was writing a book. How much fun! Nothing is impossible. I even develop scripts for others in my life. I'm experiencing changes in others as well as in myself. It's like "magic."

EB - Yes, writing out the details is vital. Our conscious mind is usually over-run with negativity, but as we learn to describe what we want, changes begin to happen as if by 'magic." But, you are the "magic".

"I've struggled my whole life. I've never felt special. I've been abused, both physically & emotionally. I never realized the I could change things for me. This was a tremendous revelation. I now have come to know a different me & the power I have inside of me. Thank you."

EB - Do know you are not alone in your life experience. I've been where you have been & my journey out of the dark was made on the back of a promise that I would share with others. God Bless."

"Thank you for these insights, but especially for the tools to make all the necessary changes in my lifestyle. I never thought I could get all of this in control at the same time. You have truly saved my life." KB, Sarasota, FL

EB - Yes, changing lifestyle behaviors is multi-faceted. Most people are not familiar with that and so continue to struggle and fail. Then, the name of the game to the subconscious mind is "failure." We attract what we have experienced UNLESS we change all the chapters in "the story." Author..Sugar..the Hidden Eating Disorder and How to Lick It

"Working with your programs have helped me to release my body stress, manage my emotions and plant new pictures in my mind that have changed my approach to my life. I only wish I had learned these techniques earlier in my life. I notice you have programs for children...what a great idea!" JR, Albany, NY

EB - Thank you for writing to me. Each of my programs is designed to open the body, release negative emotions, and enhance positive, helpful ones. This is called emotional management. By now you also know that emotions are embedded in your thoughts and now you can manage those as well. And yes, children learn to work with these tools at a very early age. I designed many of them for children I cared for while nursing in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.


+400 mp3 Download Sessions - Interactive Self-Hypnosis - Weight, Addictions, Self-Development, Accelerated Learning, Meditation, Healing, Medical Hypnosis, Disease Prevention, Phobias, Destructive habits, Focus, Concentration, Emotional & Thought Management - Programs for Adults, Executives, Athletes & KIDS

TODAY - Each day is a "fresh start". Each day you can "walk out of habitual living" into a new way of living. Here's an image for you...relax deeply into the moment. Just focus on your breath. Allow it to be in your lower abdomen. Observe it for the count of 5. Close your eyes gently after reading this. Tilt them up slightly. There is your "mind screen." The moving truck is pulling out with all parts of your undesired habit. Observe it driving into the distance. Now, notice a new truck pulling up to the curb. Sense your excitement. Workers are putting a new scene together. You can watch the details or walk into it right now. Touch something is real. Notice you belong here! Sense the fulfillment of a change you have desired for so long. It is yours!

Spring is coming?...Looking out my window at the snow piled up so high, I have to settle on "just believing." For me the unending snow has become metaphorical. It has kept me house-bound and somewhat depressed, but's just snow.

When I think of Spring, I think of Spring Cleaning. I want the snow to go...I want the clutter to go...I want the disorder to go...I want to experience re-birth. I want the tulips to bloom. I want to see the grass. I want old issues to dissipate. There are things I'm tired of seeing and battling. Some are very old...others new on the scene. They came with the snow...uninvited, but I let them in. They are unhealthy and it is time for them to go. Some are negative thoughts...others are tangible. Today I will begin plans for the cleaning and clearing.

Life doesn't have to be filled with clutter. We can create the world we want, but it will be a real world...full of health, success, prosperity, joy, happiness and love. It will not be an escape, but a new reality. But, before we can "clear"...we must "see with clarity." Room by room, drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, emotion by emotion, thought by thought. And then...of course...the junk!

How do we do this? How do we get there? On the wings of Zen and through detailed visualization. Here's the route...and you might wonder, where do you leave "the rocks in your pockets"?...In your resilience garden. All negatives are very valuable..look for the gold "inside." Visualization will show you the way.

