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Welcome to biggest and best dedicated marketplace for publishing professionals to find critical information and unique databases, find each other, and to do business better electronically. A service of Publishers Lunch, the most widely read daily dossier in publishing and known as "publishing's essential daily read," Publishers Marketplace really works in part because it is driven by the attention of over 40,000 publishing professionals who read Lunch every day.

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*Canongate Sales Fell 24% to £7.9 Million, with Big Loss, In "Difficult and Dispiriting" 2014 (Bookseller)
*James Patterson to Pay $250K In "Holiday Bonuses" to "Hardworking Bookstore Employees" (BTW)
*PubSlush Closes As Acquisition Deal Fails, Buyer Decides to Launch New Crowdfunding Site, PubLaunch, in February (Press Release)
*McNally Jackson Will Open South Street Seaport Store (with Cafe and Possible Speakeasy) in 2017 (NY Post)
*Mankell's Publisher Will Help Ensure There Are No Posthumous Novels (AFP)
*Downtown Denver Barnes & Noble to Close At Year-End (Denver Post)
*Associate Publisher [Full Time]
Offered by: BioMed Central (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Today
*Editorial Assistant [Full Time]
Offered by: Springer Science+Business Media (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Today
*Publicity and Marketing Manager [Full Time]
Offered by: Page Street Publishing Co. (Salem, MA)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Editorial Assistant [Full Time]
Offered by: Yale University (New Haven, CT)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Bilingual Content Developer [Full Time]
Offered by: Benchmark Education Company (New Rochelle, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*National Account Manager - Penguin Young Readers [Full Time]
Offered by: Penguin Random House (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Editorial Content Developer [Full Time]
Offered by: Benchmark Education Company (New Rochelle, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Developmental Editor [Full Time]
Offered by: Thieme Medical Publishers (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Finance Director, Time Inc. Books [Full Time]
Offered by: Time Inc. (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
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Fiction: General/Other: Author of The Miniaturist Jessie Burton's THE MUSE, set in 1930s Spain and 1960s London, the story of a young Caribbean immigrant, a bohemian artist and the mysterious painting that connects them across the decades, to Megan Lynch at Ecco and to Jennifer Lambert at Harper Canada, in a major deal, for publication in Summer 2016, by Sasha Raskin and Juliet Mushens at UTA (US).
*Bad Deeds - Dylan Hunter Thrillers #2  by Robert Bidinotto
Offered by: Sarah Hershman (Hershman Rights Management, LLC)  |  Posted: Today
*Strike Price (Lynn Dayton Thriller #2)  by L. A. Starks
Offered by: Laura Starks (Nemaha Ridge Publishing Group, LLC)  |  Posted: Yesterday
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