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Member pages updated today
Role (Category) Name or  Blog title  (Company and/or Blog author)
Blogger, Writer Therapist'sCOUCH Books & More - Medical Intuitive Healing (Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, International Medical & Health Writers Ltd.)
Writer Larry Patten
Agent Steven Harris (CSG Literary Partners LLC/MDM Management LLC)
Blogger, Writer Hebephrenica/ It's Time You Knew (Ken Egbert (aka K. Griffiths), One Mffiths. Aore Haggard Drowned Man)
Other recently updated pages
Role (Category) Name or  Blog title  (Company and/or Blog author) Updated
Foreign rights agent Marleen Seegers (2 Seas Agency) July. 21, 2014
Editorial services Kelli Christiansen (bibliobibuli) July. 21, 2014
Writer Angela Henry (Kendra Clayton Mysteries) July. 21, 2014
Agent Monika Verma (Levine Greenberg Literary Agency) July. 21, 2014
Writer, Consultant Ken Mask, MD ( July. 21, 2014
Publisher Joaquin Sabate (Ediciones Urano, S.A.U.) July. 21, 2014
Writer, Consultant Kay Hardy Campbell July. 21, 2014
Blogger, Agent Andrea Hurst and Associates - Authornomics Blog (Andrea Hurst, Andrea Hurst and Associates; Andrea Hurst Literary Management) July. 21, 2014
Ghostwriter / book crasher, Editorial services Alan Goldsher ( - July. 21, 2014
Agent Lisa Hagan (Lisa Hagan Literary) July. 21, 2014
Writer Allison Rushby July. 20, 2014
Writer Rock Kitaro (Stage in the Sky) July. 20, 2014
Blogger Rick Frishman's Author101 Publicity Blog (Rick Frishman, Author and Publisher at Morgan James Publishing) July. 20, 2014
Publisher Richard Skalstad (Colonus Publishing, Inc.) July. 20, 2014
Agent Sara Megibow (Nelson Literary Agency) July. 20, 2014
Book review editor, Writer Sarah Johnson (Historical Novels Review) July. 19, 2014
Editorial services George De Stefano July. 19, 2014
Agent Jill Corcoran (Jill Corcoran Literary Agency) July. 19, 2014
Writer Richard Crasta July. 18, 2014
Writer John Forrester (Fire Mage) July. 18, 2014
Agent Marlene Stringer (The Stringer Literary Agency LLC) July. 18, 2014
Teacher, writer, artist TODD SENTELL July. 18, 2014
Agent Elizabeth Evans (Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc.) July. 18, 2014
Writer, Editor Mike Winchell July. 18, 2014
Agent Trident Media Group (Trident Media Group, LLC) July. 18, 2014
Agent BJ Robbins (BJ Robbins Literary Agency) July. 17, 2014
Agent Laurie Abkemeier (DeFiore and Company) July. 17, 2014
Editorial services Carin Siegfried (Carin Siegfried Editorial) July. 17, 2014
Editorial services, Writer Laura Mathews (Literary editor, writer, consultant) July. 17, 2014
Agent Gloria Koehler (Parkeast Literary Agency) July. 17, 2014
Agent Holly McGhee (Pippin Properties, Inc.) July. 17, 2014
Agent, Writer Babs Hightower (Blue Ridge Literary Agency) July. 17, 2014
Agent Mark Gottlieb July. 17, 2014
Publicity/marketing, Consultant Penny Sansevieri (Author Marketing Experts, Inc.) July. 16, 2014
Editorial services, Agent Barbara Ellis (Scribes Editorial & Literary Agency) July. 16, 2014
Writer Gail Pool July. 16, 2014
Writer Kevin Breaux July. 16, 2014
Editorial services, Freelancer Katie McCoach (KM Editorial) July. 16, 2014
Agent Uwe Stender (TriadaUS Literary Agency, Inc.) July. 16, 2014
Editor, Editorial services Lisa Rojany Buccieri (Editorial Services of Los Angeles) July. 16, 2014

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