"Where do I begin?" Well, I would suggest you work with some of my workshops. Just about any one of them will do. They will all prepare you to enter your "creative mind" through deep relaxation and then teach you the techniques of entering your own "center of creativity" directly through images or your own imagination. You will learn how to do this "in the moment", so you can take advantage of "mind editing" and "planting new, powerful suggestions" right in the moment....following the cleaning up of old images that may not be working for you.

THE HYPNOSIS WORKSHOP - This mp3 offers two Sessions. You, the listener, will go directly to your Inner Workshop in the Creative Center of your Mind. Here you will relax, open a book about your past and future where you then "enter" the images on the pages and work directly "inside" the scenes. You get to write, produce and direct any changes. You come into contact with your emotional states who appear as "children" waiting for your direction. You can make the negative emotions "smaller" and the positive emotions "bigger or enhanced.

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A R C H I V E / H I G H L I G H T S

Questions and Answers
originally posted: February 17, 2015

If you are following my blog, I suggest you always scan down for earlier information and questions. I receive so many and do my best to clarify how Interactive Self-Hypnosis works, and WHY it works in so many areas of lifestyle changes, addictions, assisting healing of medical diagnoses, performance of all sorts, and many other areas of mind/body/spirit self-work.

ABOUT SPORTS IMAGERY AND HYPNOSIS - This is a very interesting area for the use of Interactive Self-Hypnosis. It works well for all sports and is successful for children as well as adults. First and foremost, the mind/body must relax on "automatic pilot." This is achieved on the first Session of all programs with the focus and flow practice of mental biofeedback or body scanning. The body needs to find a "new home" in it's level of "tension." Most of us wake up in a tense state, even though we just slept. When the body is reprogrammed hypnotically, the amount of tension is "re-set", so we start of in what we might call a "new body." Next, in sports, we want to examine thoughts, emotions and how they are related to the body. Again, this becomes "automatic" when practicing Interactive Self-Hypnosis. This is called HEIGHTENED AWARENESS and is one of the most important mind/body tools for developing excellence in sports and quite honestly, every other area of life. The second Session of every sports program takes the listener "inside" the body of someone who is "excellent" in the particular genre of sport. Here, the listener, experiences and programs their own subconscious mind for high level performance.

Order Sports Session Programs from our Catalog. They are all Download Now. Choose from golf to basketball, gymnastics, hockey, swimming, figure skating, snow boarding, skiing, darts, archery, wrestling, boxing, lacrosse, diving, rowing and many more.

SELF-IMAGE, SELF-ESTEEM AND NEGATIVE THINKING - In order to compete at high levels and to "enjoy" life, one needs to move out of negative living and into a "new life scenario." Most of us pay little attention to the images and chat that play in our mind. Here's the thing...everything you play is a "goal." Not only that, it is a special kind of with electrical pull, just like a magnet. We may know this as the Law of Attraction, but it is more than that. Not only do we attract what we think or see in our "mind's eye", but the creative/subconscious mind finds matches from our past, even our unconscious, as well as from other areas of the world. It is really quite incredible.

Now..reverse negative thinking into the placement of images/affirmations that speak a "different language" even IF you don't believe it. The magnetic quality of the image will begin to filter into the subconscious mind, bringing forth aspects of change, and then serendipitous occurrences. This is the power of Interactive Self-Hypnosis.

Have a look at our catalog. Choose Sessions that address an area you might like to have for yourself...GIFT yourself. If you need help in choosing, please write to me Write "Help Choose Program" in the subject line. I'll get right back to you.

REGRESSION AND FUTURE PACING - All Sessions include regression of your current life. It's important to re-edit negative mind programs and/or labels placed on you by others or by yourself. Future pacing means taking an emotionalized image of "what you want" and placing it in your "future." There it sits, ready to fire off when the moment occurs!

INNER CHILD COMMUNICATION - We have a "therapeutic self" and a "child-self." This part often needs the parental touch of the kind, but firm "therapeutic self." You can achieve this through meditation, journaling or working with Sessions designed for this inner work.

Now, for more information, please scan down to the next blog post.

