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editor, publishing strategist :
Beth Lieberman
Beth Lieberman Editorial Services
Los Angeles and New York, NY

Developmental editing and consultation on strategic publishing issues.

In publishing since 1985. Have acquired, edited, and managed more than 500 published books.

years experience: 30
Line-editing, Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing
Judaica, Academic, Modern Midrash, Fiction, Memoir
Most recent Beth Lieberman Editorial Services projects:

THE TORAH OF MY LIFE by Rabbi Laura Geller (Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, 2016)

WISE AGING by Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Dr. Linda Thal -- National Jewish Book Award Finalist (Behrman House, June 2015)

THE PROPHET'S WIFE by Milton Steinberg (Behrman House, March 2010)

RAV HISDA'S DAUGHTER: Book I -- Apprentice and Book II -- Enchantress (Novels of Love, The Talmud, and Sorcery) by Maggie Anton -- National Jewish Book Award Finalist (Penguin/Plume)

RASHI'S DAUGHTERS -- A Novel of Love and the Talmud in Medieval France (Books I, II, and III) by Maggie Anton (Penguin/Plume)

BENDING TOWARD THE SUN: A Mother and Daughter Memoir by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie and Rita Lurie (HarperCollins, September 2009)

CHANGING THE WORLD FROM THE INSIDE OUT by Rabbi David Jaffe (Shambhala/September, 2016)

by Janette Hillis-Jaffe (New Page Books)

A SHORT LIFE by Jim Slotnick (Elm Drive Press, 2014)

PARIS LAMB by Marcia Fine (L'Image Press, 2015)

THE REBEL AND THE RABBI'S SON by Izzy Eichenstein (Oakstone Company Publishing, 2012)

WHERE ARE WE GOING by Miriam Tasini, M.D. (Gordian Knot Books/UPNE, 2012)

GOING GYPSY: One Couple's Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All by David and Veronica James (Skyhorse Publishing, 2015)

JEWISH GUIDED IMAGERY -- Background, Resources, and Scripts for Rabbis, Educators, and Group Leaders by Dov Peretz Elkins (Behrman House, 2010)

OY VEY! ISN'T A STRATEGY: 25 Solutions for Personal and Professional Success by Deborah Grayson Riegel (Behrman House, 2012)

NOW AND FOREVER by Rosanne Bittner (Harlequin, 2008)

THE ADVERSITY ADVANTAGE: Seven Steps Towards Everyday Greatness by Erik Weihenmayer and Paul Stoltz, foreword by Stephen R. Covey (Simon & Schuster/Fireside, 2007)

FATHERSTYLE: Surefire Techniques Every Parent Can Use to Raise Confident and Caring Kids by Kevin O'Shea and James Windell(Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2006)

IN THE SHADOW OF SURIBACHI by Joyce Faulkner (Red Engine Press, 2005)

THE INTELLIGENT NEGOTIATOR (Prima/Crown - October 2002)

LEGALLY BLONDE, the novel by Amanda Brown (Dutton - Winter 2002)

A few published authors and titles I edited during my tenure in-house:

NOVELISTS: Jayne Ann Krentz, Eileen Nauman, Susan Andersen, Ellen Archer, Susan Crain Bakos, Rosanne Bittner, Leigh Bristol, Sandra Chastain, Cathy Crimmins, Ginna Gray, Laramie Dunaway, Martha Hix, Katherine Kincaid, Susan Kyle, Doreen Owens Malek, Garda Parker, Cheryl Saban, Victoria Thompson, Joe Trainor, Becky Lee Weyrich

MEMOIR: Chosen by Fate: My Life Inside Death Row Records by McKinley Lee, Jr. with Frank Williams, Once More with Feeling, ed. by Joanne Parrent, Close But No Cigar by Melissa Miller Berry, Worse Than He Says He Is by Anika Rodman

HEALTH/NUTRITION/LIFESTYLE: The American Yoga Association Wellness Book, The Complete Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Brenda Adderly, The Herbal Home Companion by Teresa Loe, Cooking Without Recipes by Cheryl Sindell (foreword by Joachim Splichal), Bitchin in the Kitchen: The PMS Survival Cookbook by Jennifer Evans and Fritzi Horstmann, Romance On the Run: Five Minutes of Quality Sex for Busy Couples by Tara Roth Madden; Why Don’t You Have Kids? by Leslie Lafayette

PSYCHOLOGY: Journal to the Self: Journal Writing as a Therapeutic Tool by Kathleen Adams, Living in the Solution: Understanding and Using the Wisdom of the Rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous by John W. with James A., Meditations on Relationships and Meditations for the 21st Century by Mary Sheldon and Christopher Stone, The First Year of Marriage: What to Expect, What to Accept, and What You Can Change by Miriam Arond ( current ed-in-chief of Child magazine) and Samuel Pauker, M.D., Happily Ever After by Doris Wild Helmering, Think Like a Shrink by Christ Zois, Ph.D.

BUSINESS: On Communicating by Mark McCormack, The Internal Frontier by Morris Shechtman, Confucius in the Boardroom

I also acquired for paperback and/or audio formats works by John Banville, Harold Bloom, Janet Burroway, Elena Castedo, Da Chen, Annie Dillard, Paula Fox, Stephen Jay Gould, Spalding Gray, Robert Hellenga, Thomas Klemperer, T. Jefferson Parker, and others.

2015 -- Rabbinic Ordination and Master of Rabbinic Studies from the Academy for Jewish Religion California.; BA Barnard College, Columbia University.

Former Editor at Warner Books, Senior Editor at Kensington Publishing, and Editorial Director at NewStar Press.

1988-92 Board Director, Women’s National Book Association/New York City Chapter, 1994-2001 Board Director, Women’s National Book Association/Los Angeles Chapter, 2001-2.


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