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Inside Interactive Self-Hypnosis
originally posted: February 8, 2015

ON A PERSONAL NOTE - Waiting for Nemo..our next blizzard. Snow piled 8 feet high. Tension also piled high. Time to journal & relax deeply. Stay safe if you are in the way of this monster!

WINNING THE MIND GAME - Whether it be sports performance or any other performance, thoughts and emotions need to be managed for high level outcomes. Positive winning imagery replaces negative mind programs. The body needs deep relaxation "in the moment" & then a winning image with positive emotions can be executed! Visit Catalog for full list of all sports programs.


BEING FAT - "Why should I care? I prefer food to small jeans!" Well, it isn't about small jeans. It's about your body fat percentage in relation to your lean body mass and what that means to your long term health. Remember, long term may not be as long as you think! When your lean body mass breaks down, which it does from poor nutrition, you store fat which is dangerous to your health. It is the precursor of killer diseases, plus many chronic conditions and even your emotional/cognitive health.
Catalog contains full list of eating issue & motivation/discipline programs.

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GRIEVING/DEPRESSION - Every emotion we experience is filled with energy. We can "transmute" or change that it. This doesn't happen overnight. After my son died unexpectedly, I worked each day to move myself "up the ladder" and took my energy with me. I'm writing a book about this and will let you know when it is ready for publication. Look for programs on Thought, Emotional and Resilience Management.

WEIGHT LOSS/COMPULSIVE EATING - This is a multi-faceted journey, but a "journey" it is. If you have read my blogs I write a lot on this subject and have many mp3 Sessions that address the mind/body/spirit connection.

ANOTHER QUESTION - COACHING - Yes, I still work with patients/clients one on one through Skype. All Sessions include daily support... ;-) Contact me directly.

WHAT DO YOU WANT OR NEED AND HOW CAN INTERACTIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS GET IT FOR YOU?- The "catalog" of my Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions is located on all of my websites. There are over 800 Sessions. Each subject offers 2-3 Sessions. These have been written, recorded and compiled over twenty plus years of clinical practice. When you visit my websites you will find "catalog tabs" to assist you in the different areas. Some include weight, focus, accelerated learning, self-development, disease prevention, disease management, sports, affirmations, kids programs, etc. When you click on each Session Program you will find a description of the subject contents. When you choose to buy a Session Program, you will be transferred to a page for Download Now. It's as simple as that. You will receive your Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions immediately.

Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions not only provide you with "real Sessions", just as if you were sitting in my office, but you will be learning "self-techniques" for the practice of Mindful Interactive Self-Hypnosis as you go through your day. You will have the opportunity to program your own Creative Subconscious Mind for Change. Permanent Change happens in the "Now." Your subconscious mind has learned the many facets of what needs to change or what you choose to develop, for example enhancing your memory, stopping compulsive or addictive behaviors, accelerating your learning, becoming aware of negative thinking, as well as editing any existing mind program that is getting in your way. Many mind programs have been living in your subconscious mind for decades. Some are conscious, others are unconscious. When you Interactive Self-Hypnosis, you will edit, change or even delete old, unnecessary programs or ENHANCE positive programming to a higher level so it works for you in the life you are now living.

Interactive Self-Hypnosis is utilized in the "Now." The "Now" is the moment at hand. The "Now" is like the scene of a play and you are the "actor." You are also the Writer, Director and Producer. Just like in a Broadway Production, this is YOUR LIFE. You get to make the decisions about the "Now" moments you are playing. Here is where you change your actions, emotions that are present, and go through the door of the "future" and place the "new scene" on the stage before you.

Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions are like coming to my office and working through problems, or desires that seem to be eluding you. Life is like a merry-go-round. It keeps going round and round. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years move along and you are still on the same "stage." Now you have the opportunity to change the "merry-go-round" program.

ABOUT THE "NOW" - Every moment is a self-hypnotic moment. Every moment you are playing thoughts in your mind that are "emotionally charged." These bring behaviors. Some are automatic, others are not, but directed by the thoughts you are playing. The "Now" is filled with motivators, suggestions and triggers. Anyone in sales knows this. You might have said to yourself, "He pushes my buttons." Those are your automatic self-hypnotic buttons that are already present in your subconscious mind library. Some are good and walk you towards your current chosen behavior and others block your goals. It's like a football game. You are trying to "score" and others are blocking you....even yourSELF. You might trip yourself, knock yourself down, even block the sight of what you want to achieve.

ENTER INTERACTIVE SELF-HYPNOSIS - The "Now" belongs to you. It is your stage, your production, you are the actor, director, producer and writer. This is your LIFE. You OWN take care of the "moments" as they arise and program them for the future. Once they are programmed, you open the door of your "future Path" and place them, just like seeds in a garden.

SPIRITUALITY - We all have beliefs. Some of us believe in God, others in a Higher Power, but even if these beliefs don't suit you, do know that you have a Higher Self. It talks to you all day long through your thoughts. When working with Interactive Self-Hypnosis you will be engaging with this part of you, or the part you may feel is beyond you. You will come to learn that "all" is connected and waiting for you to join in the get off the merry-go-round and onto the "Stage of the Now."

Through this blog I invite you to work along-side of me as I continue to re-edit my own "Now Moments". Editing is a life-time process. One can always get better and remember, your subconscious and unconscious mind has been programmed since birth, so there is plenty to "clean and clear" and energy from those things that can be "transmuted" or changed to energize yourself forward in the direction of High Level Health and Performance.

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THINK - I am ready...

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R E A D E R   C O M M E N T S

Re: The Magic Inside Question Asking...!! (June 13, 2012)

Like what I am seeing about your Book. We seem to share a lot in common regarding belief. Looking forward to the completed book

Re: Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder - Excerpts (December 4, 2011)

Wonderfully insightful and beautifully written post. I struggled for over 40 years with eating disorders and disordered eating and what you've written is so true, especially the part about being an information-gatherer.

Re: 'Tis the Season - The Biggest Gift Ever! (December 18, 2010)

I dont have a lot of words right now i just came across youre material. As i read this i am just sitting hear crying my eyes out something is defenetly going on. This material that you write about is obviously hitting a cord with me.

Re: The Art of Self-Tweaking (May 20, 2010)

I love your blog regarding the art of tweaking! I've enjoyed a number of your tapes (way back when) and now mp3 recordings. Your imagery is deep and rich; it resonates with me. I really enjoy reading your creative thoughts and ideas!

Re: The Art of Self-Tweaking (May 20, 2010)

Thank you Elizabeth for this article. I was reminded of a talk I used to give several years ago, particularly to business people, but it also (I believe) has a message for people in general, except that the image I used mightn't be meaningful for them.

The message is simple and is contained in its title "You are your own product manager." When you know the responsibilities and role of a product manager, the message is quite clear. But what I wanted my audiences to understand and believe, is that their future is their responsibility.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Re: Brick Throwing & Ducking (May 18, 2010)

Once again my comment arises from my business background. In sales your prospect (customer) will always offer some objections. It doesn't matter whether the objection is valid or not, or significant or trivial. What it is - is something to be dealt with. Each objection you treat seriously and overcome, becomes a new selling point for whatever your product or service is. The customer might be objecting simply to show that s/he is in command. Your treatment of it validates the customer's self-perception, and increases your acceptance value in his/her eyes. But whatever - an objection requires you to consider it, and if necessary to take some relevant action - requires you to react positively.

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Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht has been working & writing in the field of mindbody health, self-hypnosis, addictions, creativity & optimum performance for over 30 years. She is a graduate of Rockland Psychiatric Center, SUNY; Graduate Nurse Intern, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cornell University, N.Y. She is President & Program Designer, Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute, Sarasota, FL & online at &

She has written & produced +350 audio CD programs for adults, children, students & athletes, as well as several books in original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. She specializes in the food connection to addiction, optimum health & performance. She is the author of Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, as well as Beyond Disorderly Eating...the Truth About Sugar & Binging & How to Stop